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Rumour: Punch-Out!! and Three Marios Join Nintendo Selects

Posted by James Newton

Range extended

According to Kotaku's retail sources, the Wii's budget Nintendo Selects range will get boosted with four new titles in the coming weeks.

Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Strikers Charged and Punch-Out!! will join the line-up of $19.99 games later this month.

We'll have more as we get it.


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Dynetheous said:

ill prolly get super paper mario... maybe
i have to first pay off mairo land 3d, mario kart 7, skyward sword, and skyrim before i get paper mario :3



alLabouTandroiD said:

I hope this gives Punch-Out!! a better time to shine. It really deserves it imo.
Waiting for Mario Party 8 to become a Nintendo Select.



TKOWL said:

Yay, I've been waiting to get Punch-Out, I guess now is the ideal time



TheBaconator said:

That would be fantastic. I really want to repurchase Super Paper Mario and Strikers again, but they are nearly impossible to find new for a low price.



2-D said:

I've been looking for Super Paper Mario for ages, I'll be getting this!
I think I've read somewhere that the cases aren't reversible like the New Play Control ones, though, which is a shame

Still, £15-20 isn't bad at all!



WaveBoy said:

If you haven't played Punch-Out!! Yet, than you desserved to be Punched-Out!! Oh i see what i did there.

King Hippo is the greatest Nintendo character ever created, forget this Link and Samus rubbish.



NESguy94 said:

I'm gonna pick up Strikers and Punch-Out. The only reason I haven't bought Strikers is because I played it a lot at a friend's house, and I borrowed Punch-Out, but didn't feel it was worth $40-$50.

All of these are worth the buy.



accc said:

I've been waiting FOUR YEARS for a Super Paper Mario pricedrop! Finally my waiting is going to pay off! MWAHAHAHAHA!



timp29 said:

punch out from UK for me
very few copies made it to australia... only one retailer stocked it



Chrono-Trigger said:

I actually lost my Galaxy disc,so this is a good chance to re-buy it. Also, I don't own Punch-Out, so I might pick that up, as well.



n0body said:

looks like punch out and strikers for me
I hope US gets WarioWare somewhere down the line too



IronMan28 said:

Punch Out!! and Strikers? Heck yeah, I didn't own them the first time around and I'm thinking they look pretty darn good (the first strikers was really fun, and if I remember correctly from when my brother rented this game from blockbuster, yes blockbuster, it was good, too). I can't wait to pick these up!



Birdman said:

My post on the Nintendo Selects thread seems prophetic now...

And now I can get SPM and Punch-Out!! for cheap. w00t!



Hokori said:

sweet I dont have strikers yet, and everywhere I go its too expensive



LordAndrew said:

Excellent. I'm a new Wii owner and I don't have any of these yet. I guess I'll be picking up Super Mario Galaxy after I beat Super Mario 64.



mumoftwokids said:

if this is the case then I can get Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario...yah!!!!!!!!! for me lol



bro2dragons said:

I'll be getting Punch-Out!! and Super Paper Mario, as I've yet to play either, but have had my eye on them for some time.



JusticeColde said:

I will poop bricks if that's true, Then My gamps' purse will do the same... Out of happiness.



Xkhaoz said:

I don't see why everyone hated on SMP. I loved that game. And maybe I'll finally pick up Punch-Out!!



irken004 said:

Punch Out is a nice addition. So any guesses on what might be next after these (might) release?



LittleIrves said:

I feel like Punch-Out!! is a game many forget when thinking back on the Wii's lifespan and complaining about the software line-up... so, so good. And Super Paper Mario is fun, too, if you keep your expectations in check. Weird and funny and some excellent, stylish levels.



Moco_Loco said:

I wonder why Nintendon't Select DS games? I will get Super Paper Mario for sure if this is true, but I'd quite like to re-buy Super Mario 64 DS now that I can play it with the circle pad...



Thwiidscube said:

I used to have SPM, but sold it after I played the N64 Paper Mario. Then a few months later, I got PM:TTYD. SPM took out everything great from those two. The stage battling, never being 2D, always 3D... I hate SPM, and even if it will be $20, I won't be buying it back.



