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Animal Crossing 3DS Looks Suitably Relaxing

Posted by James Newton

Screens and trailer inside

Nintendo is finally starting to open up about Animal Crossing on 3DS, with a set of new screenshots and a short trailer unveiled at the Nintendo Conference this week.

AC aficionados will be pleased to hear the game is due for release in 2012, with new features letting you become head of the village to lead its development, install exterior furniture including benches and lamps and visit homes of players you've wandered past in StreetPass mode.

Nintendo is promising "robust communication features", so online play is a given, but we're hoping for live voice chat and improved messaging functions to elevate this above previous series entries.

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Tate24 said:

Awwww this looks great!

and happy to hear that nintendo are going to improve online function as well.




Late said:

I should try these series as it seems like it has many fans but as there's so many other games to buy, it looks like this game is not going to fill my shelf.



Wildvine53 said:

This looks amazing. the Wii Speak in City Folk worked great, so I'm hoping they include voice chat in Online play.



bezerker99 said:

I < 3 Animal Crossing so much. Very excited to finally read some news about the new 3DS installment!



Ristar42 said:

I am a fan of these games! Be good if you could get retro consoles for your house in this one, where you could play the VC games off the SD card. I suppose it would be a bit pointless, but neat - I had a whole NES games room set up in the Game Cube version.

I liked the DS version and it really suited a handheld console, but a shame it lacked many features of the original. This has the potential to be the best Animal Crossing yet.



SuperDel said:

I always love the newest Animal Crossing game more than the previous ones. For some reason though I think games like this work better as handheld titles. Same with games like Monster Hunter and Pokemon. I think it's those games you want to play all day long wherever you are. I personally love relaxing and playing Animal Crossing while lying in bed. It's my getaway from the real world. It also has a great online community. Can't wait.



grumblebuzzz said:

I, sort of embarrasingly, love the Animal Crossing games so this upcoming new entry is one that I'm watching. I do love the amount of new features they have already announced/demonstrated. Leads me to believe that this game will be somewhat of a departure for the series, which is something that was much needed after City Folk's status as almost a straight port of Wild World.



belmont said:

It stills has this annoying bibib instead of voice acting.
I have tried the DS version and it was a very interesting game. I may look into the new entry in the series.



James said:

I have a three K.K. Slider plush toys sat behind me as testament to my love for this series. I cannot wait for this new one: should be ace.



SuperDel said:

I sometimes listen to K.K. Slider tracks in my car with the volume up. Better than some of the garbage you hear on the radio nowadays.



Victoria said:

oooooohhhh!!!! I can't wait! I wish it wasn't coming out this year and not next. This looks so charming. Seeing the videos has even got me hooked playing it again on the Wii. I missed my little animal friends.



SteveW said:

I wish they would go back to the Gamesube style graphics, I don't like the rolling graphics.



J-Forest-Esq said:

I love Animal Crossing. Wild World is my probably my favourite portable game and I want this to top it.



sc100 said:

The option to swim looks interesting to me. I wonder how far out you can go. Maybe there will be islands that you can swim to. Overall, this game is looking like it'll have enough new additions over the Wii version for me to buy it. I love the ability to change your shorts now. The 3D effect of the game as seen on the 3DS E3 trailer is great as well.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

I love the Animal Crossing series in ways I love no other games. It's the only game I've ever played that actually relaxes me as opposed to requiring lightening reflexes or intense concentration. But, I'm a little worried after watching this video. I can see that the cabin set and the green set look exactly the same as always. I don't mind AC having the those sets, but they should at least change the aesthetic of them to keep things fresh. What incentive am I going to have to collect a furniture set I've had two or three times before? Still, I'm "crossing" my fingers and hoping that this game will have enough cool new items and ideas to warrant a purchase.



CosmoXY said:

Looking forward to this one! Never had Wild World, but played the Cube version to death, and enjoyed City Life quite a bit.



grumblebuzzz said:

In a sketch revealed during the developer's roundtable video (look it up on Youtube if you wanna check it out), it appears that the village is now an island, with a beach running all around. There also appear to be a few smaller islands you can get to maybe by swimming or by boat. The train also appears to be back (!) as there's a huge bridge that goes over to the island leading to what appears to be a station, as well as a tunnel that runs through part of a mountain. Back behind this huge main island, there looks to be either another village or a "city plaza" of some kind. If this sketch turns out to be the actual make up of this Animal Crossing world, it will, without a doubt, be the most fleshed out experience the series has ever seen. Can't wait.



