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Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third Party?

Posted by Zach Kaplan

And would it prove a wise move to embrace the smartphone?

It's no secret that the 3DS sold far below expectations, even after Nintendo wowed us at E3 and promised to clean up its online act. Many are going as far as to suggest that the Ambassador programme and slashed pricing is as good as a death knell, while investors argue that Ninty should do something it's never dreamed of – create third party software for iOS devices as stocks reach their lowest level in six years. But the Big N recovered from the Virtual Boy before, many developers and publishers are quite excited about the Wii U and 3DS sales should pick up after this holiday season's releases of Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land. And just recently, sales in Japan rose dramatically.

But what if this really was the beginning of the end? Heck, we never thought that Mario and Sonic would face off at the Olympics together, but here we are. We at Nintendo Life, however, are not given to idle, ill-thought out speculation and doomsday-portending. We do, however, have big imaginations and think about what the future could potentially have in store. Take our collective hand, then, if you're brave enough, and journey with us to a world where the Big N is not so big anymore, where extra Mario Kart tracks are downloadable at the PlayStation Store and where Master Chief is a character in Super Smash Bros. 360, Come with us as we ask: what if Nintendo were a third party?

Of course, that doesn't mean that it couldn't exist as a first party as well. Let's say that Nintendo began creating software for smartphones tomorrow, continuing to make new games on its current and future platforms all the while. It's been said before that most iOS software is quite shallow, and that Angry Birds is a great example of when someone gets it right. It turns out that a lot of the software on Nintendo's own DSiWare Shop fits the same bill, some 200 Point offerings offering quite thin and shallow experiences with others mastering the art of simple-but-fun.

What makes Nintendo so incommensurable with smartphone software, though, is the scope of its franchise titles like Super Mario Galaxy and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. If it released a few smaller iOS titles – something like Pokédex 3D, a simplified Pikmin, a few Mario Party-esque minigames here or WarioWare microgames there – it likely would not cut into 3DS sales, because it just wouldn't match the scale that gamers look for in a first-party Nintendo product. Buying a 99 cent iPhone app starring Mario would not make someone want to buy Super Mario 3D Land any less – it might make someone want to buy it even more, in fact. In all likelihood it would raise awareness of Nintendo properties for a new consumer base, make smartphone owners happy to have new software and make gamers more inclined to buy an iPad. Everyone wins. If Nintendo really doesn't see this market as a threat, perhaps it should embrace it as an alternative form of entertainment while continuing to develop its 3DS, Wii and Wii U software in new directions untouchable by the smartphone markets and prove that there really is such a divide.

But let's take it one step further. Let's say that the sales hike in Japan is a fluke and that the 3DS never achieves the success that Nintendo predicted. Let's also say that the Wii U flops. Nintendo is forced to stop making hardware and focus on software development. On the plus side, it would no longer have to worry about understanding digital media and instead work within others' schemes, the same schemes that Nintendo's currently trying to catch up with. Nintendo could focus on what it's good at – making great games and trying to innovate from within. The playing field would become more even, and companies that had not worked with Nintendo in the past because of loyalties to Sony or Microsoft could now do so.

But as good as the competition is, what fun would it be without Nintendo to throw a wrench in the system every once in a while? If the Wii U changes gaming as much as some studios are predicting, then it'll be like a brand new analogue stick – all of a sudden, we won't be able to think of gaming without it. And that's what Nintendo is good at, as well as making great games – innovating the playing field.

It's no secret, though, that once that playing field is changed, Nintendo has a hard time running on it with the rest of the big guns. For every analogue stick there's a DualShock controller; for every Wii Remote, there's a more accurate Move. The competition will have an answer to the Wii U as well. Perhaps Nintendo will have a way to win the day with firmware updates and great software, though, and maybe it really will pull out in front this time. The future's not ours to see.

But let's say that Nintendo, if no longer a first party, was still allowed a place in Sony or Microsoft's hardware development room. If the company was given enough creative freedom and the immediate hardware knowhow of its competitors, the possibilities are endless. Then again, Rare has shown us what can happen when one company must work within another's guidelines, and it's not always pretty.

Do you think that Nintendo has hope in the hardware race yet, that it really will become formidable in its weaker areas with the Wii U and the future of the 3DS? Should Nintendo embrace the smartphone market and find a way for its first-party software to coexist with it? Is the Big N really in trouble, or is now just a time when it must think on its feet? Voice your thoughts below!

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Xkhaoz said:

Please no. Becoming a third-party would ruin Nintendo most likely.



Itsa said:

NIntendo is not in trouble. All who stay loyal will support it for many years.



OldBoy said:

Bad idea!
If Nintendo go down they should go down as a console manufactuer.They need to stick to their guns as they have for the past 100 years and keep pride in their output. They are a company with a definite vision and morals and this is why they have survived.Sure their decisions don't always sit well with some people or are misunderstood but this is what sets them apart from everyone else, their USP if you like. The day I see a Nintendo game on f&*%$n iOS is the day I give up gaming.



komicturtle said:

As long as Microsoft doesn't lay a finger on them (aka buy out Nintendo), then I'd be.. kinda okay. It's just now I'll be paranoid about my console not working at some point and no Nintendo console ever failed me...



BalrogtheMaster said:

No way. Nintendo would go out of gaming and do Hanafuda cards again before that day The WiiU will most likely have the success of the Gamecube, and the 3DS will FLOURISH. Calling it right now.



Ristar42 said:

The quality of games SEGA made went down hill pretty fast after the Dreamcast (with a few exceptions). I have no interest in smart phones so I cant really comment, but I think it would hurt Nintendo's own download services if they provided say, VC content. Perhaps they should try improving their own download services first, with more content and choice.



Raylax said:

@3: "They need to stick to their guns as they have for the past 100 years"

Uh... they've only been involved in the video gaming industry since the mid '70s. I'm not sure you could call a business that tried card games, taxis, love hotels, a TV network and even instant noodles as having ever stuck to its guns. Hell, the only thing they can claim to have stuck to is the playing cards, which they're still producing.



Faruko said:

Nintendo is hardly in a bad spot... people seem to be way to much pesismist... they dont remember how much money Nintendo did with the DS and Wii, i believe they can have a "bad" round for once... (thou i believe 3DS will start to sell now with the lower price and the new games coming)

Nintendo and Sega are hardly comparable, sega had like what... 3-4 consoles with bad sell ? i cant remember a Nintendo console that sold THAT BAD (N64/GC werent the best, but they were hardly a fail for nintendo, 64 selling around 45m and GC 25, Dreamcast on the other hand, sold around 15m). Nintendo will be fine, dont fear
PD: sorry my english, not my native lenguage



SilverBaretta said:

As long as they keep doing what they're doing as far as the quality of their products (mainly software, since I'm in the mindset of if Nintendo went 3rd-party) goes, the company can be owned by whoever, be making whatever products, and have whatever value of stock. As long as they have freedom to do as they please, Nintendo can go 3rd-party, and I wouldn't care.



Bass_X0 said:

Please no. Becoming a third-party would ruin Nintendo most likely.

NIntendo is not in trouble. All who stay loyal will support it for many years.

Thats what fans would have said about Sega during the Saturn years.



longtimegamer said:

Smartphones Nintendo don't need no stinkin smartphones! I think it's insulting that those investers (or whatever) even suggested that Nintendo needed to do that. Those apps on smartphones do well because they're so cheap, also you don't worry so much about taking a risk on some of these with games that have a 99 cent pricetag.
I also think that if Nintendo had to work under Sony or Microsoft that they may be hindered when it comes to be able to do what they want in/for games.
I think they'll do just fine. They just needed to lower the price I guess.
Also, others may make better versions of things that Nintendo started but, that's after the fact that Nintendo did it.

edit: Having nintendo have to work under another company would be like seeing Batman become a sidekick.



Ristar42 said:

@ Bass_X0 Saturn had other problems though, the loss of confidence in SEGA products created by the 32X and Mega CD, then the whole world going 3D graphics crazy. SEGA fans (such as myself) who did buy the console, then saw some of the most interesting games left in Japan.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i don`t want nintendo to go third party,. And it`s way too early to say they should. The 3DS isn`t selling as badly as the Virtual Boy. It`s only be out for 6 months. Are you going to say the same if say Vita has a bad you`re not. I like Nintendo just the way they are and hope they stay making great games and great systems.



andyutd97 said:

How could this even be discussed, Nintendo would be history if that was ever even discussed.



