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Kirby Delivers Ice Cold Snacks to US Cities

Posted by James Newton

Is one of them near you?

To promote the launch of Kirby Mass Attack this month, Nintendo is taking demos of the game across America. But how to transport Kirby and feed players at the same time? With Kirby Snack Attack Trucks, of course.

Nintendo's plan is to travel the country — realistically three cities — with frozen fruit snacks and DS consoles for players to enjoy. Here's the schedule:

Sept. 14: Rockefeller Plaza, New York City
Sept. 14-15: San Francisco Bay Area
Sept. 16-18: Upper Kirby neighborhood, Houston

Will you be heading out to catch one of these fruit treats? Let us know.

Nintendo Marks Launch of Kirby Mass Attack Game with Customized Kirby Snack Attack Trucks

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- One of the most unique characters in the world of video games is about to give hungry fans a fun way to attack snack time. To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Kirby™ Mass Attack video game for the Nintendo DS™ family of hand-held systems, Nintendo is deploying customized Kirby Snack Attack Trucks to deliver frozen fruit treats to consumers and fans in select U.S. cities. While enjoying these tasty snacks, participants can enjoy hands-on demos of Kirby Mass Attack, in which gobbling up fruit allows players to accumulate a mass of up to 10 Kirbys at a time. The week before the game’s Sept. 19 launch, the trucks will be making stops near New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza, the San Francisco Bay Area and the aptly named Upper Kirby neighborhood of Houston.

In Kirby Mass Attack, players join the iconic pink hero for a wild new adventure to save planet Popstar from darkness. Using the intuitive touch-screen controls of the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi™ or Nintendo DSi XL™, players can fling, dash around or gather as many as 10 Kirbys simultaneously. As players use their mob of Kirbys to bash through obstacles and defeat various enemies, players can even collect medals from numerous stages across five colorful, side-scrolling worlds to unlock fun extras and mini-games.

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sykotek said:

Saying just the San Francisco Bay Area is kinda vague. That's almost a dozen cities the events could be in.



BenAV said:

No fair.
Why don't we get frozen fruit snacks and DS consoles for us to enjoy?



SuperLink said:

As always, promotional events are nowhere near my town. (sigh)

I guess I'll just read about how it was on Nintendolife...



Nintenzo said:

Why don't they ever do events in Detroit or Ann Arbor or someplace in Michigan?



justinr said:

@Nintenzo: Because they're not in touch with their fan base! "Fans? They're not many fans outside NYC! No, that's impossible, it's a barren wasteland out there!" /sarcasm



sykotek said:

I agree that these events should be taking place in more than just a few cities. Unfortunately, they're not. Potential turnout likely has something to do with it, especially with possible media coverage.

For the sake of those wondering why events are taking place in the above mentioned cities...besides being major metropolitan areas,

NYC has Nintendo World Store, 1/2 Nintendo stores in America
SF can be argued as the port of gaming in America
Houston has a place named Kirby

Okay, that last one is kind of a lame and not necessarily major metropolitan, but it's not the first time they launched a Kirby game from a place named least this time they're treats instead of flying bubbles.

Here's a London event for Kirby Epic YAM!



AVahne said:




TKOWL said:

Someone better buy about $1000 worth of these snacks, and sell them to other parts of the world!



wanderlustwarrior said:

I'm actually quite surprised to see something in Houston. Showing that NoA can do something interesting and hopefully successful this year.

That said:
Near the Nintendo World store and near a thematically named city make sense. But when it said San Francisco, my mind just jumped to pink.



Sh00kst3r said:

Houston, Texas?

/head asplodes

But the only parts I've seen of Houston are VERY ghetto.

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