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Metal Slug-Style Action From Cinemax Coming to DSiWare

Posted by James Newton

Go Commando: Steel Disaster

SNK's revered Metal Slug series has already made one stop on DS in the form of Metal Slug 7, but there's been no downloadable outing for Marco and crew. While that's not looking likely to change, Cinemax is getting ready to transfer retail game Commando: Steel Disaster across to DSiWare later this year.

The run-and-gun title from developer Mana Software was released in North America at retail but never made it to Europe, something Cinemax is hoping to rectify with a downloadable release.

Here's the trailer from the DS original. We'll have more on this as we get it.

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TeeJay said:

Ooh, a run-and-gun adventure game, kind of like Megaman or Cave Story or, perhaps most like, Metal Slug. I like it.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I had totally forgotten about his game. Going by metacritic it seems to be even more difficult than the Metal Slug games. Doesn't look so from the trailer though.
So for 8 € this is as good as bought.



Tethers said:

@ LordJumpMad & "This game would have been a buy....
if it came out a year ago before the 3DS"

Why? Is it now a worse game? O_o



hadrian said:

Seems to be an awful lot of D-grade DS titles coming the DSiWare. I picked this one up a while back $6 and its not very good and I can't say I'll ever want to play it of those 5/10 sort of games.

@battLeToaD not in the least bit hard



sykotek said:

"This game would have been a buy....
if it came out a year ago before the 3DS"

The 3 year anniversary of this game's US retail release is tomorrow (originally released: 8/25/2008)! I remember being one of the only people to pre-order it at my local GameStop at the time. It got a slightly wider release later, but no hype at all. You can probably still find it in bargain bins at big box retailers across the US.

An in depth video review from a random person on youtube:



barneygumble said:

Its a great game, one of my favorites one the DS back then,
by far better then Metal Slug 7, but they should change the continue feature ( Retailgame was its really hard no continur, dead on the spot happens to offen - which made it one of the most frustrating games next to Ghouls n Ghosts )

Otherwise - great, love to have this on my 3DS without swapping gamecarts.



Teh-Ray said:


Seriously, the lack of multiplayer was an awful thing to happen in Metal Slug 7, since a lot of the fun comes with playing with a buddy.

If this has multiplayer, it'll be an instant-buy!



motang said:

Reminds me of Commando Steel Disaster, which was a cheap knock off of Metal Slug.

Edit: Just looked it up, it's the same company, I will pass on this one.



FMsaziri said:

I miss Nazca. To me the Metal Slug series died after part 3, after then it's been clone after clone, official or not.



James said:

@motang It probably reminds you of Commando: Steel Disaster because it is Commando: Steel Disaster. The game name is in the tagline and the end of the first paragraph too.



Samholy said:

gonna put it in my ever growing wishlist...
until i will feel like a contra like shooter. looks fun



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Sweet. Please, please Nintendo give us a DSi SD card update so I can actually get this game and not have to play my least favorite DSi game, J.T.D.G.B.T.I.M.A.S.C. aka "Juggle The DSi Game Between The Internal Memory And SD Card".



Henmii said:

Looks really like Metal slug! Very cool! It certainly could be worth a download!

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