SunnySnivy said:

I think one generation of video game systems "flopping" isn't going to force Nintendo to stop making consoles.Remember how poorly the Gamecube sold?

I really don't think anything is going to make Nintendo give up, unless it gets really bad. And even then, I think they would end up like Sega making video games for other consoles... which I guess is the whole point of this article so why am I even typing this.



Bass_X0 said:

SEGA fans who did buy the console then saw some of the most interesting games left in Japan.

I had a Saturn and Dreamcast myself and quite enjoyed both of them. Granted I had to import some games that weren't released here but they were good consoles for me.



blackknight77 said:

I'd hate to see Nintendo water down their games in a 99 cent app store. I guess they could put some Mario clocks and calculators out though.



Shadowflash said:

This is ridiculous! All of these articles seem to talk about is the demise of Nintendo. Where's all the love for Nintendo ?



LordJumpMad said:

Nintendo's console making days are over!
I would love nothing more then to see Nintendo games on the PS3.
I know Jack Tretton would love that!



SilverBaretta said:

@Shadowflash: This is purely hypothetical, and even then, I don't see anything about "demise" here, the article is very blatantly stating that the company isn't going under, but instead is making games for other people (hypothetically).

And am I the only one who likes a lot of recent Sega games?



ArmoredGoomba said:

As long as nintendo sells hardware there is no reason to put content on other companies platforms. They must continue to have exclusivity.



pikku said:

@13 Exactly. So wouldn't becoming a third party and devoloping on iOS software be taking a risk? You are just contradicting yourself.



SteveW said:

I got my first iPad (ipad 2) recently and while there are a some good games available, Nintendo doesn't need to have their games floating in the sea of crap that makes up 98% of IOS software. Nintendo can handle themselves just fine.



Cia said:

Why did NL create this topic? Do you actually want to spread this kind of attitude around? People are talking about this nonsense enough already.



ville10 said:

I don't believe Nintendo will be forced to quit releasing consoles in the distant future, I'm pretty sure both 3DS and WiiU will be fine.

That being said however, I do think that it could be a good step to become a third party developer for smartphones. If they convert a studio such as skip Ltd. (Art Style series) or Nintendo Software Technology (Aura Aura climber, Mario vs. DK series) to develop exclusively for smartphones they won't only please investors, but they will also get a foot in a part of the videogame industry that keeps growing. One simply can't look past it, it may be vital to survival in the future.



AVahne said:

I predict Nintendo will be the first into virtual reality, so no way are they going third party.



SteveW said:

"Why did NL create this topic?" - good point, IGN stirs up enough of this stuff, Nintendo Life is better than that



Zach said:

Thanks for commenting, everyone. For those of you who are questioning why Nintendo Life would create this topic, please note that this is all hypothetical, that it begins by stating that we aren't portending doomsday and that it mainly focuses on ways that Nintendo could grow stronger by being more open to such taboo things as smartphone development. We're bringing it up to start a discussion, not bash Nintendo.



CerealKiller528 said:

If Nintendo were third-party developers, they would....
1. Be the most b*tch-*ss devs or...
2. Be MicroSoft property.



omar92 said:

why every website is saying nintedno is doomed , i don't think they are doomed at all
1) look at their success for ds and ii, first it got them more fanbase and a huge profit and capital
2) when sega stopped making consoles they were going to be bankrupted , from what i remember they made about 2 or 3 consoles everyone about 2 or 3 years life cycle so people lost faith in sega and here is a video for dreamcast story
3) i know nintendo has a disaster called * LACK OF THIRD PARTY SUPPORT * but look at the wii-u at e3 it was about 3rd party titles even if they are ports that's a good sign ( btw i have a friend who is a sony fan and he told me that he was happy that all of the wii-u appear at e3 was 3rd party because that was what nintendo needed they have a lot of 1st party titles and people know that they will arrive without doubt )
4) most of my friends who buy ps3 are buying it for 3rd party titles not 1st party titles, and yes a lot of them know uncharted and other games but they prefer 3rd party titles. so imagine what will happen to nintendo consoles if they embraced 3rd party titles>>> a gaming heaven

sry if i made a long statement but i am pissed with all those dooming articles, and excuse me for my english am an egyptian



thanos316 said:

hmmm im wondering what was the sales projection for the 3ds in its first couple of months on the market. its not even a yr old, developers are still developing games for it, just give it time. and nintendo won't look good as a 3rd party developer. but i guess nothing lasts forever..



BigBluePanda said:

Please.There was talk of this during the Gamecube era, and Nintendo later quashed those rumours. Not gonna happen.



SKTTR said:

No! Who's gonna buy all the many consoles and phones if Nintendo releases games on them all?! Nintendo, please stick to your own homeconsole+handheld combo. Let the others develop all the games for your machines, understand??



ecco6t9 said:

Sega was always poorly run.spent money like they were a government on a bender, and since going 3rd party creativity has dropped off.

Nintendo is better run and if it came down to it they would probably kill off the Wii/WiiU and focus solely on the 3DS.

Lastly the 3rd parties already ***** about competing with Nintendo on the Wii/DS/3DS imagine if EA,Activision,Sega,THQ,UbiSoft,Take2 had to compete Nintendo on the PS3/360/Vita/Phone.



Yogsoggoth said:

Smartphone gaming is terrible. I can't wait until this stupid fad passes.
No controls and no buttons = no game.



Scissors said:

If Nintendo became a 3rd party developer that would be a terrible day for gaming because they're the only pure gaming hardware company left, Sony & Microsoft stretch out way beyond the realm of video games.



HugoSmits said:

played a bit of kid icarus today... it's awesome. It's what the 3DS needs.

Nintendo is in the handheld bizz since what ? 1980 ? they are here for more than 30 years. They are not going anywhere.



omar92 said:

@44 agree with you, although i grew up with nintendo and playstation consoles i don't love sony but i love nintendo



SuperLink said:

I'm so sick of hearing that "Nintendo is dying" and "Nintendo needs to make games on Smartphones". NO! No it doesn't! Nintendo is fine! So, if a system they released doesn't immediately sell like hotcakes, then Nintendo is screwed? No? Well that's kind of what I'm picking up here, and if that's not what you mean, then don't say anything that implies it! Not all of Nintendo's systems have gone off incredibly strong you know!

Sorry for coming off kinda strong just now, and I realize that this is an idea, but...I just don't want to hear about this kind of idea or article or whatever when I come to Nintendolife! Nintendolife! Nintendo--is our--life!

And I see that a lot of people have the right idea here: Nintendo is here to stay. Thank you.You are all loyal Nintendo fans, which is exactly what makes this site great.



Noire said:

3rd party Nintendo sounds like too much of a dream for it to ever become reality. Oh well.



C-Olimar said:

I think when you said EXTRA mario kart tracks could be bought you meant mario kart will be released unfinished, with the rest of the game avalable for purchase for a stupid amount of money.



RonF said:

When SEGA launched the Dreamcast already hurt by the poor performance of the Saturn. Nintendo is suffering a set back after the best years in sales ever. It is a completely different situation.

Being a platform holder is too advantagous, as it gives Nintendo the power to plan its own future and, furthermore, additional cash by taking 11% in any retail sale and 30% in any digital sale. The 3DS will probably do fine, but it will never came even close to the DS, as the casual market moved to iOS. Nintendo will probably will retain profitability even in a reduced portable gaming market. Even in this scenario, it wouldn't be smart to release its franchises in another platform as it would cheapen and reduce the appeal to its own platforms.



magos2k7 said:

I think it would be absolutely wise on Nintendo's part to get their fingers in other markets. Sony has electronics, Microsoft has Windows, both of these companies do some manner of smartphone gaming so Nintendo should step up and try to get a piece of that. Like the article hints at, it doesn't mean they release the same titles on the 3DS that they do on the "Nintendo phone(s)". Sony will have the Vita as well as Xperia ("Playstation phone") and the phone experience, rest assured, will NOT be the same as the Vita experience.
I think it would be a way for them to maintain their handheld dominance. I don't think Nintendo, existing ONLY as a third-party developer would be such a great idea. Being forced into someone else's schedule, the games would surely not be nearly as good.



dimi said:

Stockmarkets ruined everything. Now the stocks of the no1 videogame company in the world are in the lowest level of six years. Big lol. I dont care what "games" with the stocks the "golden boys" are playing but Nintendo was the absolute marketing phenomenon of the past six years. Are they out of their bloody minds? Wii and DS sold like 250 million units in an industry that even surpassed the movie industry! I dont give a flying crap about what these "investors" are planning. We're talking about guys like George Soros, the most high profile of all these market sharks that made over US$1 billion profit in one day by short selling sterling in 1992! Video games and nintendo are here to stay.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Wouldn't really care. I've never been a fan of most Nintendo first party stuff, and it would make choices easier if I ever buy a future console, which isn't particularly likely.

