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Nintendo Joins The Cloud for UK 3DS WiFi Coverage

Posted by James Newton

5,000 new hotspots

The 3DS's innovative SpotPass service — where the console automatically downloads content as you carry it around — is contingent on there being easily discoverable, unsecured WiFi access. While gamers in North America have access to 10,000 AT&T hotspots, there's been no such deal for the UK — until now.

Nintendo UK will team up with The Cloud to grant console owners free access to 5,000 hotspots up and down the nation. The Cloud access points are commonly found in eateries like Pizza Express and, er, Eat. Dawn Paine, marketing director at Nintendo UK, had this to say:

Nintendo 3DS continues to evolve and add new features all the time. The Cloud partnership represents another exciting step that will continue to expand its appeal and encourage owners to take their Nintendo 3DS systems with them wherever they go, offering different and unique experiences everyday.

Will this convince you to take your console out with you more often?


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RogueBologna said:

I read the title too fast and thought it said "Nintendo Joins The Cloud for UK 3G Coverage" and got really excited.



James said:

When we delete comments, anything about numbers looks foolish. Please comment on the topic at hand instead of what number comment you made.



Mowzle2 said:

About time they did something like this. We have WiFi at home now, but before that I spent days trying to find the one or two useable WiFi internet cafe sites available locally to connect my DS to the web.



Henmii said:


Lol: Is that even a real word?

Back on topic: This has nothing to do with cloud-storage, right? Because in my opinion cloud-storage is bad!



komicturtle said:

I was at a mall that i have been to since 2005 today for memories sake, opened my 3DS and found out it was automatically connected to the internet- something it has never done before until now. Really impressed and happy that it works. and same thing with another mall i revisited last week- I got the spotpass notice about the ambassador program and i noticed when exiting that there was an Att WiFi spot posted on a small sticker in thr window of the restuarant. Must have been that. Then again, lots of stores had "WiFi here" posted and most malls seem to be catching on. These hotspots are really a treat and Im happy Nintendo is partnering up with these folks. Makes things more excitng when taking your 3DS everywhere, getting tags (again, everytime I'm out and about here in Florida, I get a tag or two compared to NH). That price drop only makes things better and I'll be able to complete my puzzles and Quest the way it should



cnm_nintendo said:

:/ What about Australia? As far as I know we NO LONGER have Wi-Fi hotspots available for our Ninty handhelds....



IronMan28 said:

Cool, good for the UK
On another note, are those riots as bad as the news makes them look? I realize that that question is akin to asking "Do all Chinese people know Kung Fu and fly?" but I'm actually asking out of concern.....



ThumperUK said:

I'm assuming the news reports have been quite sensationalised overseas. The reality is that although serious and newsworthy, its a small area affected (usually just a couple of streets) in some parts of 4-5 cities that have had riots. Its also the downmarket (perhaps slum?) areas of these cities rather than the city centres.

I'm assuming Fox "News" has reported it's millions of people rioting in every town and city!

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