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Pixel, Team Ninja and More Join Metroid 25th Celebrations

Posted by James Newton

All in one video

We've been having our own Metroid anniversary celebrations here at Nintendo Life, inviting your Metroid memories as well as reviews of every Metroid game. Metroid fansite Shinesparkers put together a special video containing tributes from community members as well as Cave Story creator Daisuke Amaya and Team Ninja lead Yosuke Hayashi.

It's a nice way to say thanks for 25 years of Metroid. Be warned: the well-known faces only turn up after the 5:50 mark.

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Link-Hero said:

Wow, what an awesome video. Did not expect some of those people to be in the video. My only complaint is that some parts of the video were a little too quite. Other than that, great video.

Happy 25th anniversary Metroid!



JakobG said:

I give the franchise 25 more years until the majority of it's fans realizes how stupid their hatred towards Other M was.



Kifa said:

@JakobG and @UncleWolf - it's probably because many people thought of Samus as some Master Chief with boobs, without any relevant personality, keen only on shooting stuff. And when the character is suddenly portrayed in the way corresponding with the official manga and canon biography, they raged because their imaginations about the character were proven wrong. Other M is far from the best part of the series, but it's still a very good game. Way better than Prime Hunters in my opinion.

As for the video - it's great to see some of the people and I am a bit surprised by the appearance of Yuki, the best Samus Aran cosplayer out there. I wonder if Nintendo themselves will do anything to celebrate this anniversary though...



LordTendoboy said:

Metroid Prime Trilogy should have been released on the anniversary of the franchise. Nintendo was early with that one, just as they were with DKC Returns (would have been perfect for Donkey Kong's anniversary).



RedBlueSpot said:

I want the next FPS-Metroid to feel even more like you really are inside Samus helmet. Almost like a claustrophobic feeling. You are alone inside the suit and all alone on a distant unexplored planet. Wow! I would love that!



chiptoon said:

Total agreement with the above comments on Other M. Decided to restart it in celebration of the 25th anniversary, even though it was the last Metroid I finished.



citizenerased said:


I changed my wallpaper for you, Samus <3

You guys should get some more Metroid thumbnails in stock, the same artwork for 3 articles on the frontpage...?



Teh-Ray said:

Wait, so far this place is full of Other M love....


But seriously, it's good to see rational people not whining about Other M for once. Because I thought it was fantastic too. I salute you, Kifa.



zionich said:

I just didnt like how linear Other M was, other than that, LOVED IT. Hail to the Queen baby.

One of the best comments ive read :
"the people that bash metroid other m arent metroid fans, they are just prime fans, if you have read the metroid manga or played metroid fusion theres no reason to get surprised by how samus acts, this game has great gameplay, graphics, cut-scenes, boss battles and story so why do people hate it? people these days are just like parrots they dont think they just repeat what others say :/ just read the comments and you will see."

-ariashadow YouTube



citizenerased said:

Other M was hit and miss. The core gameplay worked well, but there were some unnecessary additions (pixel hunting, resident evil cam), switching to 1st person worked well for puzzles, not so much in hectic combat situations with multiple enemies (cause you need to re-orient every time). The artstyle was off (maybe I'm just spoiled with the Prime series) and, yes, I'm in the camp that hated Samus' portrayal in virtually all of the cutscenes; I don't recall her peeing in her pants over Ridley in Fusion.
I did thoroughly enjoy how fast-paced it was and how every enemy had a way to best deal with them, though.



TKOWL said:

Oh geez, one of the best dedication videos to one of the greatest franchises out there, and all you people are doing is arguing about Other M?

Geez, can I even breathe on the internet without someone being angry?

And btw, the video rocked. When Pixel showed up, I almost orgasm'd :3



LittleIrves said:

Man, that music at the end is still so creepy and perfect.
I really really hope Nintendo does something for Metroid's 25th... I know they're focusing on Zelda and all, but Metroid is such a special franchise (as evidenced by the wide-spanning array of people dedicated to it seen in the video) that I hope the relative failure of Other M doesn't sour their desire to make future installments. (And I mean "failure" in sales terms, not artistic or gameplay terms... I loved it.)



Kifa said:

@tealovertoma - I agree with what you said about the game's mechanics. Pixel-hunting parts were... well... just wrong and obsolete, like the simply couldn't come up with anything special. I also missed Morph Ball puzzles from Prime series, but that's just me.

As for Samus being afraid of Ridley - note that MOM is the first Metroid game to give her ANY kind of personality, the only exceptions so far being short text interruptions in Zero Mission and Fusion. They attempted to bring the character from manga into the games and I think it was fairly well done. Maybe overexaggerated at times, but accurate.

And besides, as Dragoon said - we should stop throwing dirt around and at one game or another. It's the anniversary of the WHOLE SERIES. Take it, or leave it.



Kid_A said:

Ha! What a neat video. I love that they got Samus' voice actress from Other M. I thought she captured Samus well, although I know many would disagree with me.



SilverBaretta said:

Now that's a tribute video. Very humble, yet completely conveys how fans feel about Metroid. The celebrity appearances made it all the cooler.



zionich said:

The way I look at it, is that in the intro Samus talks about defeating her long standing nemesis, Ridley, which would suggest its the first time she kills him.

But ya, awesome video lol



accc said:

I thought Tommy Tallarico got fired from Metroid Prime, and then proceeded to give it a 2/10 on his review show or something.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Well, at least someone who worked on a Metroid game, Team Ninja, is celebrating the 25th. More than NOA's doing...

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