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Super Mario 3D Land's Logo Still Has a Raccoon Tail

Posted by James Newton

Wouldn't be the same without it

Much was made of the raccoon tail poking from the O in the Super Mario logo when Satoru Iwata first took to the Game Developer Conference stage to announce the upcoming adventure, but now the game is officially known as Super Mario 3D Land some thought the bushy tail might be dropped. Thankfully we can reveal it's still there, waggling away, helping the logo hover mysteriously in the air.

The official Nintendo website has just uploaded game pages for Mario's 3DS adventure and Mario Kart 7, with a fresh logo playing on the added perspective a 3D screen can bring.

What do you make of the logo?


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NintyMan said:

That is an awesome logo! I seriously love it! It's so colorful and it really stands out compared to past Mario logos.



ADaviii said:

OH NO! COLORS! I LIKE Oddy's WAAAAY better! It's WAY more MATURE than the official one! Ew, I don't want to buy that game now because of the COLORS!

lol, just kidding. I'm really glad they made the logo stand out now. I'm a huge fan of the use of multiple and vibrant colors in video games and I'm so glad that Nintendo hasn't forgotten that. It kind of adds to the personality of the game, IMO.

Now all Nintendo has to do is bring back their red logo and we will be in the clear!



WaveGhoul said:

Which remindes me, I have to get a move on with Super Mario Galaxy 2 before this is released.



littlebigplanet said:

This game alone will boost sales of the 3DS x)
I see what they were doing by putting the logo on kind of a slant. Imagine how that'll look in 3D! The left portion flying out of the screen, while the right half sinks inward. And the tail just tops it off!

I'd like to see a "Super Mario 3D 2 World" after this, taking the vegetable throwing, multiple characters and Shy Guy usage from Mario 2, and The cape, yoshi, and spin jump from Super Mario World.

Also, @James when you played the game, was it more reminescent of Super Mario 3, or the Galaxy series?



James said:

@powderedtoast I definitely got a Mario 3/Mario World vibe from it. I love all Mario games but I really do think this could be the best yet. God I hope so...



komicturtle said:

I'n curious to know if maybe in Super Mario 3D Land 2 will feature Wario like Super Mario Land 2...

Tch, 3D Land should feature Tanaka and Daisy

Can't wait for Wario 3D Land



NESguy94 said:

The name seems weird. I would prefer Super Mario Land 3D but that might imply that that it is a remake.



littlebigplanet said:

@James Great, did you play the level were you fought one of the Koopa Bros? 3-5 if I'm not mistaken...
I hope that the 'Land' in the title infers that it will draw upon a few elements from Super Mario Land, like the crazy level design and the almighty exploding koopa xD

As for a returning powerup, I'd love to see the Kuribo Shoe. It iss easily the best Mario power-up.



mushroomer said:

Is this game sort of a sequel to Super Mario Land for the game boy?
I remember playing that game loooong ago



Supremeist said:

The logo is great and colorful. Can't wait to see it infront of my 3DS. I love the raccoon tail, haha.



NassaDane said:

I can't get over how amazing the name sounds and Now looks! Can't wait to play this on my Red 3DS.



LordTendoboy said:


Idk... the game just looks too slow-paced for me. Mario jumps slow, and the game looks very floaty. I had the same problem with the Galaxy series. If it weren't for the crazy level designs, I'd have written off that series for it's weird jumping physics.

NSMB Wii had more accurate controls than Mario Galaxy, the jumping felt right.

And the Koopa Kids aren't in this game. What you saw was Boom Boom, the fortress boss from SMB3.



crispychicken said:

@Akatsuki I assume it's Super Mario 3D Land and not Super Mario Land 3D because there is already a Super Mario Land and adding 3D to the end might make a lot of people think it's a 3D re-release of the game like Star Fox 64 3D and Ocarina of Time 3D.



Scissors said:

I like the logo, but like everyone else I dislike the name. Really excited for this, I bought a 3DS at launch for this.



Mabbit said:

Dear Japan,
Americans and the English read left to right.
Sincerely, the Western Hemisphere



Infernapeking said:

Super Mario Land 3D= Super Mario Land remake in 3D..... So Super Mario 3D Land won't make folks think that!



TeeJay said:

What?! New Super Mario Bros. Wii was the only game in which the jumping physics didn't feel right. I can't tell you how many times I died because of the weird jumping that game had.



sinalefa said:

At KomicTurtle

Do you mean Tatanga, the one time boss character? The only thing more weird than a giant turtle kidnapping a princess is an alien kidnapping a princess.

Anyway, the logo looks great. That tail was the most awesome part when it was presented, so glad to see it made it.



Tasuki said:

One of the main reasons I am picking up a 3DS next month. I cant wait to play this game.



zeeroid said:

I like the logo! But it's still an awful title. Of course, if the game is good, who cares?



LztheQuack said:

@sinalefa: Actually Tatanga appeared in two games: The final boss of Super Mario Land and the boss of Space Zone in Super Mario Land 2



Pj1 said:

Wow i'm looking forward to this, still no release date for Europe yet- OK.



Cevan said:

I cannot wait for this game! That logo is going to look so cool in 3D.



TeeJay said:

....What are you talking about? 3D is in the title and everything.



Ryon said:

I must be the only one but.. i really think this game should have been Super Mario Land 3D, instead of the other way around 3D Land.. it just bothers me a little.



bboy2970 said:

@Ryon: Yeah, that is what I had thought when I first heard it but 3D Land is really growing on me now.



suburban_sensei said:

I love how bright and colorful the logo is. I hope they keep the classic Super Mario 64 colors and font for the final release.



SuperMinusWorld said:

It's really an awesome logo. I hope this is the final version. Also, I'm calling it: the box art will be tilted on its side like the logo. Can not wait. I thimk'll it be the 3DS' killer app.



SuperMinusWorld said:

As for the complaints about it being slow, there's a run button like Mario 64 DS [X,Y]. As for the complaints about floaty level design, SM64 had nothing but levels floating all over the place. Everything floated. 2D games had floaty level design as well. Besides, most levels I've seen don't float. They rise high above the ground into the clouds.



MeloMan said:

I wish I could tell if it was hovering or not... I wish there were a shadow underneath the logo (j/k!)

Anyway, the logo itself give me a Super Mario Land x Super Mario Bros. 3 x 3D vibe to it. Read it down the left most side and you get Super Mario 3 or Super Mario 3D (still!) , read all the colored words and you get Super Mario Land, so I think the logo was definitely constructed like that on purpose. I... still like it better than Mario Kart..................... 7..............

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