For those who don't know (or possibly forgot), NightSky was originally planned for release on Nintendo's WiiWare service. And while the game did recently see a release on PC, we haven't seen any new information on the WiiWare version for some time.

Thanks to a Tweet by @Nicalis this afternoon, we now know why we haven't heard much about the WiiWare release. It seems the company has been hard at work on a 3DS eShop version of the game.

NightSky plays really well on 3DS! - Nicalis (Twitter)

We don't know if the game is a direct port of the PC release or if it's a brand new game, but we'll get in touch with Nicalis and try to find out. We'll keep you posted on any new information we can get our hands on.

UPDATE: We now know that the game will not feature the 3D effect and will be basically the same game as was released on PC.