Rensch said:

I wanna see Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New SMB Wii as well, I haven't played those yet.



ChaosValentine said:

YES! I've been thinking about grabbing Super Paper Mario for the last few months but haven't because of the high price tag. So glad I waited



TheGreenSpiny said:

Where is Wario Ware Smooth Moves? I've never bought that because it's not worth $50. However I would like to play the game, and it still costs like $40 used.



AVahne said:

Awesome I can get Super Paper Mario for cheaper now, and now I'll finally be able to actually FIND Strikers



Kid_A said:

Super Paper Mario and Punch-Out!! are two of the best games of this gen, so I sure hope this is true!



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm happy to hear of the price drops.

Meh on Strikers. The GameCube version was better. The whole game (online and off) was ruined by those stupid 6-point Superstrikes. Also, the games' match times are too short, not nearly as customizable as Super Strikers Game Cube. Also, the totally random-occurance Bowser event was my favorite part from the Game Cube version, and it's gone now.

Super Paper Mario is a truly awesome game, with a gorgeous visual style and a wonderful yet sinister plot, with pleanty of humerous moments throughout. World 2 (the electrical generator dungeon) is super annoying, though. If you just perservere until you reach World 3-1 (the bit-lands), it's a very rewarding gameplay experience the rest of the way until the final boss. People are put off by this game because it is different from the turn-based gameplay. The platforming action is great and there's pleanty of 3D exploration to do.



Tasuki said:

I already have Punch Out and I wasnt that big of a fan of Super Mario Galaxy. Mario Super Strikers was fun and I never have played any of the Paper Mario Series. Maybe at 20 bucks I will check it out.



akacesfan said:

It's like they read the thread in the forums directly!

Oh, well, I have all of these except for Punch Out, which I'm not that interested in.



Yellowkoopa said:

I hope Mario Strikers Charged and Super Mario Galaxy become Nintendo selects. I also hope for Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Party 8.
Edit: Yes! Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Strikers Charged are Nintendo Selects!



DavynD said:

About time! Definitely nabbing Super Mario Galaxy, Paper Mario & Punch-Out. (Even though I've already beaten Galaxy, I really regret trading it in)



LordTendoboy said:

It's about time Super Mario Galaxy dropped in price. I can't believe the original game and it's sequel are both $50.

Now where's Smash Bros. Brawl? THAT would be a great deal at $20.



V8_Ninja said:

I've been meaning to get Punch-Out!! for a while now and this seems like the best way to get it.



SKTTR said:

I already have all of them, except Mario Super Sluggers, and that one was never released here.



kevohki said:

Punch-Out and Super Paper Mario are getting bought by me. Props to Nintendo for following through with a 'Greatest Hits' line-up.



Henmii said:

And I was thinking Nintendo gave up on the "Selects" series. Guess I was wrong!

Hopefully people buy Punch out wii this time. It's a awesome game, but sadly it failed sales-wise!



FluttershyGuy said:

May get Strikers, since it's the only one in the group I don't have. And besides, what else am I gonna get for Wii. I KNOW, Xenoblade! Oh yeah... Not coming here. No, wait, THE LAST STORY! Oh yeah, same story. I'VE GOT IT! Skyward Sword! Nevermind. That's some unknown holiday date months from now. Old Wii games here I come (Nintendo, I heart you, but sometimes you SUCK).



Luffymcduck said:

Lol, Nintendo Selects costs like 34 euros in Finland. If they were 20 e or less here I´d buy some of these.



Henmii said:

How does Nintendo actually "select" those titles? I mean: If they mostly choose games that where a succes, then yes all those Mario games qualify. But Mario games always sell!

I think Nintendo should select more the games that failed sales-wise. Punch out Wii is sure one of them, but I guess there are more (Batallion wars 2, maybe?).



Shadowflash said:

My aunt bought Super Paper Mario for $1 (Only the disk and booklet) for me and my brother .



BenAV said:

Mario Strikes was great fun until it got to the point where there was nobody to play against online...

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