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Check Your 3DS Ambassador Status Now, North America

Posted by James Newton

The toolbox is open

Let's get to it: the
Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program tool for North America is now open and ready to assert if you're in the free games promotion or not.

Click the link above and enter your 3DS console's serial number to find out if you're enrolled. Some users have reported you need to leave off the final digit from your serial number for the tool to work, despite the instructions explicitly stating to include this number, so give it a go both ways if you're having any trouble.

Let us know what the tool tells you with a post in our comments section below.

Thanks to all the readers who sent this in.


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Shockwave said:

Confirmed ambassador. Thanks nintendolife (and Target for the low price early).



tripunktoj said:

In! Glad I made it even after swapping regions back'n forth on July (entered full serial) @B4SDR4G: my serial letters are also CW. lately NoE has stopped being the last region to get things (Xenoblade, most VC games, Xenoblade, Oot3d, 3DS itself, Oh and Xenoblade)



Noire said:

Initializing Ambassador Status confirmation program. Entering unique system serial number. Accessing data ... analyzing data ... status confirmed. Exiting Ambassador Status confirmation program.



daznsaz said:

status update awaiting nintendo europe tool arrival going dark till further notice



BJQ1972 said:

The Australian instructions, from the link on your site the other day explicitly says to exclude the final number.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Yep im in. Oh and by the way i added the last digit for the code and it worked just fine so not everyone is having the problem described in the article.



Pj1 said:

Come on Nintendo of Europe, I need to know!! I think I should be in as I downloaded Mario Land the day it came out.



DarkEdi said:

I enter my numbers and i´m embassador!!!! I bought my 3ds 3 days ago with the new price and enter with the extension days. I´m happy. Double prices for me!!! Yeah.



Ren said:

Nice to have it confirmed even though I had to send it in from a bad screen design, and payed the launch price.
Can't believe retailers offered the new price early. The point was to give a bonus to us who paid full price. Cheaters!



SuperLink said:

I'm an ambassador! YES! Now all I have to do is sit with my teeth gritted and my fingernails sunk into my sofa, eagerly awaiting September 1st...heh, heh...(twitch twitch)...heh

@NintendoMaster I think once everyone is confirmed the they'll release the titles.



SilverBaretta said:

"Thanks to all the readers who sent this in."

Sheesh, how many submissions did you get? Anyway, I.B. Confirmed. Now to just sit back and watch the SpotPass light (I'm assuming).



RogueBologna said:

Grr I tried every possible combination yet it still says 'undecided'. I bought it at launch from Gamestop.



NintendoMaster said:

@SuperLink Nintendo states the following on their ambassador FAQ. "More details will be available closer to when the titles are ready for release." That gives them a little over a week to announce the remaining NES titles at least if we are to find out before September 1st.



Mowzle2 said:

Well, it says "undecided", so maybe it will have changed next time you check it out. In Europe we're apparently offered the option of registering after August 11th and this is what the website says:-
~How to register from August 12th, 2011
You can still register for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme, but in order to do so you will need to EITHER:
a) Have created a Friend Code and connected to the Internet with your Nintendo 3DS system prior to August 12th
b) Have retained your original receipt or proof of purchase for your Nintendo 3DS system
We will be providing you with a tool very soon where you can enter this data and still register for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements!
You will also be able to use this tool to confirm that your Nintendo 3DS system is registered on the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme. For this, you will need only the serial number of your Nintendo 3DS system, found on the back of the system.~

Is this option not offered in the US? If it's not then you could email Nintendo and attach an image of your Gamestop receipt - which presumably you did keep.
I bet things will work out OK for you



SilverBaretta said:

You know, I think it may be more fun if they don't tell us what the remaining games are soon. I like surprises, it makes it more exciting.



Number_6 said:

If it says "undetermined", make sure that you are including the letters that precede the numerical serial number.



TwilightV said:

Yeah, i'm in.
September 1st is a Thursday so it's very likely the GBA games will be available alongside the weekly updates. Including September 1st, that would be 18 weeks we could get a new GBA game.



Knux said:

I entered the entire serial number, and it confirmed that I am an Ambassador. I am not surprised, since I have been visiting the eShop ever since it launched.



NESguy94 said:

I can't wait for my 21 free games (You can play the original Metroid on Metroid Fusion) and then Four Swords later on!



DreamDrop said:

I'm freakin' IN!!! Damn I was worried that I might not become one since I live in Asia with an NTSC 3DS. Woot woot!! FREE games here I come!!



