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How to Check if You're an Australian Ambassador

Posted by James Newton

For 3DS, we mean

Nintendo of Australia has released its tool to help you discover if you're in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador programme or not.

All you need to take the test is your 3DS serial number, located underneath the console itself. Type it into the special webpage and Nintendo will do the rest.

Note that this does not register you in the free game promotion, only checks to see if you are already entered. If the tool tells you you're not in, you're not in.

Don't forget we still have our 3DS Ambassador program and free eShop games FAQ available to help guide you through the tricky world of whether or not you're getting free games.

Check out the Australian 3DS Ambassador tool. Users in North America and Europe will receive a similar tool soon.


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skywake said:

This has actually been around for about a week. Checked mine, I'm in!

Great tool for the paranoid



C-Olimar said:

Im fron the UK but I still tried my 3DS code and it says I'm not registered. This is surely because I'm not from Australia but it has just made me even more paranoid...



y2josh said:

This tool thing is lame. We shouldn't need a tool to tell us we got on the eshop before the date of the 12th. Nintendo likes tools though.



RedYoshi999 said:

Well this is a great idea for the paranoid type like me but I have a problem: there's a sticker on the back of my 3DS so I can't see my serial number! Any other place they might have put it too? The box maybe?

EDIT: All is good. I've sorted it out and checked and I'm in!



KAI7321 said:

I think if that were achieved, the symbolism (and awesomeness) of the event would cause a black-hole to tear through our space time continuum, which probably wouldn't be good for 3DS sales.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Never running out of cake, huh guys ?
Hope this comes to Europe soon. It was announced at least. Would be bad if it didn't come before September 1st.



Pj1 said:

Guys in Europe we're getting one too, a tool that you can use to check with...



daznsaz said:

i got my 3ds at launch been on eshop loads of times but got a message on news yesterday saying welcome to eshop so im a bit paranoid roll on sept1st



jdkipfer said:

I tried it out on my North american system. It didn't work. I knew it wouldn't, but now I am just more paranoid.



Mowzle2 said:

@9. Mario_Party_Fan_999:-
Yes, I've just checked my box and, although it's a UK Version, the serial number is on an oblong sticker below a bar code (it's NOT the squarish one just round the corner on the box).
Are you sure that sticker on the bottom of your 3DS doesn't give the serial number below a barcode, because my serial number IS on a white sticker below a bar code?
@15. Don't worry - you will be OK.



daznsaz said:

ive heard the australian ambassadors get a golden boomerang and a weeks worth of bush tucker



Schprocket said:

@daznsaz nah mate, we'll be chuckin' a few o' them green wallabies (from My Australian Farm) next to the shrimp on the bahhbie for you and yer mates from across the pond...
Giving us boomerangs is like giving free sand to the Saudis... and have you ever seen what makes for bush tucker?



daznsaz said:

yea of course i have ive watched im a celebrity get me out of here lol and i watched Australia the movie recently so im over qualified really



Mowzle2 said:

@ daznsaz You're welcome. Rest assured I'll be using the tool also. Just as reassurance, of course

Never mind golden boomerangs and bush tucker, I want that cake, it's Aaaawsome
I only just noticed it



DarkEdi said:

In America we had until yesterday to register our 3DS. I bought it the 16 and i connected the same day. I hope i´m an embassador with the date extension. Cross fingers. I want my free games too, i´m from Mexico.



Mowzle2 said:

I could manage a bit of the top screen, actually.
And how do you make your script red to highlight it, please?
Edit:- Oh, I see it's automatic if you only put the name.



Supremeist said:

I bought my 3DS about a week after launch, and spent about 20 hours already in the eShop, haha. So I'm definitely an ambassador? and if I can't get the free NES games on the 1st then there is a weird problem.



OldBoy said:

Is that the 3DS Phat?? Looks tasty. Runs on a car battery and gives you 6 weeks battery life,may not fit in your pocket though.



timp29 said:

I am a Nintendo ambassador! This is the greatest moment of my life!!!



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

either this doesn't work for 3DS's purchased in NZ or for some reason I am not eligible even after downloading over 20 titles from the eshop. I AM FREAKING OUT

Hey Australians, what is the model number on your 3DS's? (it is in theory before MADE IN CHINA)

Mine is CTR-001(EUR). I think that means that even though they were distributed by Nintendo of Australia, they are actually European (and hopefully that is why it doesn't work).

EDIT: Before you ask: I purchased my 3DS at launch and accessed the Eshop the moment it went live.



Sup said:

Mine is also CTR-001, bought in australia, and confirmed for the program



Geonjaha said:

So now Americans and Australians can check if they are Ambassadors. What about us in Europe? D:



timp29 said:

You're all denied. Unless you're French. If you're going to be an ambassador, you need a sexy accent (which obviously doesn't make any sense with regards to Australians)



MetroidMasher17 said:

Mmmm...does that cake have bacon in it? Cause then it would be too much epicness to swallow. I mean, cake AND bacon?!

Eh? What's that? It would taste nasty? Nah.

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