On the other hand, it might be bad for competition.



Odnetnin said:

Wait, where's the Rare comparison coming from? Microsoft doesn't have to own Nintendo for them to make Xbox 360 games.



Nintex said:

nintendo going somewhere? hardly. nin will never go 3rd party and while some rinky dink phone games may be a possibility i doubt theyd put heavy focus on it. nin has aslways said the day they stop making consoles is the day they quit doing games!



Spoony_Tech said:

Nooooooo! LOL. In all seriousness I was thinking this might happen if the Wii failed. It has bought Nintendo new life and another generation of consoles. We will see what happens in the near future but if it does happen I could see either Microsoft or Sony trying to make them exclusive!



Teh-Ray said:

Thank you. I've been waiting for that.

Anyone seen WaltzElf? I figured he'd be one of the first to comment on this.



Hokori said:

if ninty were to die, theyed do it honorably (1st party )
@59 LOL Yes I agree



CanisWolfred said:

No! Who's gonna buy all the many consoles and phones if Nintendo releases games on them all?!

People who like Nintendo's games?

Talking Point: Is all of this Hypothetical discussion really necessary?

Nothing at Nintendo Life is necessary, technically. It's all here for discussion purposes, discussion you don't have to participate in if you don't want to.



Noire said:

Why would third-party Nintendo be a nightmare? If I could get nearly all of my favorite franchises on one system, that sounds like a paradise to me.



Kirk said:

I don't want Nintendo to become a 3rd party only developer, they have way too many brilliant hardware and especially controller ideas, but I do think they need to think long and hard about where they are heading as a company and what to do next with the new hardware because right now I think they are a bit behind the times and working on an outdated paradigm. Ironic considering all their talk about Blue Oceans and whatnot.



MasterGraveheart said:

I think we're overblowing this Nintendo financial issue thing a little much. They had a bad quarter, yeah, I get that. Stocks dipped, it happens. A prominant shareholder loses millions, he has millions more left. The best thing about Nintendo is how it's been able to reinvent itself. Even if they were adopted by a parent company, I still think hardware would be where their future lies since they're the best at innovation. If Nintendo financial became destitute, I can't imagine that Sony, Microsoft, Apple, or whomever WOULDN'T want to take the company for themselves and market their new systems under the Nintendo name for brand recognition alone. Tell me a Nintendo PlayStation, Nintendo X-Box, Apple Game Boy, or whatever woudln't sell like hotcakes. And those companies would have Nintendo be the flagbearer of their video game division. I can see Nintendo being purchased... just not out of the hardware market.



TKOWL said:

But Sega didn't know how to market and market their own consoles properly, and they knew that they could never be a Nintendo.



Noire said:

@Otaku Why would it be any different then? If, suddenly, all the games I had to buy a PS3 for were coming to Wii U, then I'd be ecstatic too. Not having to drop big amounts of cash on new systems would be a godsend, honestly, no matter who's system it ended up being. This article is about Nintendo though, which is why I was slanted that way, you know...

It's, of course, never gonna happen either way, I don't believe, so I guess I'll have to continue buying consoles and handhelds from two different companies.



SKTTR said:

@Mickeymac (61):
Corrected you on this sentence: "ONLY RICH people who like Nintendo's games!"

Sorry I love Nintendo games but I'm not going to buy 5 - 10 different machines to play all their games. I want games - Not consoles.

Who cares anyway? The Wii U will be out soon and it will have the best graphics, controls and the most power of them all (except high-end PCs). Why should Nintendo develop for lesser consoles? Every developer should develop for Wii U!



littlebigplanet said:

I'll tell you what would happen if they became a 3rd party developer. I'd go to Walmart, buy myself a shotgun. Go out into the woods. Put the shotgun down my throat, and fire away. I have put Nintendo before EVERYTHING else in my life. My family, my friends, everything. If they, that made the gaming industry what is is today, would just give up, I might as well give up on life.



DiggerandIndy said:

I don't think Nintendo should become a third-party at all. They are the INVENTORS of video games, not followers. I think all the third-parties that are supposed to support Nintendo should clean up their act and do something about these garbage games that keeps flooding Nintendo's online shops!



Lotice-Paladin said:

@3: A little over dramatic aren't we? It'd be sad if Nintendo went down, but give up gaming?

Maybe you should take a leaf out of the SEGA fan's books, yeah...they'd like another SEGA console, but they still play their games on other hardware...even their old rivals...and they even try non-SEGA games and have somewhat got into Nintendo games they once envied.

Anyway, Nintendo going third party would be indeed weird, but you'd get used to the's like a football team, who'd of thought Leeds 20 years ago would no longer be in the top league? It happens and they'll be fine whichever direction they go. Nintendo won't go bankrupt overnight and would be a very big third party developer if they did go that route...I am sure they'd hold their own whomever they sided with...or even go multiplat.

But again, this is a what if won't happen anytime soon and if it did, no-one should be over-reacting if it did happen, as they'll still carry on doing what they do best, make quality games.



ToneDeath said:

I just think that the price of games should be more in line with what you pay for a film or album, because it's still an expensive hobby for a lot of people.



Crunchy_in_milk said:

The only smartphone development I'd like to see would be remakes on ios or android, and maybe nintendo could include some sort of advertisement about its own systems just to introduce new people to nintendo games, you know, destroying the smartphone competition from within.



Slapshot said:

@Sir_Dragoon Correction! SEGA was too arrogant to see that they were on the brink of collapse, until they actually went under. Something that many Nintendo fans - myself included - thought that Nintendo was on the same track of doing too, with their head-on push into casual gaming.

For the record, SEGA is kicking butt as a third party developer!

I think Wii U already has its answer on the market, it's called the iPad.



Joko450 said:

Master Chief in Smash Bros. on Xbox.? I recoiled on the inside when I read that.



warioswoods said:

Terrible idea.

Nintendo is like Apple on at least one point: they both see hardware and software as inextricably linked in design. Apple correctly refused to release its OS for other platforms even way back when its computers weren't selling well, and Nintendo likewise wouldn't dream of developing software for hardware, APIs, and controllers that didn't emerge entirely out of itself.



tanookisuit said:

Given the solid track records of hardware game makers gone software and how their properties, releases, quality, and style have done down the toilet into mediocrity or worse I'd bail on Nintendo entirely. They see hardware and software as one, tied together to make the best product, and that philosophy is why Sega, NEC(TG16 think Bonk), SNK(neogeo systems), and others have all gone down the toilet. You lose your edge that way, you lose what makes you and it's just branded me-too trash at that point when you lose your creative control.



KaiserGX said:

Let me just say, Nintendo creates game ideas, and then they design their system around some of those ideas. Nintendo, knows their system, in and out. Nintendo needs their hardware.



antster1983 said:

No. Not. Never.

Despite the Xbox 360 currently being my primary home system, I would personally give up gaming for good if Nintendo gave up on consoles and first-party development.



Dizzard said:

I can't see it being a great idea....

Besides it being a thoroughly depressing move for Nintendo fans. I really don't see Nintendo weakening so much that they'll be in this position.

and it feels like people have been predicting the fall of Nintendo at the hands of apple forever. If it hasn't happened by now I don't see it happening.