SunnySnivy said:

It appears they fixed the problems from last night.
I'm in! Yay!
(As I should be.. I bought it on launch day..)



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I'm in!!!!

I was a little worried there for a minute although I knew I shouldn't be. I got my 3DS before the deadline and did everything but it is still nice to know for sure



thereefernander said:

Confirmed. Like I had to be worried I bought mine a few days before Zelda came out. Unlike all you squares that snuck in the deal.



Alpha2797 said:

Cool! I'm in. I'd rather get all 20 games at once on Sept. 1 but NES games first then GBA games later is ok also.



smileisles said:

"@Number6"! Thank you thank you for your tip on making sure to include the letters before the numbers! I must've misread Nintendo's instructions on that part and kept getting "undetermined"....But now, it's official! I'M AN AMBASSADOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again "@Number6". Huge high five!



AZZA0204 said:

My letters are CEM at the beggining is it because I live in England does this mean I'm not an Embassador. Please someone enlighten me I'm really worried can anyone help!!!



Mowzle2 said:

Hi AZZA0204 - Welcome to Nintendolife. I see you just joined us today.
Don't panic! The Nintendo Europe tool hasn't been put up yet, so none of us can check out our Ambassador status until that happens - hopefully it will in a few days.
The letters at the beginning of my serial number are CEF, and I'm sure there will be a lot of other variations.
As long as you fulfill the requirements to be a Nintendo Ambassador you should be OK when it comes to checking with the tool later. You'll find Nintendo's information here:-



AZZA0204 said:

@Mowzle Thank you so much. I was frazzled because I bought my 3DS on the second of April I distinctly remember this because that is my birthday. How did you know that I joined today did you read some of my other comments or could you just tell. Do I know you from somewhere or do you know me it is possible since we both do live in England. Anyway thanks your so awesome.



Mowzle2 said:

You're very welcome.
No, I hadn't seen any of your other comments, and regret to say I'm not psychic If you left click on anyone's avatar you will get up a user profile window that says when that person joined NL and their location country.
I don't think I know you from anywhere, I live in Derbyshire.
Hope you have fun here. PS I like your Avatar



Supereor said:

I don't actually know if I'm in yet, but this actually is kind of defiling those 20 games, 'cause they were released for a price once, and now 20 of them are free. It's kewl, but all that hard work making those games... well, who cares now? We didn't pay a $250 just for 3D screens, a lack of the beloved Flipnote Studio, movement sensors and circle pads!! W00T!! Bring on the games!! Whats sad is that you will actually have to wait for the games...



Supereor said:

YES!! I'm in!! But we still have to wait... B.T.W. for the record, I payed $155 for mine. XD



AZZA0204 said:

@mowzle Thanks for the warm welcomin I kind of figured that out as soon as I posted that comment LOL. Yeah I know right, my avatar is pretty cool if you want I'll send you a link to it?



3DSfReAk said:

I did the Australian program, and I'M IN!!!

Even though I had been on the eShop many times, I was worried I'd be left out or something.

September 1, here I come!



Mowzle2 said:

Well, I'm not going to get in a twist about it, but what's with Nintendo Europe? When DO we get our tool this side of the pond?
Hi, sorry I missed your last post. Yes thanks, a link to your avatar would be interesting.



AZZA0204 said:

@Mowzle OK her is the link to that picture and a ton of interesting supernova pictures. The picture which I have as my Avatar is on Page 3, Two lines down and 6 pictures to the right.At east that is what it is on my computer, and even if you don't find it there is a ton of cool stuff on that page.



Mowzle2 said:

Now you've got me really going - I love astronomy pictures, but did you forget to put in the link before you posted?
I can't see it



Mowzle2 said:

Potted universes! I may give one a whirl when I want a change of avatar sometime. You do know there's all sorts on the various European Space Agency websites? The best for pics and stuff is this one where you'll find wallpapers and screensavers if you click on "Goodies":-
Apologies to everybody else for straying off topic, we'll stop now.



AZZA0204 said:

Yeah I'm sorry for straying off topic aswell but for gods sake is europe ever gonna find out or are we gonna have to wait till September the 1st



Mowzle2 said:

There is no change the Nintendo Europe's Ambassador page this morning. I can't see them putting anything up now, though I suppose it's possible.
Oh well, we'll find out next Thursday, anyway.
I think I'd rather see a complete list of the games published, but I suspect that won't happen either



Geonjaha said:

Oh you have got to be kidding me. 4 days until the games start coming out and we cant even check if we're Ambassadors, let alone qualify by other means. Anger; it burns >:0

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