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SEGA's New 3DS Rhythm Game Has the Best Name Ever

Posted by James Newton

Are you ready?

SEGA's supporting 3DS with some of its well-known franchises — Sonic Generations and Shinobi, for instance — but the company is preparing to unleash a brand new series on the console with one of the greatest game names we've ever heard. Are you ready?

According to Famitsu, SEGA's readying Rhythm Phantom Thief R: Inheritance of the Emperor Napoleon, a combination of adventure and rhythm gaming that sees the titular thief stealing treasures from The Louvre. Apparently the game will have an anime-style look that blends elements from Lupin with Professor Layton.

It's only 50% complete but hopefully we'll see some footage and shots in the coming days and weeks.


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NapalmHornet said:

I dont think I will be picking this up. Ever. Because I dont like rythem games, anime imo is a tad ugly and that name is just rubbish. I mean what does the 'R' stand for? And what does Napoleon's enherotance have to to with rythem (unless its a musical instument). Oh well i think I will be the only one here hating this game and if you are buying it then good on you, youre helping the econemy go around.



citizenerased said:

It's spelled rhythm, it's right there in the article.

Anyway, I love rhythm games and platform games and I'd like to see them mixed more (Vib Ribbon anyone?)



WolfRamHeart said:

I was hoping that this would be another Feel the Magic/Project Rub game. Still sounds pretty interesting though.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Sounds interesting. At first i imagined a platformer / rhythm game mix kinda like Henry Hatsworth.
But even if it was "just" a classical Point & Click adventure with rhythm game elements it could turn out to be good.



timp29 said:

Hahah, I thought the same thing about the movie 'The rise of the planet of the apes'. Fooled me though, that movie was excellent.



WaveGhoul said:

Rythem Phantom is hands down the greatest Name for any Rythem based title period.



FonistofCruxis said:

This sounds interesting but why the random R in the title? Its like Another code R: Journey into lost memories, whats the point in it?



zeeroid said:

Call me a cynic, but I feel like they're using this title as a gimmick to compensate for what is otherwise a rather sub-par game. Of course, I will reserve judgment till I actually see it...



Noire said:

Can't wait for Rythehem Fantum Theef Ar: Enhiretents uv teh Imperor Napelion~



MeloMan said:

Rhythm Phantom Thief R: Inheritance of the Emperor Napoleon

Alone, these words mean little, together, they mean business.



NassaDane said:

The type of game sounds awesome but the anime is very generic. Anime can be great if it is unique but this is lacking a little. But I love the name and idea so I'll keep an eye on this.



sinalefa said:

I really don't care about the name. Specially when the localization will shoot it down with something a lot more generic sounding.

The genre itself sounds rather interesting. I can't help but think Elite Beat Agents after seeing those pics.

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