Doomsday predictions seem to have followed Nintendo around as long as I can remember. Of course one day one of these predictions may actually be right about Nintendo being wiped out (nothing lasts forever)....but of course that'll be because people keep predicting it and not because people were shrewd and actually noticed something was wrong. You can't just predict and predict doom constantly....eventually you'll just get it right by default. Sheesh...



HandheldGuru97 said:

Like some have said I would give up gaming, and back track through all the classic Nintendo systems. I would never buy a another new system after this. if it happens which it won't.



darkgamer001 said:

Oh my...Nintendo is NOT gonna turn into 3rd party. And the comparisons with Sega are ridiculous to say the least. Sega had pretty much already failed by the time they launched their last console. Nintendo have currently made a mountain load of profit from the DS and the Wii, and after a slow start, 3DS sales have spiked.
Just a many times do these doomsayers have to be proven wrong for them to give up?
Oh right, they don't give up... =.='



Ren said:

Interesting topic if a little farfetched. The WiiU is already on the path to release and the 3DS is still looking at pretty good prospects this holiday so these hypotheticals COULDN'T happen until at least 2 years from now assuming both of those failed really badly and they decided to re-structure.

but if it did? Nintendo makes the best software of anyone, like Segas arcade games once ruled and became a great profitable focus on games for multiple machines. I can't see them jumping into ios before that kind of failure though, they've already set up their business model in a way that they can always make profit from games AND machines, even if the profit wanes a little like it is now; it's smart because it keeps them positioned where they never NEED to dig for gravy from ios or anything else, they can always have total control, retain exclusive IP's and even take some chances like they did with the Wii to huge success.

The Wii U is even leaning towards the functionality of HD gaming in a Tablet form but retaining some console exclusive features, which is kind of a new territory and could be really competitive. Hopefully they're picking apart the best tablet and ios apps now to pile up some awesome quickie 'apps' for Wii U download, as well as adding all those neat functions to the classic console experience.

Then there's the massive current gen coolness of HD games that the 3rd parties have been waiting for. Something in there has to be really broken for that to fail, and it could happen.
If Wii U fails it'll be because of bad marketing or just an overpriced, badly planned launch (ahem... Saturn, Dreamcast, Virtual Boy, even Atari Lynx, 3DS, though it's got some time to bounce back). Virtual Boy and Jaguar were just bad machines, riding on hype.
Nintendo doesn't go down without a fight as we've seen these past few weeks so none of that '3rd party netherworld' would happen before like 2014 if it did.



tripunktoj said:

I am a Nintendo collector, so if they became a third party while still developing and supporting their own hardware (like Atari or Hudson in 80s-90s) I would just continue to play new Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles. However if they became software only third party (like SEGA since 200X) I would give up on collecting their new products, I have loads of past Nintendo games to get and play for my entire lifespan, I can see Nintendo teaming up with another company in the future with success as a possibility, but for me they'd be dead I wouldnt ever buy Nintendo software for IOS/Sony/MS hardware.



XCWarrior said:

I read the article. I didn't want to sound like a Nintendo loyalist, and at least sound educated when I gave a response.

You guys are nuts. If Nintendo becomes third party, the play by Sony and Microsoft's rules, as mentioned. Nintendo games would become shorter and those other 50 stars in a Mario game will come in packs of 5 for $10 a pop. Te next Smash Bros game would have 20 starter characters and then buy that Master Chief guy for $5 by itself.

Mario games on iOs would be fun... You could be Mario for $1... all 5 levels. Want 5 more? Well now that you like it, $5 more. and again.

Nintendo has $0 of debt. $0. They are going to be fine. Is 3DS going to sell as well as DS? No. But it doesn't matter, because they'll make money off of what they do sell.

Nintendo might not make all the right decisions, but they also don't try to do yearly installments of game, make us pay $70 a year just to play online, or try to stuff FPS after FPS down our throat. You take the good (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc) with the bad (shaky online, friend codes, $40 3DS titles).



GreatCrippler said:

A silly talking point. Nintendo has owned the handheld market since 1989. Slow start or not, the 3DS will be fine.



Chrono_Cross said:

How about we get something better to talk about? These talking points on this site are terrible. Uninteresting, dull responses to irritable, irrelevant topics.

Plus didn't Nintendo say that they weren't going to turn into a third party if they were to close down? If my eyes don't deceive me then this "Talking Point" shouldn't even exist...



jayclayx said:

Sega lost in the war against Sony and Nintendo, I was always a fan of sega especially in the last games for dreamcast, sega being as an AAA game developer became a mediocre game publisher, it was very sad what happened to Sega after becoming third party, I personally dont like mobile phone games and I would prefer Nintendo to stop its operations before they becomes another silly third party company for phones



MrDanger88 said:

That would be great since their systems always get hit by crippling droughts. That way I wouldn't have to waste money on a system I will grow to hate just to play Zelda and Mario.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Why would Nintendo become third-party?
There is no reason, especially when they sell tons of consoles and handhelds.
Unless you mean that they would create games for other platforms besides their own?
I guess they could do that, but it would be strange to see a Mario game on another pllatform, emulators aside.
I am pretty sure Nintendo said that if they stopped making hardware, they would be out of the gaming business for good, and that would mean no new Nintendo games.



scrubbyscum999 said:

@SuperLink Yes, I noticed that
@XCWarrior Couldn't say it better

I don't have much to say, I just want to point out that Nintendo is unique. These investors don't understand that Nintendo is a company that works on it's own systems, it's own terms. This is one of the things that makes it great. It can do what it wants, how it wants. Nintendo is far from perfect, but they are the very best. Nintendo needs to keep on doing what they do best, making good games without any barriers. I hope Nintendo gets a better online presence, but I am willing trade in a good online system for great single player experiences or local multiplayer.



cecesigue said:

Faron Finland 17 Aug 2011, 21:10 BST

...Why did NL create this topic? Do you actually want to spread this kind of attitude around? People are talking about this...
you guys are shooting yourself in a leg...
i talked about this before here... people you guys need to read a little bit more so you dont talk nonsense...



cecesigue said:

right now there is a lack of good games in Nintendo land so, NL makes this articles...



MrDanger88 said:

^ There has been nothing worth playing since DKCR last November. What other systems that were still supposedly alive have had year long droughts like this?



JaredJ said:

I've been thinking Nintendo should go 3rd party since the Gamecube era. I have always thought it would be cool to download Mario on PSN.



Bankai said:

I'd rather see Nintendo acquired and making better hardware with more resources.

As others have mentioned in this thread, Nintendo needs the ability to customise hardware to suit the style of games it makes.



zionich said:

Honestly I want Nintendo to do whats good for Nintendo. If that turns out to be what I dont like, I just wont buy it.



sillygostly said:

The very reason why I bought a DS in the first place is because I know that Nintendo are the kings of handheld gaming. I wouldn't look twice at a Sony handheld because while their games may be impressive from a technical standpoint, they are often riddled with infuriatingly long loading times, subscription based online services (and everybody seemed so quick to forgive Sony's recent security debacle), and they consequently just don't strike me as being particularly portable friendly experiences.

The Wii, being my first home console, had confirmed what I had already known... I'm not a console gamer. I have no shortage of games (heck, there are many that are still in their shrink wrap over a year after purchase), but I just find handhelds to be more intimate and engaging. Even franchises that I wouldn't look twice at on consoles (such as Saints Row) would be essential purchases for me if they were to be released on the 3DS.

I don't want Nintendo's reputation as a top quality software publisher (note that I say "publisher" not "licensor" =P) to be compromised by the iOS market. Call me old fashioned, but I can't play games without buttons (and with my fingers obscuring half the screen).



AltDotNerd said:

Nintendo already tried third party: CD-I!!! My boy, this is what all true warriors strive for! Scrodala! We're off!



IronMan28 said:

Personally I think Nintendo going third party would be kind of bad for the industry, contrary to what some people are apparently positing (not necessarily Nintendo Life, but sites like IGN has some editors that seem to think it will). My reasoning is kind of the same as what was underlined within the article, Nintendo tends to change the landscape of the console market. Whilst they certainly could improve a bit over the years (add modifications in the same vein as Sony or MS) I think the only reason they "can't compete" as stated in the article is because both of the previously mentioned competitors have the advantage of seeing what works with the tech and what doesn't....



