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Nintendo eShop Cards Make it Down Under

Posted by James Newton

Slowly spreading out

Australian outlets of EB Games have started stocking eShop cards for the 3DS, with Mario and Zelda-themed cards now available.

As with Nintendo Points, you can use these new cards on the Wii Shop Channel, DSi Shop or 3DS eShop, though the points can't be distributed between the three: you must put the full value into one of those three shops.

We're still investigating the recent appearances of Nintendo 3DS eShop cards in the UK and will update you when we know more.

Thanks to Mario Party Fan 999 for the tip.


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Collz said:

We have them in the UK, Sainsburys are selling them £15 or £25, they are boring plain cards though, no mario or zelda ones. (they are the fastcard type, the same kind as the Itunes gift cards & B&Q ones that are activated by swiping through the card reader at the till)



Wheels2050 said:

Can anyone enlighten me as to why it's taking so long? As far as these things go I would have thought it was pretty simple to get up and running, or are they having distribution problems?

It's a real shame for Nintendo that they're probably restricting the eShop to a small part of their audience - I imagine a large fraction of 3DS owners are unable to buy points with a credit card for various reasons.



daznsaz said:

it doesnt have to be an actual credit card you can use your normal cash card to top up my visa electron works anyway



AZZA0204 said:

I've been looking everywhere for these. God I hope they come out soon. I think I'm gonna explode. (Creeper Hissing From Minecraft-Ssssssssssssss.....BANG!!!



Olaf-symbiote said:

It's weird to hear the cards aren't available everywhere in Europe yet. Just like in Germany, the cards have been out for a few weeks in my crappy country. And my country's pretty small-time, so if the cards are available here, they should available in the major European countries. I dunno, maybe they've been a bit sloppy and haven't made them widely available in the whole Europe yet?



Pokefanmum82 said:

well they only have them in the states but it's a 20 dollar card. and germany, australia, and now the UK. they don't have them anywhere else yet though. Which is one of the reason i haven't bought a 3DS yet. But I'm getting the flame red one when it comes out so maybe someday soon I'll be able to get a 3DS card.



timp29 said:

There really isn't much on the eShop that entices me yet. They should be looking to port over some NES and SNES games. A Link to the Past please nintendo!!!



Yosher said:

Eh, this crap is taking too long so I simply used Sneaker13's tip to get some cash onto my eShop account. Thanks for that, Sneaker!



Kagamine said:

i just use a card, you know you can buy cash cards at convienice stores, just use it like a credit card, theres no risk to you whatsoever



ianmage1 said:

I've seen these everywhere, but I just use my debit card. I'm sorry for everyone who can't find them.



Supremeist said:

Very good, It's about time! I'll have to start picking these up from Gamestop instead of using a credit card now.



Chris720 said:

After two months of the eShop's release the eShop cards are FINALLY getting distributed worldwide. Took your sweet time didn't you Nintendo?

Either way, there's practically nothing on the eShop at the moment anyway, except for a few good DSiWare games.



BenAV said:

Good to know.
I just use my Debit MasterCard but my girlfriend might like to buy some.



Freeon-Leon said:

We need them in Mexico! I don't own a freakin credit card, so I need those Nintendo eShop cards right here :C

Hope to see one of those soon u_u



daznsaz said:

@25 do you own a cash card you can top up with that it says credit card on the 3ds but you can use a normal cash card over



3DSfReAk said:

My b'day is coming up, so I'm asking all my relatives to buy me eShop cards. I just need to wait until nintendo actually brings out good games for the eShop, like Colors! 3D.



Freeon-Leon said:

@27: I actually have a debit card, but it seems that only the master card ones are useful :/ (and the one i've got is VISA).



Djrr-ific said:

@Terave @Sneaker13 @B4SDR4G

Every article you three say the same things.. getting sick of it.. Nintendo confirmed over a month ago the prepaid cards for the Netherlands will distributed via the Primera stores, beginning august 27. They closed a deal for it or something.. Likely they will also be sold at gameshops but this isn't confirmed. It looks like other stores will get the prepaid cards at a later date... PROVE:



Milkman-123 said:

clothes dont always make the man, so why is it such a big deal for these cards? they're worth as much as the current ones :/



Hallongrotta said:

Hi guys, I'm just wondering if a $20 prepaid card work in a european 3DS by changing the region to Australia? (Don't have US listed so.)

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