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Intrinsic Pushes Amoebattle Back to 2012

Posted by James Newton

Another project to be revealed soon

Intrinsic Games has revealed its upcoming DSiWare real-time strategy title Amoebattle has been delayed until 2012.

Intrinsic president Hersh Choksi announced the delay is necessary to overcome some development difficulties and ensure the game is a noteworthy release on DSiWare:

We hit some major development hurdles that delayed the production; rather than rush the game at the cost of the game’s overall quality, fun, and value, we are delaying the release of the game to 2012. We’re also changing weekly updates to biweekly updates.

The company also revealed that it's getting ready to show off a third game currently in development. More news as it reaches us.

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6ch6ris6 said:

well i think this game could be a big hit for dsi and 3ds owners.

sad that it is delayed but that could mean it gets even better



slidecage said:

sadly most games that get delayed will never see the light of day.. hopefully early 2012 (jan) and hopefully it stays on the DSI and doesnt get pushed to the 3ds



Geonjaha said:

Delays are fine as long as its a good game. DSi Ware has some decent games, but if you have the opertunity to make a good one, dont rush it



SennaKurosaki said:

Delays are alright as long as the final product is brilliant and fun. I'm very much looking forward to this game! Now I just hope that it will be a simultaneous world-wide release. Also they should stick to making a DSi game for DSiWare and don't try to make it for the 3DS. The DSiXL has a nice big screen whilst the 3DS's screen is comparatively puny. Furthermore the DSiXL's battery lasts "forever".



Dizzard said:

I've liked the look of this game ever since I first saw it. Although considering there will most likely be a heap of new 3DS owners come christmas. How much longer will DSiWare be a viable medium? Depends what time of 2012 I guess but DSiWare could possibly be dead in the water at that point.



sykotek said:

I came here to post exactly what @Corbs said. May as well develop for 3DSWare if you're pushing it back, no point in continuing development on DSiWare unless you're putting it out sometime this year. DSi's install base is falling, 3DS's install base is growing. I won't be buying anymore 3rd party DSiWare after this year save for Flipper 2 if that is released on DSiWare. I'm sick of playing the DSi juggling game, it's not worth it...unless it's Flipper 2.

@slidecage: Currently maybe, that will likely change during the holidays this year. I'm sure Nintendo has the actual number of people logging onto the DSiWare shop vs eShop every week. I'd imagine less and less people are going on DSiWare with every passing week.



slidecage said:

there are way more people who own the DSI then a 3ds. The 3ds isnt even selling that well. so ther is no reason to say No point in putting this on the DSI... I wouldnt even want to attempt to play this on the 3ds tiny screen



Bassman_Q said:

I just hope it won't be canceled... I mean, look what happened to Megaman Legends 3... Pretty sure it got delayed a lot and finally got canceled after much hyped news about it.



Samholy said:

and i think its better that way. so much new stuff coming right before christmas, the competition will be harsh. even more with those ambassador games. i probably wont buy any dsiware titles for a good while.

they will benefit more to release it after xmas. its a title im looking for.

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