Gamer83 said:

I used to dread the thought of Nintendo as a third party but lately with some of the decisions they've made with 3DS and Wii U as well as how they're handling the Wii's last year, I don't really think it'd be a terrible move anymore. I'd like to be able to play Mario and Zelda games on the next Xbox and Playstation and not have to shell out for a third console.



WolfRamHeart said:

If Nintendo ever does become a third party developer then they would be the best darn third party developer ever. I'm not saying that I actually want to see that happen but I would totally understand if Nintendo ever chose or has to go that route. I would still happily support them but it would feel really weird not playing a Nintendo game on a Nintendo console. A lot is riding on the success of the 3DS and the Wii U so hopefully Nintendo will be able to pull it together.



Supremeist said:

Nintendo would be a good third party developer. I just don't want them to get caught up in it - focus more on the systems. So it would be kind of a good thing.. sorta a bad thing. It all depends on how Nintendo pulls it together. I'd like to see some nice Blackberry games made by Nintendo but at the same time I don't want them to fall apart and become a company that gets caught up in third party developing. I don't care either way.



OcnCtznRI said:

I agree with all the Nos'. If Ninty doesn't ever come out with their own system, maybe it's okay. But they are too strong to start loaning out their franchise while they still have their own hardware. They do not want to do battle with themselves, as in the case of sales with 3ds v.s. all of the Ds. I think it's a bad idea considering most phone/tablet game are for casual gamers, they shouldn't start lowering their standards unless they become like Sega.



Powerglove said:

Everyone is over reacting to the price drop, Nintendo's holiday sales will shut 'em up. Let's hope Nintendo will never have to revert to being a 3 party dev.



EdEN said:

Ask that question about Sony after all their loses from hardware (morr coming soon thanks to Vita!), the PSN hack and what happened at Lonron and you might have a point. Nintendo has a LOT of money in the bank and thr 3DS still has time tO bounce back. No need to go all Chicken Little...



armoredghor said:

At the very worst nintendo would fall as a company and become the creative lead of the game department of Microsoft or Sony.



McGruber said:

Honestly I think Nintendo, with such a big influence in gaming since basically the beginning, should be trying to become THE videogame company. By having those experiences you can only get on a Nintendo console. There is no reason a company, which has had such a big hold on video games, should strive to become anything less. That should be their long term goal IMHO. I mean that's how business works.

Now, the 3DS just needs to have a lot better functionality, and applications. There should be a 3G model honestly if they want to become THE handheld gaming platform.



Widdowson91 said:

I don't understand the doom and gloom. Sure Nintendo's stock value may be the worst it has been for 6 years but it is still better than it was during the N64 and GameCube eras. I'd rather them be in their current situation than the situation they were in a decade ago. Anyway Sony have kept announcing major losses all generation and nobody batters an eyelid. They lost $3.6 billion last tax year (as an entire company), which is major. Nintendo only lost $330 million. Oh no, Nintendo are in trouble...



wedgeredleader said:

@4 Yeah, Microsoft wrecks everything.

In regarding to Nintendo being a third party, I'd be very surprised, but if they did become a third party developer. Nintendo is a primarily a hardware company. They make a decent amount of money off of games, but I think they make the bulk off of hardware sales. Making games for other platforms would encourage sales on other platforms, which they are kind off against. Take Apple for an example; If Apple made Mac OS X and iLife available on every platform, it's platform would lose exclusive features and most likely computer sales. Nintendo, if they made 360 or PS3 Mario games, would lose hardware sales to people who might buy their hardware if the Mario games only came on that platform. By the way, Nintendo should bring Xenoblade chronicles to the US. That might boost hardware and software sales. Good luck Europe!



SanderEvers said:

True, but Sony is a lot bigger than Nintendo.

Also I don't think that going 3rd party will save Nintendo. Who wants Mario on an iPhone?


It might work for PC or Mac. Yes, Nintendo should release PC/Mac games, THEN they don't have to be third party. Let's see: a Legend of Zelda MMORPG won't work on a (3)DS or Wii (U), but will work on a PC or Mac. I think it'll be even better than World of Warcraft. Just make Hylian, Goron, Zora, .. playable races.



retro_player_22 said:

Well if you play games during the late Atari 2600 era, you'll know how it feels when Nintendo are third party. Just play all the ports of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, and Mario Bros. on the retro consoles and compare them to the ones on the NES. The experience varied. That's what it would feel like if Nintendo return to that former status.



SuperSonic said:

LONG LIVE NINTENDO!!! Talking about Nintendo's doomsday is making me die a little inside (being that my dream job is working at Nintendo of Japan). If anything, Sony'll end up like SEGA! Oh, wait, Sony doesn't even develop games. Oh, and wouldn't these "iOS downloadables" be something like VC anyway?

@23 You are wrong, sir. Nintendo will live the longest no matter how much Sony copies and bashes. And you should be satisfied! Most Sony "innovation" comes with a bit (50%) of Nintendo essence!

BTW, Super Smash Bros. 360 is the worst thing I've ever heard.



NotEnoughGolds said:

I don't understand all the doomsday stuff regarding Nintendo.
Yes, they've lost money this year.
Yes, their projected profits were reduced from 1+ billion to 284 million.

Sony lost a billion dollars in the PS3's first year. They lost money for the next 3 years. XBox 360 lost money for Microsoft in the first few years.
Nintendo lost a whole bunch of money from the Virtual Boy fiasco.

Nintendo has plenty of money, and plenty of future profits. They are not in trouble. Also, the 3DS will easily recover when it finally gets some AAA titles.



erv said:

Hmps. They ARE still profitable so... uhm...

It would make some sense if it would be ios apps, on iphone or ipad they could be HUGE.

But their handheld market has hardly disappeared, so why bother yet?



Mandoble said:

Nintendo sells hardware because it is always the cheapest, that's the very only reason. With 3DS, the DS and PSP were cheaper, and both outsell 3DS, so now the 3DS has became cheap. Most people buying consoles dont know anything about Zelda or Mario, they just look for a cheap console for the kids.

As long as they are the cheapest they will keep selling devices, doesnt matter the quality/features of them. And as long as they are the cheapest they can develop games and devices for other consoles, they will sell many more games and similar hardware.




If they became a 3rd party, software only dev. It would be a disater on epic proportions for the industry. Where will all the hardware innovation come from? Microsoft and Sony have generally been failures in that regard. Nintendo are still the big dogs in the current gen of consoles make no mistake. This is despite the advertising power of the other two.



Mandoble said:

"Where will all the hardware innovation come from?" As always, from the PC industry.



Gene said:

I think games like WarioWare minigames in App Store would actually help selling the DS-WarioWare titles. It would be a good marketing trick "play the full game only on DS".



C-195 said:

Nintendo going 3rd party anytime soon?
No? I'm good!

But if they did, please let them make PC games! Nintendo + Steam = WIN!



alLabouTandroiD said:

To me Nintendo has always been about great quality software and enough innovation to keep things fresh. Of course there are exceptions but they couldn’t really damage that impression. I’d say much of that freshness would be lost if Nintendo didn't make their own consoles anymore but were only to release games on the more conventional consoles.

They could just try to port their touch only xWare games on Smartphones for the same price and see how it goes. (x standing for Wii, Dsi and 3DS) This way as long as the 3DS and Wii stay profitable no one will miss out on 'em.

All in all I would say wait until the end of the holiday season to see where Nintendo really stands now.



Slapshot said:

@WolfRamHeart Could you imagine if Nintendo started developing peripherals for the HD powerhouse systems? No longer would they struggle behind its counterparts, and Skyward Sword would have the full power of the PS3/Move at its disposal. Nintendo would have free reign to do what they wanted on any system, and the end results would be amazing!

Waltz stated it best, the results of an acquisition of Nintendo by Sony would be incredible. When Mario and Zelda were bigger, better and have looks to die for, the sales would be astounding!

This is home console only by the way. I'd like to see them stay in the handheld market as a first party.



Cia said:

But seriously, there should be only one console: Nintendo. Sony and MS should make games for them, not the other way around. How about creating a hypothetical topic about this one?



