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Wii Owners Encounter Xenoblade Disc Read Errors

Posted by James Newton

Not a good start

Xenoblade Chronicles released across the UK and Europe today, but some Wii owners are reporting difficulty getting their consoles to recognise the game.

Our own Marcel van Duyn has reported disc read errors when attempting to load the game, despite the console only being newly replaced by Nintendo after the notorious Super Smash Bros. Brawl disc read error incidents. He reports that game still works, but has had no joy with Xenoblade Chronicles. Other readers have also reported similar errors.

If you've just picked up the game today, let us know if you have any difficulty getting your Wii to recognise it, or if it's playing without a care in the world.

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Linkstrikesback said:

I used to have problems with Dual layered discs - used the wii lens cleaner once and the disc has worked perfectly since. I'm willing to bet people who have problems haven't cleaned the lens in a long time.



Kagamine said:

i want to laugh, but i actually feel kinda bad for anybody that bought that game then. my wii has had no trouble reading any of the other games with this issue, so i wonder if it comes out in NA if i will be able to play it




I get the Brawl error message thing. Just keep re-setting it. Is there anything u can do about it btw?



LucinaSmash said:

Clearly I won't be getting it even if it's available on NA because my Wii doesn't read Dual layered discs anymore



MAddogz said:

My copy is working fine. No problems so far. Love the OST and the red classic controller. Best controller I ever layed my hands on, just fits in my hands perfectly



Linkstrikesback said:

@6,7 and anyone else with problems with wiis reading dual layered discs.

Have you tried nintendos offical lens cleaner? It works miracles, and it costs £6 from amazon and was totally worth it in my opinion, since any time I've had trouble reading dual layered discs (only twice ever mind you), the cleaner fixed it immediately, and I had a year and half gap between needing to use it the first two times, and one year so far from the second time.



Shiryu said:

I only had problems once with Smash Brothers but the offical lens cleaning kit solved it.



Link79 said:

My Wii stopped reading my Brawl and Metroid Prime Trilogy discs a couple years ago.
I tried the cleaning kit but that didn't work for long and my Wii had to be replaced. Early models just can't handle those damn dual layered discs.



komicturtle said:


I never had any problems with disc reads here- never used the lens cleaner. Doubting this will affect the NA release.



sykotek said:

Wow, I hope that's a very isolated incident or there's sure gonna be a lot of p'd off importers.



Spoony_Tech said:

Pixelman I thought I recognized that man before. Now I know who he really is. Thanks pix.



Cipher said:

My Wii won't read dual-layer discs despite having been repaired by Nintendo (albeit back in 2008) and the lens cleaned with the official product from Nintendo.

Need to send my Wii back for repair anyway since it's not reading any dual-layer discs at the moment.



PhillaLoup said:

My Wii didn't recognized it ... but I expected this because of the Dual Layers ... ordered some Nintendo Wii Cleaning Kit via Amazon ... this should help



TheBaconator said:

I've never had problems with dual-layered disc, and I've had my Wii since launch. This is all news to me.



MasterGraveheart said:

Didn't we know this since 2008?

Come to think of it... my Wii before it went into the shop had no problems with dual layered discs. I wonder... maybe it's time to bust out Other M or the Prime Trilogy for a test run...

@pixelman: Brilliant!



Alfred_ENG said:

Yes i tryed the Wii lens clearer. Didn't fix the problem, But it did clean my lens. I just don't buy dual layer games. I feel bad for anyone who bought this game and it's not working. I hope Nintendo do a better job with Wii U disc drives and discs.



Link79 said:

I better go test out my Dual layered discs just to be sure.
It's been a while since I tried one.



ueI said:

For some reason my wii only has problems reading dual layered disks for games I've long since finished.



Sneaker13 said:

Hope mine won't have this problem. It just arrived in the mail but I haven't tried it out because my sister and her friend took over mine Wii. Fingers crossed.



Link79 said:

Ah my disc reader still works. No problems with dual layer.
Phew don't scare me like that.



