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3DS Trailers Allow You to Receive SpotPass Notifications

Posted by James Newton

More than just a video

A set of seven new 3D trailers hit the eShop today, but like the Nintendo Life team they're not just pretty to look at: they serve a higher purpose too.

Downloading any of the trailers also allows you in to receive SpotPass notifications for that title in future by playing the video, selecting "Notifications" and making your choice there. Of course, you can change your mind at any time, but it's still a nice way for Nintendo to keep its fans up to date.

The full list of trailers is below:

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NintyMan said:

Hmmm, that's a neat little thing they did, that way we could get more game news from the 3DS.



Objection said:

Nice feature, although I imagine that it'll send out a total of 2-3 messages: one being "hey you signed up for this" and the other being "hey its out now lol"



Adamant said:

Yeah, these have been out in Japan for a while now. The complete set of such trailers there are:

*Monster Hunter 3G
*Biohazard Revelations
*Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater
*Labyrinth no kanata
*Winning Eleven 2012
*Slime Morimori Dragon Quest 3
*Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
*Sonic Generations
*Hatsune Miku Project Mirai
*Rhythm Kaitou R
*SD Gundam G Generation 3D
*Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble
*Tekken 3D Prime Edition
*Girls RPG Tsundere Life
*Hana to ikimono rittai zukan
*Super Mario 3D Land
*Mario Kart 7
*Kid Icarus
*Fire Emblem
*Mario & Sonic London Olympics
*Girls Mode
*Animal Crossing
*Paper Mario
*Mario Tennis
*Luigi's Mansion 2
*Fatal Frame



Terave said:

Yeah, I thought I got a notification from the MK7 video. When I was checking it, I saw it was only a note to let me download the videos... which I already did. Yep.



AbuJaffer said:

Whenever someone signs up for SpotPass updates, a demo should be distributed via SpotPass at specific times in the future.



Chris720 said:

@Adamant Japan gets such better treatment than the rest of us I swear...

Cool videos with SpotPass notifications none-the-less, but as Objection_Blaster already mentioned, will we just get 2-3 messages?



gamecubefan said:

for the VC ambassador games i can see this. we could get an update once the games are updated and released in their final complete forms. this just seems worthless though.



skywake said:

@Adamant oh wow. We're kinda missing out then

........ but it's not like what we're missing out on is that much really. There aren't.... well only really three.... four... maybe five good games in there I'd want to see in 3D. Ok, I guess we're missing out.



Ecto-1 said:

I noticed that too. All of the games that were coming out today are there, but there isn't any sign of the videos anywhere.



LztheQuack said:

@Ecto-1 & ShadowLugia: The videos will be added sometime later today. Usually videos don't get posted right away on the eShop



Squiggle55 said:

you're dead on. I don't see why I'm not getting interesting spotpass news every day. Surely Nintendo is capable of giving me news about Nintendo before anyone else. Like I don't see why Nintendo doesn't want to be the first to tell me what new eshop games will be released next Thursday. Instead they send me an e-mail 2 or 3 days late.



Adamant said:

Pretty sure the Japanese videos are all floating around on Youtube if you really want to see them, btw.



LordAndrew said:

@lz20XX "Right now" would have been incorrect for Super Mario Land 2 as well though. The daily update hadn't happened yet at the time this story was published. It seems that that would be the most sensible time to add them, no?



Megumi said:

SpotPass is always late with the messages, I could care less about them now, but yeah...I want the videos nao!!! T.T



Savino said:

Can´t find those trailers anywhere... even when I change to my region from Brasil to USA!



Red-acteur said:

Man I reaaaaally wanted to see the Bravely Default trailer in 3D... Oh well, maybe in the future ^^



sgotsch said:

Check out the backgrounds in the download menu. Some are looking like the actual game covers. I like the Paper Mario one.



Megumi said:

Still nothing...only one I can pull up is Super Mario 3D Land...and it doesn't even have a trailer up yet. :/



LordAndrew said:

@Savino You couldn't find the trailers even after changing your region to one that hasn't received them yet? I'm shocked!



Savino said:


Please, forget my lack of omniscience... but how the heck should I know that the videos wasnt in the US Eshop yet?

Oh... and do you live in Brasil? Noooo... so you don´t about the delay in the Brasilian eshop and you dont know too how the eshop works here...

So, next time, chap, keep your fingers quiet and your mouth shut!