NGpenguin said:

That's a horrible idea! XD
Nintendo would crash and burn if they went to a third party...... if they did, they must not be thinking about there loyal customers....

i do see a way it could become helpful, but i cant afford a playstation or Xbox 36, and im sure a few others cant afford those either, (as long as they have a wii, or something?)

so nuu... its a horrible idea. D:



Edwrd said:

They could sell old games on the mobile platforms, like how they sell them cheap on their own shop channels. I'm not sure you can put an emulator on the Apple app store, so some porting is needed.

The other problem is, handsets is fragmentation, where some phones have low performing hardware, some have accelerometer, some have gyroscope, some won't. I suppose they also need to not make games for their competitors on the console front, like Windows Phone OS, or the Sony Erricson phones which run Android, that basically leaves, iOS, WebOS, and RIM's OS, and MeeGo. That is still a multi-platform situation with hardware differences for each platform.



Faruko said:

leave the nintendo bash to IGN... since bozom, cassamasina and craig left, ign went down



asoccerstar43 said:

if nintendo gets 3rd party its not on some parts a good thing but on a lot of it it is bad because if the do become 3rd party it will ruin nintendo and will not be the gaming company we have known
nintendo started of with the nes,nes2,snes,gameboy,gameboy color, gameboy advanced,gba sp,ds,dslite,wii,dsi,dsi xl,3ds,wii U all gaming systems if that changes what will nintendo do



asoccerstar43 said:

if nintendo gets 3rd party its not on some parts a good thing but on a lot of it it is bad because if the do become 3rd party it will ruin nintendo and will not be the gaming company we have known
nintendo started of with the nes,nes2,snes,gameboy,gameboy color, gameboy advanced,gba sp,ds,dslite,wii,dsi,dsi xl,3ds,wii U all gaming systems if that changes what will nintendo do



EdEN said:

@116: Sure, as a whole Sony has a lot more stuff going on but from a purely gaming point of view, Nintendo has a LOT of money to invest in their hardware and software while Sony has just turned a profit last year after how several years had passed since the release of the PSP and the PS3.

Nintendo won't be out of the hardware market anytime soon. Their IP are strong enough to carry around their hardware (wait until this holiday when Mario is on the 3DS) and the GC has shown us that even a "low" selling hardware can make them huge piles of cash.



LittleIrves said:

I imagine a whole bunch of that lost money is because of all the R&D necessary for WiiU's upcoming launch... so the low sales of 3DS just exacerbated those numbers. The fact that Nintendo stuck around after two generations of low market saturation (N64 and GC) is telling. As many have said, they're on the tail-end of an insane, unprecedented sales phenomenon in BOTH console and handheld markets. And people are freaking out after a weak start for 3DS only 5 months into its lifespan? Calm down, y'all.
(This is mostly directed at commentors... I understand the fun of a hypothetical discussion, NL, so I don't begrudge you the topic. Lots of folks have just over-reacted, methinks, and haven't gotten into the spirit of the hoped-for discussion.)



Blaze said:

I really wish people would stop going on about the fact that Nintendo are going to die. I mean, I know this NL article is fair, but loads of other sites similar to this are saying 'Nintendo are falling, they HAVE to develop for IOS or face closure'... That is absolute @#x*!!! The 3DS Sales have received a massive boost, hopefully Nintendo will be able to stop Sony & Microsoft copying everything Nintendo do with their consoles as happened with the Wii, and therefore Wii U will e a singular experience you can only receive from Nintendo.



DrDaisy said:

Despite some of my latest comments, I am still a Nintendo fan. I am, however, sorely disappointed in their latest trend of under-powered systems that most third-party companies would not even consider putting their best games on. I'd rather Nintendo make a competitive console that top third-party titles won't skip over, but failing that, they should be making games for consoles that can actually do the job.



Capt_N said:

I think Nintendo will survive. Wii/DS made the co. way more than just enough to get by. They can afford to take hits. While speaking of taking hits, the people citing MS/Sony taking hits, & surviving, are not considering the fact that MS/Sony are diverse in divisions/industries. Nintendo is only in the game industry, so while Nintendo can afford to take hits, MS/Sony can too, & to a higher degree, since games are not their only way of creating profit.

Would Nintendo enjoy more profitable success going third-party? It all depends on what they would be allowed to do on other co.s' hardware, how much self-financial stability they would have, & how they would manage their new console-manufacturing-less selves/self.

Would I want Nintendo to create for phones? No, since I have no need for one, I don't own one. (A phone, I mean.) Even if I did, it would be a similar situation to if I owned a Iphone: I would still carry around a stand-alone cellphone, since I would feel better about having a dedicated device for phoning,( esp. in emergencies,) that I know works as a phone, as that is what it was designed to be. Plus, I've heard iphones aren't too hot/good for phoning. Likewise, I'd still have a dedicated gaming handheld in my pocket, as well as a cell phone.

Nintendo would probably lose me, as a customer, if they started developing for phones, b/c they would also probably un-evenly dedicate a majority of their resources of all kinds(time, Edit:R&D, financial, etc.) to phone gaming overtime, esp. if it became more profitable for them, than their own platforms.

@Daisaku36: #108 Yes, Nintendo does seem to be the one who makes/innovates a lot of gaming tech first, so your comment makes sense. Still, this puts them to a good disadvantage, since Sony/MS can easily take Nintendo's ideas, & make them better. Edit 2: I know that's what you already said in your comment. I'm just stating the same.



DrCruse said:

I'll be honest, I would like to see them stop making hardware and focus on games. Who wouldn't? Imagine if the 3rd party exclusives and Nintendo games from the Wii were available on the PS3, along with PS3 games. Why would anyone WANT to pay for another console?

Nintendo's only decent games anymore are made by 2nd party developers (e.g. Metroid Prime). Most games developed by Nintendo these days are party games (Wii Sports, Brain Age et al) or remakes/rehashes (Star Fox 64 3D, Ocarina 3D, Nintedogs and Cats, Super Mario All Stars Wii). 3D Mario games have been stripped of what made them good, the open worlds and large hubs. Now we have small hubs/maps and obstacle course gameplay a la Crash Bandicoot, which just doesn't work with Mario IMO. I wish they'd stop trying to make innovative hardware and make some great games worth playing, be they innovative or not. The SNES, Gameboy, and Gamecube all had fantastic games with little to no hardware innovation. Just make a decent controller and some good games, please!



CanisWolfred said:

Sorry I love Nintendo games but I'm not going to buy 5 - 10 different machines to play all their games. I want games - Not consoles.

Why would you buy every Nintendo game anyways? Especially since, if Sega is anything to go by, they'll probably have a lot of the same games on Multiple platforms.



Hokori said:

I'll be honest, I would like to see them stop making hardware and focus on games. Who wouldn't?

ahhhh me I wouldnt



DrCruse said:

But why not? It would make more sense to save money and have access to a larger quantity of games on a single console (e.g. Nintendo games on a Sony console. You get access to all of the Sony games AND the Nintendo games for the price of a single console.



Csaw said:

Nintendo would be ruined if they became a third party developer. After sega dropped out the quality of all the games they made plummeted fast and the same would probably happen to nintendo. It's worse then that though because microsoft already said they would be interested in buying nintendo if they ever became 3rd party. They would mutilate them like they did to rare. God that would be a nightmare. I would probably be done with videogames if that ever happened



Capt_N said:

@DrCruse: #151 I agree fully about purchasing a singular console. The only counter is that consolidation of Nintendo into another co. leaves the pricing of Nintendo's ips to the pricing scheme of whatever co. they would consolidate into.



JaxxRaxor said:

Considering that Nintendo is the undisputed champion of the current (and soon to be former) generation, any talk about Nintendo being a third party is rather silly. Nintendo has been around for more than a hundred years, and has been in the video game business for about 30 years, much longer than Sony or Microsoft, so I cannot fathom Nintendo going 3rd party any time soon.

On the topic, I do think that Nintendo would be far superior as a 3rd party developer as compared to Sega, who has really went down hill in quality (especially with the Sonic the Hedgehog series) since they closed down on the Dreamcast and left the console arena, but again I think this talk about Nintendo being 3rd party and the same not being said of Microsoft or Sony is ludicrous.



miletich3 said:

I don't wanna see that happen! EVER! Otherwise I would rather get in Nintendo's way and hope I get hit by one of their limousines.



