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Marvel at Kirby Mass Attack's Minigames

Posted by James Newton

Mini RPG mode revealed

Kirby Mass Attack's enormous army of pink... things is just around the corner, so Nintendo is taking the time to show off some of the bonus games packed into the DS cartridge.

As well as the platform antics there are several minigames available, including pest-whacking Field Frenzy, mini RPG Kirby Quest and the pinball-like Kirby Brawl Ball. All that extra content alongside a fully-fledged Kirby adventure? Sounds like some good value to us. We'll see just how good the game is when it's released in North America on 19th September.

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Legodavid18 said:

Wow, now I want to buy this game just for the minigames!
Oh, and I'll take the story mode as a nice bonus.



19Robb92 said:

I thought there would be like 3 of them that where all going to be a little 'meh'. But that looked amazing.



pntjr said:

I'll just stick with Kirby Super Star Ultra thank you very much.



TKOWL said:

If you're a Kirby fan of any sorts, these games pull off LOTS of fan-service, so play them all to completion



Pokefanmum82 said:

i'm getting this game the day after it comes out and i'm going to play the hell out of it lol can't wait to get my hands on this



SuperLink said:

Nice minigames. That'll be half the reason I get this game

Although, how extensive do you think the RPG Kirby Quest will be?



Teh-Ray said:

Thank god they're not using that other music for this trailer. Still, it could be better.

Back on topic, though, I'm so glad to see more than just three minigames for once! They aren't all very exciting but I gotta say that Kirby Quest looks like a lot of fun.

And to think I was wondering about a Kirby RPG a couple weeks ago...



bboy2970 said:

Those all looks very amazing! Pinball, a Shoot'em Up, Mini RPG, and a few others PLUS the actual game! Oh Nintendo, you spoil us I'm seriously looking forward to this one now. With all these extras its looking a lot like a new KSS to me!



ueI said:

I wasn't interested in this game, but the extras are making it hard to ignore.



NintyMan said:

Wow, now I'm a lot more excited for this game. This is certainly going to be my DS swan song!



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

This really is looking amazing. Oh and I have to say haha Europe we get it before you guys. Haha! (Only said that because im still bitter about Xenoblade lol)



EdEN said:

So it is basically Kirby Superstar 2 with the newly announced minigames? Great!



TanookiMike said:

Oh wow, the pinball one was just like Kirby's Pinball Land, down to the Wispy boss battle!



Odnetnin said:

Sorry Mass Attack; only one Kirby game for me this year. I'll get you someday.



yoyogamer said:

Wow, both Professor Layton and Kirby get a bonus RPG! The question is, which one should I get first?



Bubbab5 said:

I thought it looked a little gimmicky but once I saw this trailer I think I may get it.



Morpheel said:

I am seriously more interested in the minigames than the game itself now.



pikku said:

@Jump Pink is teh color of DESTRUCTION! Oh, and manliness. But mostly DESTRUCTION! n_n

Seriously though, I really want this game lol. The shmup looks great



Knux said:

Mass Attack looks like a combinantion of Super Star and Canvas Curse. I can't wait to play this game!



warioswoods said:

This is the kind of quirky, varied game I'd like to see on the 3DS. I don't know why they've only put more traditional, console-ish games on their latest handheld... the DS library seems much better suited to handheld gaming than the 3DS to date.



sinalefa said:

This seals the deal for me. buys Kirby Mass Attack and leaves Starfox 64 3D on the shelf



Popyman said:

Is it bad that the minigames look way more awesome to me than the game? XD



Jamouse said:

How much is this likely to cost in the US? and also, is the 3ds region locked for ds games?



theblackdragon said:

@Jamouse: normal DS games (e.g. not DSi-enhanced) are not region-locked — you can play them on any region's DS, DSi, or 3DS. DSi-enhanced DS titles, though, will play on any region's DS but must be played on a same-region DSi and 3DS.



Henmii said:

"mini RPG Kirby Quest"

Let me guess: We Europeans won't get this one either (guess the reference. It has to do with a certain professor!)!

Anyway, sounds like nice extra content!



AVahne said:

Whoa, Kirby minigames have really evolved, we're getting much more from the "minigames" now.



JimmyWhale said:

I kind of want to see a full version of Kirby Quest now!

Also, I think Dash Course is like the spiritual sequel to 100 yard hop from Kirby 64. Too bad they didn't make one for Checkerboard Chase too...



Late said:

Wasn't interested in this Kirby before but this video changed it all! I want those mini-games



alLabouTandroiD said:

Was as good as bought before seeing the trailer. After seeing it the likelihood of me buying this game went up to a solid 99,99 %.

But i still want my full Kirby RPG in 3D on a home console. And maybe a portable RPG with the graphical style of Bowser's Inside Story could work well too.



StarDust4Ever said:

Anyone considering picking this up ought to do it ASAP. It seems like this is a really awesome game which showcases all of the DS's features. The DS life cycle is now on the decline, so many of the late 2011-2012 games will be hard to find in the future.

I'm gonna be on the lookout for hidden gems. It would be great to actually own the "Earthbound" (SNES) or "Shantea" (GBC) of the DS era, when it comes.

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