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Doodle Fit is Coming to DSiWare

Posted by James Newton

We have screens and everything

Gamelion's busy on DSiWare these days, recently announcing a release date for Furry Legends as well as the next game in its Academy series, Academy: Checkers. The studio made its name on DSiWare with Extreme Hangman, but on other formats its biggest hit is Doodle Fit. Guess what? That's coming to DSiWare too.

Essentially the game is Tangram-like affair: you must fully cover a silhouette with pieces of various shapes, all drawn in a sketchy "doodle" style. It's nothing to do with fitness, you'll be pleased to know.

Gamelion tells us the game is in Nintendo lotcheck at the moment and could see a release before the year is out.

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ToadFan said:

This looks pretty great, but I'm not so sure a little still.. I'll wait for the review.



OldKai said:

The PSP Mini version is great, and since I already own that, no need for this.



sykotek said:

I downloaded this game on my phone when it was offered for free a while back.

It's actually pretty challenging. One thing that I didn't immediately understand the first time I saw screenshots is that you can't rotate any of the game pieces.

You need to organize the pieces to fill all the gaps. There's more than one solution per puzzle, so it's not that difficult, but it's still challenging. Not a bad game, definitely worth checking out if it's on the cheaper end of pricing.



Number_6 said:

I was thinking how it would possibly burn calories using the DSi when I read the title; maybe by using the touchpad like a mini Wii Balance Board? What? Another puzzle game?!? I guess I will have to put off my dream of amazingly fit, muscular fingers for a while longer.



Tar said:

I have this on iOS, it is really addictive, but I don't need it on DSiWare. But I do recommend it..

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