The 3DS 'circle pad expansion', due for release in Japan before the end of the year, has been a source of serious debate amongst Nintendo gamers. Amidst discussions about topics ranging from the aesthetic appeal of the add-on, to its compatibility with games and its requirement of one AAA battery for power, the reaction from game developers and publishers is arguably the most important issue for Nintendo. With a number of major titles already announced that will utilise the device, there was a welcome endorsement today from Activision's Eric Hirshberg.

After describing the peripheral as a "smart move", he had this to say:

It does make the hardware more relevant and compatible to the style of games we make. I don't have anything to announce in relation to that, but I think it was a great move and it opens up that platform to more styles of games.

As the publishers of the Call of Duty series in particular, those words will be music to Nintendo's ears.