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BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and SAGA Trailer is Hard to BEAT

Posted by James Newton

Fills a VOID, too

Gaijin Games' double-whammy of retail BIT.TRIP compilations — BIT.TRIP COMPLETE on Wii and BIT.TRIP SAGA on 3DS — is about to hit retail across North America, so what better time to indulge in a brand new trailer showing the games off?

In case you weren't sure which version to pick up, our handy Feature: BIT.TRIP SAGA vs. BIT.TRIP COMPLETE should help out.

We'll have full reviews of both games in the coming weeks to give you a full appraisal of their respective qualities.

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User Comments (47)



MaikoRULES said:

puns aside, i cant wait to play this on my 3ds!
preordered from gamestop so i got a cd with game music too!



Knux said:

SAGA is going to be awesome. I just hope that I can BEAT any of these games this time.



Odnetnin said:

Oh yeah, I can't wait for SAGA either. Hurry up and get cheaper, COMPLETE, so I can grab you too!



TingLz said:

I can't BEAT these games, probably because I'm not much of a CORE gamer. Deep within the VOID of my experience my chances are a RUNNER due to some visual and reflex handicaps. Perhaps it is FATE that I must try these again and put my luck in FLUX. I must meet my goal and COMPLETE these games in SAGA for the 3DS.



TwilightV said:

You've all turned the comments section into a VOID of puns. Hope you're proud of yourselves. >:/

Edit: NINJA'D by teh Iz!



CrazyOtto said:

After playing all 6 (either by demo or full version) I'd have to say FATE is the hardest by far.



Odnetnin said:

@Clinker FATE was far and away the easiest for me (FLUX was faster, but still felt harder and was meant to be beaten in one sitting). Everyone has a different opinion about games in this series.



winter123 said:

I COMPLETEd my preorder for SAGA to fill the VOID in my 3ds game library. I might call it FATE that I should preorder from gamestop, but I will sit down and play until I BEAT them all. I don't need to be a RUNNER cause it's an online order + when I do need to use my car I can FLUX to the music as I drive. The music fills me down to my CORE. ...Do I win?



ueI said:

These games will be a COMPLETEly new experience for me (I haven't played them yet).



Detective_TeeJay said:

COMPLETEly agree with 23. I haven't had the chance to BEAT any of those games yet. The hardCORE gamer in me screams out to play this! I have noticed there has been a VOID of BEAT based games in my library.



pntjr said:

I can't wait to BEAT this SAGA of games, I want to COMPLETE and do a speed RUN (NER) of both of them.



TheGreenSpiny said:

It is my FATE to COMPLETE the SAGA. I can feel my heart BEAT as I long to fill the VOID that has my CORE in FLUX. I am not a RUNNER. I am only a man.



Maggots said:

Guys my favorite SAGA is the one where Marty McFly takes a BIT of a TRIP back in time... he uses the FLUX capacitor to fly through the VOID of TIME to see the DOC. The DOC then must ZAP Marty with a bolt of LIGhTNING so he can go back HOME to the FUTURE.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Bad puns have always been at the CORE of this site.

Special props to posts 12 and 22

Man, I loved the old logo, in all its racism-subverting humor It couldn't be BEAT. You can barely read this one. but I guess they had to make the TRANSITION. Because of that humor, it could have also been seen as a DESCENT into mocking, in addition to a GROWTH of overcoming racism.

At its CORE, it represented a DISCOVERY that when one has EXPLORATION of cultures, it's not just insider/outsider mentality. Thinking about or differences is a dividing thing, something that needs CONTROL.

And as all dividers, it's really a mental VOID to be overcome. Racial thinking is a savage ID, that is if you're a Freudian. Us being adults, most of us should be thinking with our EGO, appreciating the humor for all its political incorrectness. Maybe Gaijin's at that seldom reached SUPEREGO domination, looking at everything and declaring "this is wrong".

But it's their logo, and we already had it as a long RUNNER enough to last the entire first run of the series. It's their IMPETUS to change their identifier, and despite the TENACITY of our views on the matter, they're of course going to TRIUMPH.

Lots of companies change their logos. It's FATE, really. Some like Sega stick with a thoroughly 80s design, and with PATIENCE it becomes iconic. Still, others may face FRUSTRATION with a dated style. And that's even without a word that at times could incite ANGER to some.

But then again, I don't even know if that's how people react to that word nowadays. I guess words' meanings really are in FLUX. That EPIPHANY was really just my own PERCEPTION, others can make their own opinions.

But, I should stop talking about it. At least, until I play it again and reach my CATHARSIS of the time between getting the last of the sextet at launch and getting this at launch, I'm stuck in OUR REALITY. Man, I can be long winded at times. For now, this SAGA of a statement is COMPLETE.



alLabouTandroiD said:

A frustrated noob’s journey (not mine at all)

I played every BIT.TRIP and it just felt like hardship
BEAT has no meat
CORE is a bore
VOID should be destroyed
RUNNER is a goner
FATE gets all my hate
and FLUX just downright sucks

So SAGA is gaga
and COMPLETE is obsolete

PS: Thanks for the inspiration, people.



jgary1 said:

According to the reviews in @Gamer magazine, Saga for the 3DS will not feature adjustable difficulty - while Complete for Wii will have an adjustable difficulty setting.



WertyYertrew said:

I think the decision between SAGA and COMPLETE has just left me in FLUX: definitely the RUNNER-up to be the hardest decision I could make to fill the VOID of games right now. My FATE with this series seems to lie in the CORE of the extra features.

But portability trumps all so the 3DS version shall BEAT the Wii version .

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