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Let This Tales of the Abyss Trailer Set the Scene

Posted by James Newton

"A great evil threatens the land..." (probably)

This Tales of the Abyss trailer would be great if it were a little larger, and clearer, and if the sound were louder. But you can't have it all, so squint feast your eyes on the free-flowing combat footage below.

Namco Bandai's classic action RPG is making its way to Europe and North America in the coming months, though we hope it's larger in real life.

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OldBoy said:

Worst trailer ever!!
Looking forward to the game though, never played it before ,more of this on 3DS please.



FriedSquid said:

Wow, this really is the worst trailer ever. But, nevertheless, I will SURELY get this.



Crunchy_in_milk said:

I'll probably skip this, I played through the ps2 version and absolutely hated the characters, especially Luke in the beginning.



Dizzard said:

Looking forward to this. It's one of the only games aside from the mario ones that I'm looking forward to on the 3DS this year. (and maybe doctor lautrec too)



Ren said:

so much goodness coming for 3DS. I can hardly believe I have one sitting here already, and nothing worth playing.



Mao said:

I bought this game five years ago. Why are they porting it???

If you people wanna see the game actually in better videos just look up the PS2 version complete walkthroughs.



AVahne said:

I want this game, but horrid trailer. Barely able to see the action and I can't even HEAR anything.



Linux_Man said:

Nice to see a Tales game finally coming to the US on a Nintendo console. Tales of Symphonia was easily the best GameCube game out there, combining an excellent battle system, excellent music, great cell-shaded graphics and a decent storyline.

Finally the 3DS might be getting some more games, though hopefully Namco won't pull another Tales of Graces and decide to not release it in the west.

Seriously though, if you guys haven't played Tales of Symphonia, get it. Best game on the GameCube.



Supremeist said:

What kind of trailer is this? No sound, closeups? Terrible. But the game itself looks pretty good. Will keep my eye on this one for sure.



crazyj2312 said:

I've always seen ports as test subjects for the consoles they're on. I guess they want to see if a fan base exists among those that own the console so they can see whether or not it's profitable to develop a new game in the series for the system. I've always thought the Tales games were pretty awesome, though very exclusive, and if it means that high interest in this game will spawn subsequent sequels, I'm all for purchasing it.



Peznaze said:

Well, that was nauseating. Not the game, the trailer and its spiraling motion sickness inducing shape rotating in the background. Ugh. Game should be good though.



SilverBaretta said:

@Mao: Well, this one actually kind of has a good reason for porting: not enough people played it, especially with the PS2 version's limited print run. On top of that, they're fixing some bugs from the original version, like slowdown/framerate and some glitches. Anyway, as a Tales fan, it goes without saying that I'll pick this up on the spot.



daznsaz said:

you could watch ps2 videos of it but then youd think the graphics were a bit lame cant wait for this



darkgamer001 said:

You'd think that some trailers are made by 8 year old kids, and not dedicated professionals. Anyway, definitely getting this game



Geonjaha said:

The thing about JRPG's I find is that I love the gameplay but hate the characters..



Expa0 said:

I didn't really like the Symphonia game, but I think I'm giving this a chance, since my 3DS really needs something that's even somewhat worth playing (that isn't a original DS game).



IronMan28 said:

Can this be justly called a trailer? Either way, it looks like it plays really well and the graphics are awesome, I can't wait to pick this one up.



motang said:

I really didn't like this game too much on the PS2, and I am sure I will not like it much on the 3DS.

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