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UK Retail Pegs 3DS for New £140 Price Point

Posted by Damien McFerran

Cheap as chips

Update: GAME and Gamestation will be selling the machine for £149.99 from Friday 12th August.

The 3DS price drop is nearly upon us and while we know that the North American machine will cost $169.99, the UK price is up to individual retailers to set. We can now reveal that the country's biggest High Street chains are looking to sell the console for as little as £139.99 effective this Friday.

Sources at UK retailers GAME and HMV both confirmed the machine could go as low as £139.99 this Friday, though a £149.99 price point has been bandied about too. Both retailers will no doubt be keen to make the most of the expected upsurge in interest around the console and its new low price, but who will go lowest? Then there's also the possibility of supermarkets and online retailers selling the machine off even more cheaply.

If you spot any good 3DS bargains in the UK, be sure to let us know.

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HipsterDashie said:


This. Sometimes it is best to leave it up to the retailers. I love how the launch RRP was £229.99 but due to retailer competition you could pick up a 3DS for as little as £180 on launch day.

Got mine for £170 a few weeks back (before the announcement of the price drop), so whilst it would have been nice to save £30-£40 I'm pleased with the system, and I thought I got a good deal at the time anyway. Plus there's the whole Ambassador scheme with the free games.

I'm okay with this.jpg



3DS said:

I love sub-title "Cheap as chips" i would love to see how many Chips you would get at £140 only joking haha



Odnetnin said:

Chips are my favorite food.

What's that equivalent to in American $ and how much was it normally before? Euros confuse me.



mikejonesuk said:

"What's that equivalent to in American $ and how much was it normally before? Euros confuse me."

You must be confused! We don't use euros in the UK. We use the good old British pound.

£140 (ie 140 pounds) is about $226. (US dollars) and about 160 euros.



default12345 said:

On a positive note I can only see this having a positive effect on sales and interest from both consumers and developers.

Sony Vita, DOA.



Chozo85 said:

This is probably what it should have cost in the first place. I hope this helps give the 3DS a much needed boost. Thanks to being tied to a GAME pre-order I paid £220 for mine on launch day which was far far to much. At least the ambassador scheme provides some compensation for loosing so much money on my purchase.



daznsaz said:

david dickinson is a bit of an antique but even hed get a 3ds for that price



Blaze said:

@Chose85 What a rip off!!! I got mine on Amazon on Launch Day for £182 without having to trade anything in! Back on the subject, seeing as GAME are always overpriced, and Amazon was selling the 3DS' for £40 less than GAME on launch, does this mean we could see something around the £120 mark? This would make the 3DS not far off the DS Lite launch price, and less than the DSi and DSi XL Launch Prices! Wow!



BigBluePanda said:

There were rumours that Tesco were going to sell it for £115 on Friday, but that's apparently a hoax.



ChristopherM said:

Oddy - The UK prices mentioned here include 20 percent Sales Tax (aka VAT over here). Don't forget to add your local sales tax to the US$169.99 if you want to make a direct comparison.



dimi said:

140.00 GBP=159.571 Euro. Still wonder if they will sell it more than 170 euro in rest of Europe.



XyVoX said:

Well i had a result today at my local Game store, i went and bought a 3DS preowned for £129 (in time to get these Ambassador games) and also a copy of Zelda OOT so i walked out of the store and got home looked in the bag and noticed that there were 2 copies of Zelda OOT, Result i thought



Pj1 said:

@ XyVoX

If you sell a copy of Zelda OOT will you donate some cash to chairty? it doesn't have to be much and No I'm not having a go.



JimLad said:

I'm pretty sure Amazon will be cheapest, they usually are.
'slooking good. This new price point and the double pronged attack of Mario games and the new red version coinciding with the holiday season might just save the 3DS' bacon.



Samholy said:

geez. i paid 250$ without taxes for this, and now its going down...very cheap. if they can sell it that low and still make profits, how much profit nintendo makes like this ?
yeah ill get those great NES and advance games...but still. its nearly a hundred dollars less i could have CHOSEN titles, like mario land 3d or starfox 64.
and since im getting both of these anyway, i could have gotten cave story 3d and kid icarus.
that ambassador program must become something bigger than a mere bunch of oldies. how about a bunch of eshop credits so we can try some titles of our taste.



hamza234 said:

oh man wish i was in in america but im in saudi arabia dnt know how much price is cutted

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