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Codemasters Lining Up Formula 1 for Wii U Grid

Posted by James Newton

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Codemasters is known for its racing games, and while it was announced at E3 that the studio's well-respected Dirt rally franchise is on the way to Wii U, its flashier equivalent F1 is racing to the new console too.

CEO Rod Cousens told MCV that both its flagship racers will be making the move to Wii U, and gave his support to Nintendo's next console experiment:

Nintendo is smart. It is always innovative. It has demonstrated its breakthrough ability in the past, so let’s see if it can do it again. And the industry should cheer it on.

We will be doing Dirt and F1 for Wii U.

Codemasters released F1 2009 on Wii to mixed reviews, unlike the generally positive reception for its HD versions of the sport. What ideas do you have for the Wii U controller and Formula 1? Let us know.


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F1 200 was a decent game, though with unpolished visuals. Good to see it coming back to Nintendo consoles



V8_Ninja said:

Now the DiRT franchise (yes, that's technically how you spell the name) being on a Nintendo console interests me greatly. I played DiRT 2 and I found it to be great, even though I generally despise realistic racing games. Now, F1 on the other hand, I couldn't care less for.



James said:

I only just saw that the F1 logo contains an F AND a 1. Mind blown...



daznsaz said:

the 1st time i got an f1 game was on 64 it was also the last time 72 laps of the same thing stinks imo



thanos316 said:

ive been looking forward on playing a new f1 game on the wii since the 1st one came out and im sure this new one will be great. i also like the dirt series. all we need now is screenshots and video of games running on wii u hardware..



Crunchy_in_milk said:

They stole the 7 from the Mario Kart 7 logo and cheaply turned it into a 1! Somebody tell Nintendo!

Not a fan of formula 1, watching or playing, but I'll probably get DiRT when the price goes down a little.



alLabouTandroiD said:

James wrote:

What ideas do you have for the Wii U controller and Formula 1?

Hmmm, let's see what a Formula 1 cockpit looks like. Untitled
Totally easy, huh ?

I think they could put more emphasis on communication with the Pit crew. Show you how much gas you have left and how good your tires are holding up on the touchscreen. Maybe how much time you're losing because of bad tires too. Once you decide you want to make a Pit Stop you're telling your team (via voice input or controller) and they will tell when you can come in.

Challenges where you have to help out your team mate instead of winning yourself would be interesting too.



luminalace said:

Sweet this will be a must buy for me. I like Dirt but I love Formula 1 and the recent HD versions were great.



JimLad said:

Tilt steering on the WiiU controller could actually be pretty fun, since you could put the speedos and stuff on the screen.



Raylax said:

@LTD @James I prefer the Malfunction Dial. Just because it's a dial. "Buttons? Haha, no. Why would we want something quick to operate in an emergency? If you're rolling end-over-end in a huge fireball, phone us. We'll put you through to tech support."



capitalism said:

I loved F1 2009 on Wii. Had a really good sense of speed and the motion controls worked great. Having steering wheel cosmetics in the screen(the red gear number screen, buttons, etc.) would be awesome. Codemasters is a very talented Nintendo friendly company so I know they'll handle it well.

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