JimLad said:

Depends how far the company would be willing to fight if it really were in trouble.
I don't want to see them drop out of the hardware race. They are the only company left that is willing to bring innovative ideas to the forefront of gaming. Without them, the industry would stop evolving and we'd be stuck with the same basic controller interface for god knows how many years. New consoles would never be exciting again.



darkgamer001 said:

A question to some of you guys over here. You say that you want Nintendo to go 3rd party so you can buy one less console. How about Sony shuts up its gaming division and starts publishing games on Nintendo consoles? How would that go down with you lot? (You can still buy one less console that way, right?)
Both scenarios are bizarre, but this is a hypothetical discussion after all



Mandoble said:

What Sony gaming division are you talking about? Is that Sony is developing any game? Anyway, there is not a single Wii game that cannot work the same and way better on a PS3. From the point of view of a gamer, why to be punished to play these games only on the crappy, obsolete and incredibly overpriced Nintendo hardware?



DrCruse said:

I believe that would be "Sony Computer Entertainment of America" (or Cambridge, Canada, Japan, etc.)

Well it's a trade off in that case. You pay less money, but you're stuck with the Wii's graphics and online features. No blu-ray, etc. However, every feature of the Wii exists on the PS3 in one way or another, plus many more features.



alLabouTandroiD said:

And of course it would be awesome to have all the games you want on one console. But i kind of doubt that the games would be as great then. Heavy competition and the unique system's features go a long way for amazing games.
I mean if Nintendo wouldn't have used touch screens and motion controls in the DS and Wii i don't think Sony and Microsoft games could use them just now.

@Mandoble: How do you play Wii Fit or other games that heavily rely on the Balance Board on the PS3 ?



darkgamer001 said:

@Mandoble and DrCruse: Sorry, I should have clarified...since the title implies a future setting, I'm supposing that the WiiU would already be out, so the hardware specs (and hopefully online) would be more or less comparable.
Thing is, I really think Ninty franchises would lose some of their uniqueness on other consoles, whilst exclusives on the other consoles would play more or less the same on another console with similar specs. Just my 2c



Mandoble said:

@LTD, ok, balanceboard games would not be portable, ohhh, what a big miss,,,,
@darkgamer001, actually most nintendo "uniqueness" are just gimicking devices which really affects little or nothing to the gameplay itself. Said that, Nintendo might be also creating gimicking devices for the other consoles, as far as I know both of them have working USB connectors where you can connect anything with the corresponding firmware upgrade.



Token_Girl said:

I hope Nintendo doesn't go third party. Nintendo games just take advantage of their hardware in a way that really makes the most out of it.

When it comes to smartphones, it would be silly for Nintendo to get into that market. Exclusives are the only thing its own downloadable services have going for them. Ninty can't sell on the app store with eshop prices. However, If pricing was actually made competitive on the eShop, this could work.

As for a company with more resources buying Ninty or Ninty becoming a true third party - that would probably be bad. Would it be nice to see Skyward Sword with all the power of PS3/Move? Sure. With a pre-order only Biggeron Sword and half the dungeons as DLC? Do not want. I like a lot of what Sony/Microsoft have done in the online sphere, but look at what happens to smaller devs that get aquired by big publishers. Creativity and innovation is squashed to churn out the next AAA FPS clone.

Also, is it really reasonable to say that Ninty would release more powerful hardware if aquired? They're sitting on lots of money from the Wii and DS - would a larger company necessarily have more funds for R&D? Also, people don't want to pay more than about $300 for new consoles - and that's the price point when PS360 started taking off. Why would I aquire a company, increase R&D, and sell at a loss when the "premium" tech exists in the market and my aquisition has a comfortable niche in providing cheaper systems with mass appeal?

What Nintendo does best is innovation in ways that change (and usually improve) the GAMEPLAY experience. If Nintendo was acquired and forced to focus on TV sales, advertisment delivery, or other nongaming related revenue streams first (extra revenue would not necessarily put back into the gaming R&D), Nintendo games would certainly lose some of their creativity, polish, and charm.



OldBoy said:

Well I wouldn't be against the idea of one console for everyone.As long as the seperate companies can provide their own controllers.Would save a lot of cash and having to buy a console only for a few games (the PS3 in my case) means more money for games.Companies could still keep their own home screens if they want and XboxLive,PSN and Wii ?(has it even got a name?) could still exsist and require subscrition. Wouldn't it be crazy if you had to buy different DVD players to watch Art house films for example. With consoles becoming inceasingly similar graphics wise I can't see a reason for it not to work.



nano43 said:

Nintendo should stay as first party. It just wouldn't be Nintendo on a Play Station, Xbox, or Ipod with all the different controlls. I wish Nintendo kept Rare. I was really looking forward to Donkey Kong Racing.



darkgamer001 said:

I wouldn't consider the Nintendo innovations as gimmicks...heck if it wasn't for the "gimmicks", all we'd have is just the same old controllers with better graphics...Most of what has been added to gaming is traceable to Nintendo successfully implementing it in gaming, with others following suit. Take that out of the gaming industry, and you might as well get a gaming pc imo



zyxion said:

i cant believe this is happening ive been a loyal fan since '86 and have all the systems in my collection i never wanna see a nintendo game on an iphone nor am i buying a smartphone to play one if nintendo was to include the ability to play mobile games maybe via the wii ucontroller download/upload capability for pics muic mp3's and mp4's that would be great also MAXIMIZE the compatibility between the 3DS [wich could use 3G to help the whole staying connected idea ] and wii u, definately dvd/cd playback is a MUST most of nintendo's flaws are due to minor circumstances like this im getting a wii u day 1 just like my 3DS [im actually just waiting for pre-order date to kick in] im not giving up on them i wanna see how sony and microsoft faces look when wii u starts picking up ports of the SUPER franchises like they do thats always been my peeve A GREAT GAME commercial comes on and depending on what it is i know it wont be on wii because of the lack of technology. thats all got to change i read somewhere that nintendo has always been targeted for hackin and home brew due to it technological set backs. im lookin forward to to what nintendo has in store for us. hope they hurry up im happy with my 3DS [be nice if the official nintendo site was 3DS compatible ....duh!!] and the games that are comin i currently have starfox on prorder and im eagerly waiting for mario 3D land sonic, NFS the run, mario kart 7, luigis mansion 2, A.C, resident evil and smash bros 3DS.and a action replay 3DS has got to be in the works somewhere it wouldn't be a DS without one



zyxion said:

@darkgamer you ar so right how would people feel if sony became a third party for nintendo id love to see that happen im SICK and TIRED of that sony ceo coming out sayin all those bad thing about nintendo [see the sony press conference video comment the sony rep made about nintendo 3DS is a kids toy wtf theyre ALL toys none of them cook, clean, babysit, create money, drive or pay bills] so they're all just entertainment but then sony and microsoft copy cat the same ideas years later nintendo never comes out of pocket at sony or microsoft [who i havent heard any negetive comments from reffering to the competition nintendo has always stayed focused on they're works [gimmicks or otherwise they still too busy to be comin out talkin sh*t] to me sony is becoming a bully in the industry that alone is enough to keep me loyal NINTENDO FOREVER!!



CrazedMarioFan said:

Nintendo is not going any where and # 169 i agree with you
Nintendo is her to stay and people are getting way overreacted i mean so the 3ds hasnt sold that much so what Nintendo isnt gona die or become a third party thing
as long as Nintendo has loyal fans (includes me) Then nintedo will be just FINE



Blue_Yoshi said:

Nintendo will NEVER die! It seriously wont yeah sure they lost 300 million but they have way more money than that at there disposal that they can release the Wii U and have that be a complete failure, release a slim 3DS and have it be a failure and than release another handheld system and have that fail before they could drop out of the gaming industry. Yeah sure it would be nice to see some collabs with Apple rather than tryna beat them but they could never ever make full releases like Zelda and Metroid on the iPhone I mean cmon get real. Alot of DSiWare games are similar and if Nintendo let Apple have some like Birds N' Beans and Paper Airplane Chase than they could make more money while other people who dont have a DSi or 3DS can enjoy Nintendos games without investing in a system. But Nintendo will never go third party because it saved video games from becoming a thing of the past and has alot of loyal fans that still stay true to them. I cant wait for the Wii U and after looking at the patent demos it looks like its gonna change the gaming industry, all it needs it the ability to use GC controllers which, judging from the new European Wii, we wont be getting as the ports and the micro DVDs are now a thing of the past in Nintendos ever so classic history. The 3DS will succeed the Wii U will succeed and if Nintendo ever decides to release iOs games than that'll be good for there business but Nintendo is and always will remain a first party company.