Kevin said:

Had that problem with Other M and needed to ship my Wii to Nintendo.



Grackler said:

Mine works fine, but I've never suffered with Brawl or Other M. Surely Ninty should fix it? (they fixed my mates that did suffer Brawl issues)
@pixelman That. Is. Awesome!



MrMagpie said:

Mine is fine, but I have never had a problem with brawl or other m...maybe I'm just lucky.



Drake said:

It should be noted that the game worked fine when I popped it in the first time yesterday - It was only when I tried to play it again today that it started not recognizing the disc. It does eventually recognize it after putting it in a couple of times but it's still quite annoying.



ThumperUK said:


Erm, thats called piracy and its illegal. A legal way would be for you to buy a European Wii & copy of Xenoblade, or wait until NOA decide whether to release this amazing game over there.



James said:

Guys, let me point you towards our Community Rules which officially outlaw talk of modding, homebrew, piracy and merging photographs of editors with deaths from Star Wars.



Supremeist said:

Sorry about that, Xenoblade owners. That must really suck, hope this problem is resolved soon enough. Nintendo/Developers should be speaking up very soon.. Although it seems many owners of the game also have no problems with the game.



Dizzard said:

My Wii didn't have a problem with brawl, even though I got brawl almost as soon as it launched so it was an old one.

I figure I'll be ok when I get Xenoblade then right?



Dizzard said:

*To the above I mean "I got the wii almost as soon as it launched" not brawl (although I did get brawl when it launched too )



BJQ1972 said:

My nephew had a problem with Metroid other M. As people have said a quick clean with the official kit and it's worked fine since.

No problem for me with Xenoblade either (touch wood).

Edit: A quick look at google about the error and the first match is this story, so it's not exactly plaguing Wii owners is it? Reporting it as such is a bit like waking up with a sniffle and assuming the world has been wiped out by a virus overnight and you've turned into Charlton Heston (or Will Smith for younger readers).



Cipher said:

@BJQ1972 Doesn't say anywhere in the article that it's "plaguing" Wii owners. It just says "some" Wii owners are being affected by it, which is perfectly true.



Expa0 said:

Doesn't work for me, but neither has Brawl for like 1,5 years, The cleaning kit doesn't do it for me anymore, so I suppose the lazer must be (Halfway) busted. Kind of sad, wouldn't have pre-ordered if I knew it was a dual layer.



BJQ1972 said:

@cipher. Not this article, no, but this report was picked up by another site, which was then picked up by another site who described it as a plague. NintendoLife is, in this case, patient Zero for yet more sensationalist reporting about a known problem with the Wii disc drive.



1080ike said:

I've never had this kind of problem, even though I got my Wii in '07 used, and got Brawl, MP Trilogy, Rock Band 2, and Other M. It's never needed cleaning, either. Guess I'm lucky, then.
@pixelman: Awesome.



CerberusAzdin said:

I have the cleaning tool, all other games work (DL games like SSBB and MPTrilogy), and it still didn't work. Called up Nintendo and need to send my Wii for repair. Got a new Wii now just to play it. Crazy? Yes. Stupid? Probably. Worth it? YES.



RedBlueSpot said:

My game didn't show the minimized animation screen at first waited for about 1 minute. But then after I clicked at "Wii/GC disk channel" it showed everything. After that it works perfectly.



BenAV said:

The game hasn't come out in Australia yet so I haven't been able to test it.
Fingers crossed that everything works fine!
I've had my Wii since launch and I had to send it in to Nintendo before I could play SSBB but since than I've never had any problem playing SSBB, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Other M or any other game so hopefully this should be fine.
Can't wait to play it!



ElFlorro said:

I'm nearly 10 hours into gameplay and haven't had ANY problems with the disc. But I had problems with my SSBB disc before I got the cleaning disc. Fantastic game by the way! <3 it!!!



MetroidMasher17 said:

Maybe I'm overly lucky, but I've never EVER had a problem with dual-layered discs. Ever. Hopefully my Wii stays that way even after they discontinue it.

Sucks about the disc read error.



