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You Can Buy Your Zelda Symphony Tickets Today

Posted by James Newton

You know, if you want to

The Zelda 25th Anniversary tribute concerts kick off in Los Angeles later this year, and tickets for the LA show are on sale today.

There are three tiers of tickets: the bog-standard ticket at $35, the next level at $125 and a set of 200 VIP packages at $128.50. It's worth pointing out that none of these include booking fees, which add another $15 - $20 onto the overall price.

For those interested, the VIP tickets includes the following goodness:

200 Exclusive VIP tickets are available at the $128.50 price on a first come, first serve basis. This package is for the ultimate Zelda fan and includes premium orchestra section seating plus a post-concert Meet and Greet, autograph session and photo opportunity with the stars of the show and exclusive memorabilia.

Will you shell out or just listen to the soundtrack instead?


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Retro_on_theGo said:

If you're a Club Nintendo member you get 15% off with the promo code ZELDA. I just got it in an email. I'd take the offer, but I'm no where near LA.



19Robb92 said:

I'd love to go. I know I wont though, but it's a really nice 25th celebration.



zezhyrule said:

Psh, I can sneak my way in. Who needs money when you have a barrel and/or some stupid guards!



MitchVogel said:

I would go, but I live in the midwest and it's not worth a plane ticket there and back.



Zach said:

This will be even nerdier than when I went to that live podcast recording...



NintyMan said:

I would love to go, but I don't live in California, so soundtrack it is for me.



bboy2970 said:

If it comes anywhere within 2 hours of me I'm definitely shelling out for one of those VIP tickets. The ticket along with any goodies that come along with it would be fantastic additions to my collection!



Sylverstone said:

If any of my StreetPass NYC pals are up for it by the time it reaches NYC, then maybe.

But those are some interesting prices.



SanderEvers said:

Wish this came to the Netherlands Like in the Amsterdam ArenA (o no, the acoustics are terrible there) .. the Heineken Music Hall then?



SunnySnivy said:

@20 Lol, "90 year old Zelda fan". I haven't even been a Zelda fan for that long, and I would love love love to go to this. Zelda captured my heart instantly when I first played it. And yes, I play all of the retro ones.

And yeah, everyone who plays retro games is 90!



JayArr said:

I've been trying to find a date to this but women keep laughing at me when I say Zelda Orchestra. One woman even peed her pants laughing.



47drift said:

By the sounds of it, none of you have ever seen Video Games Live.

Orchestrated video game concerts are the best, and VGL remains the best concert I've ever been to. This one is sure to be no exception, and I'm sure it'll be great.



Odnetnin said:

There's no way I'm going out of state for the concert, if it hits [INSERT MY HOMETOWN HERE], you bet I'm seeing it.



Omenapoika said:

The way the article is written it seems like you think it might not be worth your while D:
That's a darn bargain! 35 for tickets for the grunts?! And the better seats are also 125 or so for anyone to reserve?!? Awesome!
This wasn't at all as expensive as I thought. I was on the same continent I would've bought the tickets in a flash!



scrubbyscum999 said:

Wow, something that actually makes me want to go to LA. Come to Orlando please, we will give you complimentary cookies on arrival.



IronMan28 said:

If I could afford this and lived in California, maybe....but I don't, so unfortunately this isn't really an option for me.



Environ said:

I was able to score two of the VIP tickets to the Zelda Concert. The tickets are a little pricy (thanks for the 15% off Club Nintendo!), but I figured this was going to be a unique experience.

There really is nothing like attending a live performance. Movies are usually easily forgotten but you will remember live theatre and concerts for years to come. It's a different experience that comes from the energy of the performers and the audience that's all around you.

My wife and I have enjoyed the Legend of Zelda series for many years (she plays mostly handheld Zeldas and I play the console ones). When we were dating, I had the Oracle of Ages and she had Oracle of Seasons. We exchanged copies and continued our quest with our characters and have been fans of the series ever since. So without question, I am taking the love of my life to the Zelda Symphony concert.

BTW, I'll let you know how many 90 year old Zelda fans attend the concert!

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