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Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess Go Budget in Europe

Posted by James Newton

Two new titles next month

Earlier we reported on North America's next Nintendo Selects games, and now we know that two titles will join the range in Europe too.

Super Mario Galaxy and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will both drop to a budget price from 16th September.

Will you be picking either of these games up when they go cheaply?

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BenAV said:

I'm sure most people will have these games already but for anyone who doesn't - You must buy these now.
Both are amazing games and are well worth the purchase.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Got those two already.
Now if Mario Party 8 or Fire Emblem became Select titles i'd most likely get 'em.



Late said:

I don't have Twilight Princess yet. I may get it, maybe not as Skyward Sword is just around the corner.



BenAV said:

@LTD Well then for your sake I hope Fire Emblem does become a Select title because it's totally worth getting.
I love both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.



Amorous_Badger said:

Bought, completed and traded SMG, bought, got bored rigid with all the brown and traded TP.

Now, Paper Mario...



BenAV said:

@Late Personally I'd recommend still giving Twilight Princess a shot before Skyward Sword comes out.
It's a great game and well worth the money and time.
That's just what I think though.



3DS said:

I am sooo buying Twilight Princess since i already have SMG



Stine said:

Hah, this is great! I've been so close to buying Twilight Princess used a couple of times recently, but now I'll wait for this instead.



Pj1 said:

Yes that's great news, might help Nintendo sell some more systems!



Bensei said:

Why no Super Paper Mario or Punch-Out!? Especially SPM is really hard to get in Europe. I already bought them, but only 2 games for us, while the US got four? Not to mention 2 games every Wii Owner SHOULD aready have played?



Ren said:

um, I guess thats good news for the 8 or 10 people that haven't already played those ancient games.



WaveBoy said:

Twilight Princess is probably the last Zelda game I'd ever wan't to play. The ugly, drab, baren, bland, uncolofrul brown & green color scheme is a compelte turn off.

Skyward sword visually looks MILES more appealing.

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