Knux said:

It would not upset me like most people if Nintendo became a third party only developer like Sega. However, I do not want Nintendo going the route of Sega and become incredibly lazy developing games IF they become third party developers.



Henmii said:

Nintendo really shouldn't listen to the investors: There really is no need to go third-party. Sure, not everything goes roses at the moment.

But the investors forget that Iwata did the impossible: Saved Nintendo from the abyss and making it highly profitable again (look at the Wii and ds).

Now that the 3DS price has gone down, sales are picking up (as expected). And if Nintendo does it right, the Wii u will be a succes.

Nintendo may have had 1 or 2 slower years, but now they are going up again. Nintendo, forget about those smartphones. Just keep creating your own devices (handhelds and homeconsoles). And stay first-party!



Skogur said:

Nintendo is like the only company who dares innovate these days. So... no.



pntjr said:

@SunnySnivy but they had the GBA to back them up. If the 3DS and Wii U fail, it's too late. They don't have a choice but to close up shop.



MetroidMasher17 said:

me screams
But, yeah, I definitely don't want Nintendo to go down the path that SEGA did when the Dreamcast flopped. I can't wrap my head around playing a Mario game using a DualShock 3.

Besides, the only failure Nintendo has had in all of its existence, commercially speaking, is the Virtual Boy. It can afford ONE more.

From my point of view, Nintendo is not offering enough high quality AAA titles, hence the 3DS's commercial failure. The system, on the other hand, is amazingly amazing. Nintendo needs to find a balance between making systems and making games, and improve the quality of the whole process. How many times has Mario's face been slapped onto a box and made that game sell well?

If Nintendo did become a 3rd party, then they could admittedly focus more on making games. However, if Nintendo became what SEGA has, the video gaming world would be a very different place.



hYdeks said:

nintendo right now is already ruined, I say go third party all the way! I love nintendo, but there systems suck, and u gotta get a 360/pc/ps3 for the other games and a wii or whatever for nintendo. I would rather see nintendo go third party at this point.



bercal said:

saw the mario party pic they should make a mario party on the 3ds and wii u



KiroX777 said:

Idk what has been going on with nintendo lately. Their consoles suck, they offer very little to no features with their devices; all their games suck now, they only focus their attention on making the games as kiddie as possible; they always stay ignorant to what the gamers really want and it pisses me off. Brawl suffered because of this, so did 3ds and soon to be wiiu. They never follow through with the hype its always lacking in areas thats amazingly basic(like FCs, messaging, media support is all lacking for no reason) its 2011 nintendo stop holding out in a lame effort to prolong your future ideas! Its sad that i have to wait till their sytems gets hacked cuz thats when it unlocks its true potential, case and point the wack ass wii can now play project m a brawl hack which is 20x more fun imo. 3ds hacked would play video files and support some great apps that dsiware could NEVER accomplish! BS apps like calculators and CLOCKS?? nintendo isnt just slacking they fu***ng SUCK. Sorry but the truth hurts sometimes.



KiroX777 said:

@42 smart phone gaming isnt just a fad, smartphones are here to stay. And the problem about no buttons, yea it is annoying at times, but nimtendo creativity can get around simply obsticles like that. Like i downloaded this app that connects my wiimote to my phone and lets u map the buttons to the keypad buttons like some phones(not mine tho) have. So dpad is mapped to the direction arrows and i put 1 and 2 to a and b. Now when i play my nes vc games i simply rest the phone down and use my wiimote as a controller. And since smartphones are always better than Nintendo products i can play my mp3s in the background, or shake my phone to take a picture of the screen to share funny moments and stuff thanks to yet another app called shootme. You people need to get out from under that nintendo rock you all live under. There are way more better experiences out there than nintendo. Wake up guys nintendo will never be top gun at this rate.



shinobi88 said:

If Nintendo became a 3rd would mean the end of Nintendo consoles. The ONLY draw a Nintendo console has over its brothers from other companies is the 1st party titles. If we saw Mario and Metroid and Link on other consoles, pads, or phones, Nintendo would lose its mystique. It would give the other consoles strength and take it away from Nintendo. Nintendo consoles wouldn't survive.

Now, that wouldn't mean the end of great Nintendo games. Sega was forced to abandon the console games. But they are still able to make many games around their own IPs exactly as they see fit. Nintendo could still churn out epic Zelda games as a 3rd party.



shinobi88 said:

@183, you know nothing about life my friend. Playing any game on a smartphone is like beating your head against a rock. Repeatedly. We are gamers. We love fully fleshed out, console quality games. Thats why we love Nintendo. Not stupid lil touch and touch-fest iphone games.



Metal_Slugger said:

It would destroy Nintendo as a "quality" company and they know it that's why they are holding out as long as possible. I hope it never comes to that. I don't care to play Nintendo games on my iPad I hate playing games on that thing anyways. I love the traditional way of playing nintendo games and people will pay a premium for that. They know it. I'm all for lowering the price of Nintendo games but not bringing them down to 5 dollar shovel ware level.



Volga said:

if Nintendo goes as a third party developer then a lot of companies could go out of bussiness.

If nintendo starts making games for everyone then the others will go bunkrupt.



Volga said:

if Nintendo goes as a third party developer then a lot of companies could go out of bussiness.

If nintendo starts making games for everyone then the others will go bunkrupt.



CandieBears said:

Smart phones are for phone calls.. and surfing the web... who want's to play a true... non-casual game on a phone!? god forbid your tower goes out.. No Game For You!



nano43 said:

Why are people that hate Nintendo even on this site? If your a sony fan there should be some PlayStation adds on the sides.



theblackdragon said:

@nano43: Nintendo Life welcomes the opinions of users from all over the internets, whether they agree with everything Nintendo has done/is doing or not. So long as it's relevant to the discussion at hand (and they aren't insulting other users in the process), users may say whatever they like about Nintendo's decisions.



yonil9 said:

wii is still the number one seleing game wii u will beat it and wiiu is going to make wii look like a game cube and for game cube its gona become a nentendo 64 anfor the 64 no one will know what hapend to that



Soupeep said:

Even if eventually Nintendo does become a thrid-party company it won't be the complete and utter destruction of the company. Nintendo can just channel all their efforts into their games and make the finest games ever as they wouldn't have to worry about their consoles and services.



PoTher said:

This reminds me of the time when the original DS launched. I was worried about getting to the store in time, especially being near noon. But when I arrived, the store had 10 DS's in-stock, and mine was likely the only one sold there that day (granted the store is (or was) known more for CDs and printed media rather than anything else). But that evening I was at a major electronics retailer, and they had a blatant display full of DS's. Weeks later and another store I was asking a clerk about DS peripherals (seemed only extra AC adapters were available), when he looked at me, astonishment that I'd managed to snag a DS. The climate may have changed since, yet I wonder just how much.

Neither the N64 nor the GameCube were hugely successful, at least compared to the competition, but they survived (in some circles thrived) and still managed to keep Nintendo in the industry. As was mentioned prior, Nintendo's only major failure was the Virtual Boy. Could happen again, but... I find it amazing how any dedicated console (though ever increasing in multipurpose functionality) has survived this long against the PC. And hearing about dedicated handhelds folding to the smart phone market doesn't quite worry me so much. I do think Nintendo would benefit from selling fun, interactive "ads" on those services though. If they do, hopefully it wouldn't turn out like 'Mario is Missing', which officially appeared on the PC (as well as NES and SNES), and the Zelda abominations that appeared on the CDi.

But here we are, supporting dedicated consoles and handhelds, which, in large part, is all because of the software and experiences available nowhere else. Nintendo has been making games in various forms since the 1890s, and whether continuing to make hardware or not, they, their creativity and quality will likely live-on in whatever market. In any case, I believe the 3DS will bounce back, if any of this negative hype has any weight to begin with. History and the luck of Heaven are on Nintendo's side.

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