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First Impressions: MotoHeroz (WiiWare)

Posted by Corbie Dillard

We take the Trials-style game for a quick spin

It's always tough to tell what you're going to get when developers decide to combine two separate genres into one new gaming experience. Sometimes it works and offers up something fresh and unique, whereas other times it can be a complete and utter disaster. With their upcoming WiiWare release MotoHeroz, RedLynx have combined gameplay aspects from not only the racing and platforming genres, but also tossed in a few puzzle elements to mix things up even further.

The levels in MotoHeroz are laid out in typical platform style for the most part. You maneuver your car by using the accelerator and brake. You'll have to jump inclines and use special power ups in order to make it through the tricky levels. You'll also have to use the D-Pad to make your car lean forward and backwards in order to keep it moving at the right speed and keep it from turning over. Of course, if you do find your car upside down, all you have to do is give your Wii Remote a quick shake and it will toss your car back onto its wheels.

Most levels will require you to race a ghost racer. While your ultimate goal is to reach the finish ball at the end of the level, you will have to beat the ghost racer in order to complete the level. Occasionally you'll take on a level that has a special challenge, like running from a bully vehicle that will destroy you if it touches you. It might seem like a minor twist, but these unique levels do offer a nice change of pace from the standard levels.

Very seldom do you see a WiiWare release feature such smooth and responsive play controls, but the developers of MotoHeroz have created a game that's a breeze to control. Even the physics are spot-on and give the game a very realistic feel, something that makes maneuvering through the levels extremely intuitive. If you fail in this game, it's going to be because of your own doing, not the game.

From a presentation standpoint, it's hard not to be impressed with the audio/visual experience found in MotoHeroz. The game has some beautiful and vivid visuals that show a lot of polish and there's even a rather catchy musical score to go along with it. In truth, we don't often see such attention to detail in a WiiWare release.

To say that we enjoyed our short time with MotoHeroz would be a gross understatement. RedLynx have done a great job of creating a very polished and engaging gaming experience for WiiWare and we can't wait to take the entire game for a spin next week. If what we've seen so far is any indication, WiiWare fans are in for one heck of a treat.

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moosa said:

The art style looks great. The way I think of it is that it's an "Excitebike platformer."



MarioMario said:

I haven't been excited for a wiiware release in quite some time. I cannot wait to give this one a spin!



erv said:

Will buy.

Now that's gonna be tough on my 4000 wiipoints stuck on my other wii, that I can't give to my new wii, but hey... a good game is a good game.



citizenerased said:

Excellent developers, then, great to see them support Nintendo. Now get your online act together, Nintendo.



IronMan28 said:

I will definitely be downloading this one, people always dog on the WiiWare but there are better games on there than they care to admit.



JimLad said:

I'm sad that after this awesome game releases, RedLynx will realise how badly WiiWare games sell and won't make another one.
...or they'll port it to XBLA and try their luck there.



Zimeon said:

Erv: Yes, you can. You can give the game as a gift from your old Wii to the new Wii i the Wii-shop.



Amorous_Badger said:

1500 points? This is going have to get World Of Goo level reviews or have longevity of the FFCCMLAK level to persuade me I fear.



cyrus_zuo said:


I wish it weren't so true.
Though that is as much the fault of "gamers" as anything. All those people who play games but think they are too good for the Wii.
...not that I like to game with those types anyway .



MeloMan said:

Looks good, but I'm just not interested... wait someone beat me to those words



rjejr said:

The video looks waaaaay better than those pixelated up close screenshots. The music, art style, design, and multiplayer, look straight out of LBP, all a plus. Still, $15 for a Wiiware title. It might be worth it, but I can't do it. I've had 200 points since Chick Chick Boom came out. Is it possible yet to buy 1500 points on the Wii or is it still $10 or $20? That's a problem with $15 games, they actually cost me $20. This game looks good enough, think I'll go check.

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