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Check Out the Concept Trailer for Monster Hunter 4

Posted by Zach Kaplan

A beast of a game

Yesterday, we announced that Monster Hunter 4 was headed to the 3DS, the next entry in Capcom's popular franchise. You can now watch the announcement trailer below over and over, which the company has revealed is more concept than gameplay footage. Still, it's fun to watch, ain't it?

There's no confirmation yet that this title will make it outside of Japan, but we'll keep you up to date if that changes.

Are you excited about this monster of a title?

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zezhyrule said:

Wow that looks bad. Next time you announce a game's development, take time to make a good trailer please :3

Also, you won't hear localization news anytime soon. There's no info about the game at all besides an unpolished trailer and you're expecting news that they're bringing it over?



Beechbone said:

That's a bold concept to execute on 3DS. Really nice animation. Seems like a more fast paced MH this time. Looking forward to it.



timp29 said:

I love the way the guy runs at the start. It totally looks like someone crapping their pants.



jpfan1989 said:

wow that would be intense. I'm totally looking forward to the finished product.



KAI7321 said:

Tigrex getting stuck in a ledge/wall...errrrrrrr...ya don't worry, those barstewards can fly



armoredghor said:

The advanced platforming, destructible environments, and smart AI. looks good but the running movement could use work.



Kirk said:

The final 3DS game better look at least this good, proper shadows and all, or else I'll not be happy.



Highwinter said:

It probably can't, this was just concept footage. There's not a chance the 3DS could do areas that size.

I'm looking forward to this though, hopefully it does mean we have a more open environment (still with loading between areas) where you can find more random monsters and such going about. Having to take specific quests just to find certain encounters feels very dated, it's my single biggest complaint of the game.

It needs to be much more about the survival and hunting aspects, which this concept kind of showed.. Betting it'll be exactly the same as the past few hundred games though.



MrMagpie said:

Come on NoE - if you can give us xenoblade, you have no excuse for not giving us this!



MrMagpie said:

Also @Highwinter One of my biggest complaints was that Tri's free hunt was restricted to one area (the first), maybe that'll change.
Also, this looks like there might be set piece scenarios, as in missions that require you not just to 'kill the rathalos', but require you to actively chase it down (not just establish what area it is in).



Dynetheous said:

well if it wasn't game play, then they should have made the graphics a lot better like they do with all cut scenes and whatnot. looks good, might get the japanese version if it doesn't localize



iPruch said:

It would be awesome for a new kind of gameplay at some special "story" missions or so.



Molotov said:

It Looks Far Worse Than Monster Hunter 3G. The Background Looks Worse Than A n64 Game Background (Clouds, Sky etc), Everything Is Washed Up And Rushed



Monkeh said:

Haha, his running animation is a bit weird IMO. Makes him look like he's constantly thinking: 'Lets get the hell out of here!'

Other that that, it looked great of course. Though still.. having to use that awful peripheral.. blegh.



NSBlueLighing said:

Wheres Monster Hunter? All i saw was a video on someone running away from a slighty different barioth than a ratholos...Capcom show some hunting and as hard as it may be change the monsters, change them a lot of the monsters are either the same or slightly the same. Baggi=Jaggi made me sad.



JaxxRaxor said:

I wish this was on a console rather than a portable, but seeing how much success MH has had on the PSP I guess this isn't a surprise.



X-145 said:

I was never a fan of the series, but this might be the one to get me into it!



Kagamine said:

umm this is a giant pass for me. looks kinda dumb. never did like MH. The running is weird and the graphics meh. i guess the main factor will be replayability



Glade said:

Not if it dosen't come out in my region.... and the running from monsters is kinda for comic humour... the people normally run like normal people when monsters aren't near...



WiiLovePeace said:

Wish you could tame & "collect" so to speak, these giant beasts, rather than just kill them all... Oh well.



Emborges said:

@EvisceratorX It's too soon to talk about localizations..but If Monster Hunter Tri G get localized, they probably will localize this one too.

Like I said in a youtube video (about MH Tri G); I think Capcom will first release the game in japan and see what happens, then it will get localized depending on the success or failure of the product. (That's why Capcom said that they currently have no plans to release the game outside Japan)

In my opinion, Nintendo should make an effort to convince capcom to localize MH Tri G...and I believe they will, because this is a system-selling game, and this is good news for both capcom and Nintendo.

Also, it's hard to believe that after announcing Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS Capcom's stocks dropped 8,3%...the only company working hard and showing what they can do with the 3DS hardware...(Even though I understand the investors fear they may loose money because the 3DS is not selling as expected..)



Emborges said:

@retro_player_22 They can just make an HD version of it for the Wii U like they did with Monster Hunter portable 3rd on PS3..this is not hard for Capcom! Maybe making MH4 for the 3Ds with plans to release an HD version for Wii U some years later could even be the main reason for all this.



alLabouTandroiD said:

This trailer sure looks epic and if this is early gameplay footage i'd be all for it. I mean i wouldn't mind a Monster Hunter game being more streamlined and action oriented so this looks very promising to me. When i first saw it i didn't even realize the somewhat blurry, DSesque ground textures because i was too excited about the chase and couldn't look away from the monsters.



jerryo said:

This concept trailer looks funny and action packed! good combo! Absolutely looking forward to MH4 as well as MH Tri 3G!

However only thinking about the time it will take for their localization... is frustrating, and disappointing... most of these games they showed there we are not even sure if they will come to us and when! it could take anything up to a year!!!

With text and VO localization for a decent sized RPG takes about 3 months along with QA. then you get the nintendo QA... say 3-4 months if we are lucky! Unless they aim and plan for global release.. highly doubtful but you never know...



Tate24 said:

love were jumps on rath! and also climbs column to column! very cool!



kizzysbro said:

not really as good as the psp games or tri but still keeping the flame that is monster hunter alive

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