LordAndrew said:

People have been complaining here all day about the fact that they're not up in North America yet. Look at any of the comments that have the American flag on them. The videos aren't up yet. Regardless of where you happen to be, changing your region to the US won't do you any good in this case. Maybe try a different region?



grumblebuzzz said:

It'll probably be sort of like the inception of the eshop itself, where it's promised on a certain date and NOA will release it at about 11:58pm pacific time.



grumblebuzzz said:

I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it will probably be tomorrow before I'll get to see them. When I got home from my night class, checked and they weren't there, I knew the drill. As I said before, it's probably gonna be like when everyone was waiting for the eshop update back in July. I have early morning classes tomorrow, though, so I won't be staying up waiting for them like I did for the shop.



Savino said:


Sorry, next time I will access this site before anything else in my life... you know, I don´t have any and I can spend my whole day here reading comments....

Internet... land of trolls...



pikku said:

I want more Mario Tennis info!
and Animal Crossing!
and Paper Mario!
and Luigi's Mansion 2!
and Kid Icarus!

screw MK7 and SM3DL >:3



theblackdragon said:

@Savino: no one's trolling — all LordAndrew was saying was to pay attention to the flags by users' names. none of the US-flagged users who had posted before you @29 had been able to access the videos yet, and then you popped up saying that even after changing your 3DS region to US you couldn't find them either... that's a pretty big 'duh', y'know? no one was saying you had to park it here for the day, just pointing out that by having read through the previous comments before posting you could've saved yourself some hassle. :3



Megumi said:

There are people out there who don't like to read through all the comments you know, lol.
I sometimes don't care to read them all either.



grumblebuzzz said:

When there's an issue like this, though, where NA is awaiting some sort of inexplicably delayed download, I do tend to skim through, look for the flags and see what's up. It's the quickest, easiest way to find out when said download is finally ready, since the second it is, people will start posting about it.



link_hn said:

well still nothing, i think they mean next thursday T_T
better continue with 4swords and get some sleep...



Weavius said:

Nintendo needs to realize that the Eastern Time Zone is the most populated area of the US and Canada! Other corporations know this! Its like saying something will hit retail 5 minutes before the store closes.
Get your butt in gear Nintendo!



Megumi said:

checks again Still noting. T.T
goes back to creating Worms Reloaded maps



Scissors said:


I've been checking back all day too, now the entire day has passed and it's 12:07. I'd be more upset if I didn't find this hilarious, Nintendo just trolled us all good.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I can't even connect to the eshop to check anymore. My 3DS has frozen up the last 5 times I've tried in the last 10 minutes, 4 of which forced me to turn off my system.



grumblebuzzz said:

Ok, what the hell? I went to bed, woke up now at 7am for class and they're still not there? Why? They're just friggin videos, NoA. They exist in some form pretty much in every other region now. It's not like they have to be localized or anything; they're in Japanese for Christ's sake. Just gimme the damn things.



Ecto-1 said:

Maybe NOA doesn't think there's a market for 3D trailers over here. Lets start a petition!!!



grumblebuzzz said:

Whoo hoo! Better late than never, I guess. The first frame of the SM3DL trailer made me squint because I felt like those dandelion seeds were gonna blow into my eyes. XD Also wanted to say that as soon as the trailers were available, I had a notification saying so. Could Nintendo actually now be using this system to their advantage and actually notifying us of things?



Squiggle55 said:

those were some great previews. I think I'm most excited for Luigi's Mansion and Mario Kart



linkdeku7 said:

Ok, these videos are not showing up for me. I'm in North America, and I even went through the "Upcoming Games Preview" notification from the 3DS home. When the notification took me to the eShop, it just said, "No information on this title" or something to that effect. Anyone know what's up with this? Am I experiencing a bug or something?

Edit: Nevermind, either they just popped up for me, or I overlooked the "Upcoming Games" section. sigh



Megumi said:

Kinda wished the videos were longer though. xD
Still can't tell if Paper Mario will continue the partner system or not though, all I saw was some sparkly floating thing with Mario.



Supremeist said:

I am loving these trailers. Can't wait for every single one of these games - mostly Mario Kart 7 though.



darklinkinfinite said:

I really wish Nintendo would release a video playing app in the vein of the Music and Image viewers on the 3DS. Most of my 3DS channels are filled with trailers that I'm sure could be organized much better.



motang said:

Too bad i can't just access these video via Nintendo Video!

EDIT: OMG, I can't wait for Luigi's Manson II, looks like a fun game!

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