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Hear the Roar of More Monster Hunter 3G Shots and Details

Posted by James Newton

Unless you're using earplugs

Monster Hunter 3 G is coming to 3DS, and it's bringing new features, monsters and more along with it.

Aside from the opinion-splitting analogue stick add-on the game will offer a form of lock-on camera control using the touch screen. When a large monster enters the area, tapping the target icon will activate the feature: press L and your view will automatically centre on the beast, or you can turn this feature on to fight with traditional camera controls. Interestingly the touch screen also has a virtual D-Pad on there, which we'd assume would be used for camera controls like the PSP versions, hopefully eliminating the need for hand cramps to see where you're going.

The game will also feature new and returning monsters. The main focus is on Blachydios, the new cover monster, a flightless wyvern whose forearms and nose are covered in an explosive slime. The water-based monster Plesioth returns, along with dragon variants Pink Rathian and Azure Rathalos.

Best of all, Monster Hunter 3 G is down for a Japanese release before the year is out. Capcom's Western wings are yet to make any announcement about releases outside of Japan, but as soon as we hear something, we'll let you know.


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LordJumpMad said:

Monster Hunter coming to the 3DS?
I did not see that coming.
sady, no one likes MH3 on the Wii



daznsaz said:

dont know if its getting released well did the wii one sell anyone know?hopefully we will get it im not mad about getting it.but it would be welcome



SteamMistwalker said:

if these are 3ds screenies i am sooo getting this! looks amazing!
and MH3 for wii is still rocking my socks! over 800 hours playtime for me lol



Fuzzy said:

Good to hear. That new monster looks interesting.

I reckon Plesioth was one of the harder monsters I fought on Freedom Unite. Wonder how it will fare underwater.



James said:

I'd wager my mint condition Metal Sonic figurine that "no plans for now" means "we have plans but can't talk about them".



darkgamer001 said:

Localizing this would be taking steps in the right direction after their MML3 fiasco. Not saying that Capcom are gonna be forgiven for that, but at least they'll be helping the 3DS out in hardware sales, especially in Japan



BenAV said:

Looking pretty good.
Hopefully there'll be quite a lot of extra content that wasn't in Tri because I don't want to pay to get pretty much the same game I already have (possibly without online multiplayer)... but if it gets released here I know I'll end up buying it either way... Will give me something good to do on the way to Uni.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Looking great.
If this is more or less a remake of the Wii game there shouldn't be that much to localize imo. Or at least they could just copy and paste a lot of the existing localization.



XCWarrior said:

I will buy this if it comes to the US for sure, but why does it have to be tied to that accessory monstrosity? Oh Nintendo, you've really gone off the deep end this time.



Samholy said:

this looks awesome. but why forcing us to put that horrible and hugeanalog crap ??? will it even fit eith a nyko powerpak on ?
no way im leaving my nyko powerpak+ for that. looks...delicious.



erv said:

erm... this is tri with some extra monsters but no online play right?

I'd be interested if it was a new world with new monsters and online play. It would make me consider buying a 3ds.



Olaf-symbiote said:

Did you just say delicious? Reminds me of something:

  • This is delicious!
  • Guess you won't needing the analog add-on I made for ya. You want me to get rid of it?
  • Don't be hasty. Not until I've seen that Blachydios pummeled to dust (and the materials carved), which should be any moment now...
    Beats the monster without the add-on, ridiculously positive music starts playing*
  • YES, YES!!!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this, even if the analog add-on is the unholiest abomination on Earth.



Spoony_Tech said:

Wow how did capcom keep this under wraps for so long. I mean really out in Japan before the years out wow! It better have online features or ill be ticked!!



Xkhaoz said:

After the success with Tri in North America, they'd be crazy not to bring it over. That and I really want to get in on this craze.



darklinkinfinite said:

@24 Well considering many of Capcom's decisions in the last 2 years, I wouldn't put too much faith in their "sanity."

Me? I've made the decision not to get excited by anything announced by or for Nintendo until a US release is confirmed.



TeeJay said:

Plesioth, I hate you. Seriously, that's the mission I'm stuck at in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite right now.



Maggots said:

Wii version is fantastic... easily logged over 400 hours... great game.... I hope there's some new areas... or new secrets in old areas... just something to keep it fresh!



zionich said:

Yay !!!!! and great, more waiting =(

Looks like I'll be flying to Japan to get it there =)



goldgin said:




komicturtle said:

I thought MHTri was beautiful. Same for P3rd on PSP.

But this.. Damn, impressive. Real impressive and a game that should demonstrate the raw power of the 3DS.

But anyways, I might get the slide pad attachment for at home use and use the virtual d-pad (Thank you Capcom. My request has been granted) when I'm on the go. Yet, I'd probably stay at home and play this for hours and hours



Bucho said:

Capcom says there are no plans to release MHTriG outside of Japan...
that said: do you really think capcom would launch a MH game that doesn't ever get localized? preposterous!!!



Syrup said:

This game looks simply amazing. I will totally buy it when it comes out.




I honestly don't get why all these Japanese companies are doing that bullcrap. There's a huge fanbase for these games over here. They should ignore all the stupid "Come on bro! COD pwnz all, n00bs!" "gamers" and remember that some of us silly westerners actually like the stuff they make.



Traxx said:

For some reason I believe this game will be released western next year:

  • Nintendo wants to release the Add-On in the West, so they need a game that makes actually use of it
  • Nintendo needs every great game they can get to bolster the 3DS' line up
  • There will be some kind of agreement Nintendo supporting Capcom financially and marketing this game, so less risky for Capcom to publish this game outside of Japan.

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