Jamouse said:

My Wii plays SSBB and metroid prime fine, so does that mean i will be able to play this.



X-145 said:

I've hade problems with multiple games. SSBB and Metroid other M. Not to mention Call of duty Black Ops. the lens kit fixed Metroid and SSBB, and i sent my wii in for repair from CoD. Completely new disc reader! Good luck to those of you lucky enough to get this game...non...north Americans...but still I feel your pain...



pntjr said:

/me puts mustard on bread and laughs more



Kyloctopus said:

I bought Brawl on launch day and nothing happened. And no matter what I do with the game it will read the disc (although apparently Goldeneye broke my Wii making every game on my shelf not be read.)



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I was going to wait until I finished Half Life 2 to give this a go, but felt duty-bound to try it. No issues here. Played through the initial movie/tutorial bit and the opening pair of monster battles.

I should note I had a total optical drive failure a year ago, so if you're really keen there's nothing for it but to send it into the shop.



Bulbousaur said:

Shouldn't get any problems, since I played Brawl just a couple of weeks ago. Still, my Wii lens cleaner is sitting on the shelf just in case.



TooManyToasters said:

It's nothing a little system update can't handle, but gasp what in the world will this mean for game sales??? Oo

Only joking. However when compared to the global financial meltdown, fanboy panic attacks like this are nothing. I think whoever keeps making huge huge deals like this on the net should have their fingers bound and far away from their keyboards.



kunino-sagiri said:

Fortunately, i haven't had any problems at all with playing it (in fact until I read this article, i didn't even know about the disc being dual-layered, much less that its dual-layered-ness might mean the Wii would have problems reading it). But the I didn't have any problems playing Brawl, so in hindsight it's really not surprising.



NESguy94 said:

I never had issues with any particular game, the laser just slowly stopped reading my games. Does anyone know if the newer wiis have a better laser?



Traxx said:

Wow, never had any problems with my Wii reading discs. And it's a nearly day one buy. Have the official cleaning set ready, though.

Very unfair to bring up this issue up as it were the fault of the game itself...



Skogur said:

Oh.. my Wii can't read Brawl anymore, bummer. I was thinking of buying this.. gotta buy a cleaning set, hope that works.



Tate24 said:

super smash bro brawl doesnt work on my wii and other M to:( whats duel layer disc's do anyway and why cant wii read its own software?



Henmii said:


Dual layered discs are discs that contain twice as much information as regular Wii discs. You can recognize them by their darker sheen.

Some Wii's don't read them properly because, according to Nintendo, tobacco and dust may be on the lense. But other people think the older Wii's just don't have their lenses put right. I don't know who speaks the truth.



JLDR said:

Absolutely no problem for me, not a reason for not getting it because it's just awsome.



seburo said:

No problem at all, as well as with my copy of Samsh Bros Brawl. Seriously ¿isn't this post a trolling alarm setter? Got Xenoblade on friday and 12 hours and counting of astounding rpg pleasure!



MeloMan said:

Awwww..... daaamnit....
Great... I can hear Reggie chuckling his little heart out now: "And they wanted me to bring this to them, now I HAVE a reason NOT to!"



AZZA0204 said:

Touch Wood . I haven't had any problems with any game on the Wii including SSBB. So far I haven't had any problems with XC ( Xenoblade:Chronicles). I got my Wii in 2009 would that mean that my lense is better than some of the older Wiis? I feel really bad for the people whos games don't work I wish the best of luck to all you people on NL that are experiencing this D-LD (Dual-Layered Disc) problem.



dariodinardo said:

My wii was bought the first day of the italian release date so it's the oldest version... I've got no problem with Metroid and Smash Bros but it can't read xenoblade chronicles even after the update... damn!



gojirafan123 said:

I'm having a problem getting my Wii to read Xenoblade, but weirdly enough Super Smash Bros. Brawl has started giving me the same problem again. I know it's not a faulty disc reader, because I just got done playing Skyward Sword, and Fire Emblem read just fine, too. How do I fix this problem?

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