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Exclusive Screenshots of Miis Playing Soccer Up

Posted by James Newton


There's some strange sports on WiiWare — Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts and Zoo Disc Golf, take a bow — but in all the years of the service we can't come up with one decent football (or "soccer") game. Could that game be Soccer Up!? We don't know, but we have some exclusive screenshots of Mii characters in action. That'll have to do.

EnjoyUp Games's title was first shown off years ago, but with 99Bullets now finished it seems the path to the final is clear for Soccer Up!

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Raylax said:

Did the ! fall off the title and land in the tagline box?

Also; "shown off years ago" > "Thu, 21 Oct 2010"
So, less than a year ago :3



TheChosen said:

Ditto. Im not really into sports game, but I'l probably get this simply for that reason.



edhe said:

Not all sports games make good use of Miis.


But I'm quite looking fotrward to this. I mentioned that in an older news post, but it kind of dissapeared off my radar.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm still waiting for a good baseball game on WiiWare (or the Wii itself other than the highly limited tech demo in Wii Sports or the over-the-top arcade madness of Mario Super Sluggers).



cyrus_zuo said:

@BulbasaurusRex - Have you tried MLB Power-Pros? It's really fantastic! My most played Wii Game in my 100+ game library. There are 2 versions on the Wii, both are really cheap to buy used and have nice franchise modes along with an off-beat visual-novel type dating/playing sim, which is a nice extra. I was sad Power Pros didn't get much pub when it was released.

As for soccer, if it is as accessible as it looks I'm in!

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