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Cut the Rope to Slice Up EU DSiWare on 22nd September

Posted by Zach Kaplan

When it comes to quality downloads, will this make the cut?

Among the best-received iOS titles is Cut the Rope, which represents along with others like Angry Birds that quality gaming is possible on smartphones, iPads and the like. We've just learned via the European Nintendo Channel that it's heading to DSiWare on 22nd September from Chillingo for 500 Points. Originally developed by ZeptoLab, it's a physics-based puzzler that sees you feed candy to a creature who arrives via a mysterious package.

We've contacted Chillingo for more information, including details on what the featured Wi-Fi Connection advertised on the Nintendo Channel entails.

You can view a trailer for the iOS version below. Will you take a stab at this when it releases?

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XyVoX said:

Great game but this is 69p through itunes and about £5 on DSiware, cheers makes lots of sense



Beechbone said:

They will have to pack in a lot of cool content and super-sharp controls / visual presentation combo to justify the price compared to iOS release. If you own any iOS device, you will probably not need the DSi version or this uber cool game.



Birdman said:

If this is a good port, it better come to NA soon ... I could use a new quick-play game.



moosa said:

Comparing it with Angry Birds doesn't do much to get me excited about this game.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I have this on my phone, and it's brilliant. Should be a great addition to the DSiWare library.

And, yes, it's cheaper on the phone, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth $5. (It absolutely is.)



AbuJaffer said:

@ToadFan He's talking about the whole overpricing thing, not the game itself; this is a £.69 game for £5. That was a £.69 game for £10.

@Moosa Unlike Angry Birds (which rewards pure luck), this game takes skill.



citizenerased said:

This isn't like Angry birds at all, except that it's popular and on an iOS device. Nothing like it.

I've already gotten 3 stars on all the stages up to Toy Box (still the last one, I believe). There's some minor annoyances but for a handheld title it's nearly perfect.

Screw Nintendo's ridiculously overpriced download system though. Is this what Reggie means by low prices making games "disposable"? Simply overpricing the same content doesn't feel like a solution, it feels like screwing over your consumer.



SennaKurosaki said:

I think they had to re-design a lot of levels because unlike the iPhone where the whole screen is touch-sensitive, the DSi only the bottom screen is touch-sensitive... so what happens on the top-screen? Will we have to scroll between screens with the D-pad maybe?
The 500 points price is really OK when compared to some of the crap that is available on DSiWare for more points. But nonetheless... it's overpriced when compared to iOS devices...
Nintendo has to be careful about their future. Soon everyone will carry around an iPhone, Samsung, HTC or Sony-Ericsson smartphone and then it will be "game over" for over-priced mobile platforms like the DS, 3DS, PSP and Vita no matter how much fun they offer.



SaKo said:

i'm still waiting for fruit ninja ds... I don't care if it's overpriced!



Beechbone said:

@SennaKurosaki Good point about the redesign, but they always could just make it vertical on the bottom screen only, in a way games like Hotel Dusk or Rythm Heaven were handled.




I'm getting it as I haven't downloaded anything dsiware for a while. I haven't spent my hard earned money on overrated iOS devices anyway (thou I've played around with them a lot)



ImDiggerDan said:

To anybody who thinks this game is overpriced: Nonsense. If you think hours of gameplay aren't worth handing over £5/$5 for, there's something seriously wrong with you.

The only reason they can/do sell it for 69p/$1 on iOS devices (by the way, it's £1.50 for the iPad) is because those devices have a much bigger install base than the DS family and will sell enough copies to make them a nice fortune. If they priced it higher, it would put people off who would then go and buy a much worse product for their 69p.

Compare the quality of this game to other DSiWare games for the same price, and use that to determine if it's overpriced, not comparing it to the same game on other platforms which have much cheaper development and publishing costs.



JayArr said:

#14 makes a good point. Plus the a looooot of the later levels required multi-touch on the phone version. Something the DS isn't capable of doing. Hopefully the added new content instead of ripping a lot out.

Brilliant game though. Easily worth 500 points.



Terave said:

@10 Well, I'd like have that as well, but there less DSi's on the market then iOS, so the price must be higher.



suburban_sensei said:

500 points seems pretty steep for Cut The Rope. It's a fun game, sure. I just think its weird how high these DSi/WiiWare ports are compared to their iPhone counterparts.



WiiAboutU said:

I would've wrather have received this on WiiWare than Burn the Rope. )<:
↑Big time niche puzzler fan.

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