Luffymcduck said:

I played Animal Crossing NGC. Very good, I gave it 9/10.
I played Animal Crossing on DS. NO new ways to earn money (you can´t even go to your island anymore to earn 100 000 bells), seen this before. 7/10
They say Wii version doesn´t have enough new stuff either.
I doubt this won´t have anything I haven´t seen before. If you could build your own store and compete with Tom Nook maybe then I´d buy it.



bboy2970 said:

Looks fantastic so far! I can't wait to have my life sucked away from me by an Animal Crossing game yet again



OldBoy said:

@Belmont (11) Voice acting??? Eeeewww no thanks. For me the voices are all part of the appeal.
Anyway I'm looking forward to getting this. Haven't played AC since I imported the GC version (before they decided to give it some PAL lovin'!) and me and my girlfriend had a great time with the game (the NES games were an awesome little bonus!).
I'm hoping this will be the game that I can finally play with my 5 year old daughter. I'm gonna use it to teach her to read



HandheldGuru97 said:

I love Wild World got it 2 years ago and still play it to this day. I hope you can over animals from the DS. This still looks super awesome.



Number_6 said:

Well, there goes my next year or two...

@28 - LOL. I do some things that are can be fairly exciting in my spare time - track days on my sportbikes, rock climbing, off-trail back packing in wilderness areas, etc. I keep my love of AC to myself, don't even want to think of the laughs at my expense should my secret AC compulsion be revealed. Just the thought of sitting in the pits wearing full race leathers between track sessions while doing a little fishing and looking for fossils makes me grin like a lunatic.



Scissors said:

I can't wait to spend an embarrassing amount of my time playing this game, I want to play it now.



TKOWL said:

This game better pull me in like Wild World did, City Folk was way too same-y. This game already looks better



Punny said:

Is it me, or did Tom Nook get fatter? His belly jiggles.
Anyway, this game looks fantastic. Much more original than City Folk.



Blue_Yoshi said:

AC is looking great so far cant wait to find out the name I hope they make an mmo option as well.



Mowzle2 said:

Animal Crossing is the main reason I bought my 3DS. I couldn't bear the thought of not being able to play the new version.
I'm content to wait til 2012. Make sure it's perfect Nintendo!



komicturtle said:


Really? Then that is so close to what I wanted AC to be. In the E3 trailer, the beach can also be seen on the farther west side of town, so it's believable.

I hope the water freezes over and you can use the axe to break the solid ice to go into the waterfall cave. Anyone notice it in AC Wild World?
My town had it. Some towns had a rock under the waterfall.



Hardy83 said:

I'll pass. SOME people like playing a game that's basically been the same game for over a decade, but I prefer for games to evolve and improve.



Mr_G said:

Dear nintendo. U better add a whole lot of new animals. I am tired of seeing the same animals in every version. O wat am i saying!? i will run out and buy this day one even if its the same as all the rest!!!!!!!!!



Kirk said:

Once again we have those annoying blimmin circles for shadows in a game on one of Nintendo's consoles.



JimLad said:

Still feels like the same game to me.
They should make a much bigger world and fill it with more interesting landscape with better things to do than catch bugs or fish for the millionth time.



komicturtle said:


Yeah, I saw

I want to know what they are saying though...

But AC3DS looks like it's going be the true sequel to the AC games with all that it is packing. I haven't been this excited for AC since Wild World because City Folk just didn't do anything in terms of added gameplay elements and enhancements.

Looks like the game is going to have an emphasis of living in a beach town.

Animal Crossing: Tropical Life or something like that would probably fit. Though, it doesn't snow in tropical environments.



MrMagpie said:

I find animal crossing very have to do so much to maintain your village and rewards are so limited. And Wild World required daily care - leave it for a week, and your village is full of weeds! I'll probably pass.



Kid_A said:

One of my all-time favorite series. AC3DS is looking gorgeous, and that song that played throughout the trailer was just absolutely perfect. Consider me excited



Henmii said:

Nice trailer! Maybe this will be the first Animal crossing game that I'll try!



SyFyTy said:

This is a MUST BUY for me. There are few games made for any system that contain as much value for you cash as this does. My preferred game genre is TBS, & TB Rpg but this is still highly appealing as a break from those on that rare occation I want one.



tpurple said:

On Wild World I have 14 Pictures of my friends from my town! All my other friends irl only have 2 And I didnt hack to get them! (IDK if there even is a hack) Well I wonder how many I can get on this!



motang said:

God how I love this game, I used to play it to death on the GameCube.

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