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Rhythm Heaven Wii & 3DS Take Japan Chart Top Spots

Posted by James Newton

A good week

Last week 3DS sales leapt in Japan after the console dropped from 25,000 Yen to 15,000 Yen, and it's still ruling the roost this week according to Media Create's figures.

The console sold 105,639 units to sit pretty at the top of the chart, outselling all other consoles combined. It was still a sharp decline from the previous week though, when Nintendo shifted nearly 200,000 consoles.

On the software side, the biggest-selling title on any format was Wii button-tapper Rhythm Heaven, which shifted a further 48,000 copies, bringing its life-to-date sales to nearly 375,000. Kirby Mass Attack had a decent week too, coming in third with sales of 35,235.

Three 3DS titles made it into the top 20: Super Pokémon Rumble in 5th, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D in 7th and Nintendogs + Cats at number 14.


1. 3DS: 105,639 (196,077)
2. PSP: 40,888 (40,389)
3. PS3: 29,666 (20,239)
4. Wii: 18,256 (19,607)
5. DSi LL: 4,329 (4,213)
6. DSi: 3,585 (3,531)
7. PS2: 1,789 (1,513)
8. X360: 1,427 (1,576)
9. DS Lite: 117 (90)
10. PSP go: 13 (20)


1. Rhythm Heaven Wii (Nintendo, Wii): 48,190 (Life to date: 374,489)
2. Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne Village G (Capcom, PSP): 40,997 (139,265)
3. Kirby Mass Attack (Nintendo, DS): 35,235 (162,323)
4. Super Dimensional Game Neptune mk2 (Compile Heart, PSP): 32,751 NEW!
5. Super Pokémon Rumble (Nintendo, 3DS): 32,144 (118,437)
6. Growlanser IV Over Reloaded (Atlus, PSP): 21,896 NEW!
7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo, 3DS): 21,465 (335,540)
8. Wii Sports Resort (Wii Remote Plus Pack) (Nintendo, Wii): 20,969 (502,326)
9. Let's Make a J.League Pro Soccer Club! 7 Euro Plus (Sega, PSP): 17,727 (149,040)
10. Toriko Gourmet Survival! (Namco Bandai, PSP): 17,521 (108,550)
11. Uta no Prince Sama Repeat (Broccoli, PSP): 16,311 (48,491)
12. Taiko Drum Master Portable DX (Deluxe) (Namco Bandai, PSP): 12,107 (179,027)
13. Amnesia (Idea Factory, PSP): 11,841 NEW!
14. nintendogs + cats (Nintendo, 3DS): 11,690 (283,562)
15. Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku (Furyu, PSP): 11,462 NEW!
16. Disney's Epic Mickey (Nintendo, Wii): 10,970 (53,763)
17. All Kamen Rider Rider Generation (Namco Bandai, DS): 10,035 (77,913)
18. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2011 (Konami, PSP): 10,016 (151,910)
19. Inazuma Eleven Strikers (Level 5, Wii): 9,891 (162,565)
20. Pokémon Black & White (Nintendo, DS): 9,413 (5,286,915)


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Punny said:

Looks like things are starting to look up for Nintendo of Japan! Hopefully, Rhythm Heaven Wii gets that same kind of love in North America's sales charts (or at least more love than the DS version).



grumblebuzzz said:

I'm so glad that things are looking better for Nintendo. I was beginning to worry that the 3DS and upcoming Wii U might be the Dreamcasts that throw them out of the console business. I wonder how the NA sales have been for the 3DS since the price drop?



TheKingOfTown said:

Wow, I can't believe the PSP go ony sold 13 units. That is really sad. But anyway, I'm glad that Ninty is picking up sales again.



RYBlast said:

"PSP Go: 13"

I lol'd

Anyway, good to see the 3DS on top. I hope Rhythm Heaven Wii does well in North America and Europe.



Shockwave said:

Hopefully these sales numbers will stick. The fall/winter lineup should help with that. I for one am looking forward to Starfox next month.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Wow good for Nintendo . Sony let this be a lesson for you never sell something like the GO except in America because we buy everything even if it sucks.



TKOWL said:

Wait, PS2s are still being produced? Wow, that system has longevity



Peznaze said:

Ah, so the price cut did work. Odd that the 3DS software's not selling as well, but then, the DS selection of games is more than adequate.



dimi said:

The 3ds got a war to fight ahead. Lets hope Mario Kart and Land will do their "magic" once again. But thats not enough. Can't wait for the new announcement.



sinalefa said:

Good to hear. I just got the DS Rhythm Heaven for 5 bucks, which must speak volumes of the support it got. Here is hoping the Wii version does not tank.



skywake said:

Aww.... for a second I thought there was a Rhythm Heaven for the 3DS. I am disappoint



JayceJa said:

i really dont see the appeal of rhythm heaven, it boggles me that its selling so well, but any nintendo product selling well is good news to me



Hokori said:

YAH Rhythm Heaven
its fun and I wish certain Japanese games would sell well in USA, those deserve to sell more then most games. "Cough" CoD "Cough"

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