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Aliens Infest North America on 11th October

Posted by James Newton

Earlier in Europe, though

WayForward's homage to the Aliens series should be showing up on your motion trackers soon, as SEGA has announced the game will release in North America on 11th October, with a European release slightly earlier on 30th September.

The 2D action shooter boasts WayForward's usual quality artwork, but can the company turn its usually winning touch to something a little darker than Shantae: Risky's Revenge and A Boy and His Blob? We'll see in September and October.


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Corbs said:

I'm all over anything WayForward develops. Can't wait to take this one for a spin.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'm getting a bit of a "Contra meets Metroid" - vibe out of the screens. And i hope it will be just as good as Contra 4. Heck, this could even be the best 2D Resident Evil game ever made.
Hope they let you switch characters and use it really well.
However it's pretty much a given that i'll buy this game. If it doesn't turn out horrible that is.



y2josh said:

I like WayForward, but despise the Alien franchise. I'll be skipping this one.



Corbs said:

Wow, I've never even met anyone that didn't love the Alien movies. Wow! Just WOW!



Sneaker13 said:

Doesn't look all that special (apart from the alien in screen 4). Have to wait for some more (and moving) footage because I think a lot of this could (and have been done) on the GBA. Even DSiWare which WayForward have done themself with Shantae. So it has to be something really special if they make a retail out of it.



Wheels2050 said:

From what I've heard about Shantae, this might be worth more of a look than I thought - I hadn't realised it was the same people!



Ren said:

This is going to be good. From what I've read the system of permanent teammate deaths and saving teammates with a branching story sounds awesome, plus all the 2_D alien goodness of the likes I haven't seen since the classic Alien3 on the SuperNes.



TikiTong said:

Well,I like the look of Aliens:Colonial Marines for the Wii U.If I get a Wii U,Im definitely getting that



Kid_A said:

WayForward is brilliant, so this one will definitely be on my radar!



motang said:

Ah man this is shaping up to be awesome fall!
1. Oct. 11th is this game
2. Nov 1st is Uncharted 3
3. Nov. 20th is Skyward Sword



TheGreenSpiny said:

@7 Sneaker13: This is Wayforward. These guys are masters of 2D game making. I doubt this one could be made for the GBA.

From what I read this game is like Metroid, but you play as multiple characters each with a different background and story. If a character dies they can't be revived, and you have to play as a different one. The story will change depending on the characters you play as.



NassaDane said:

Aliens influences Metroid and now Metroid influences Aliens. Works for me! This really does look great, can't wait.



Sneaker13 said:

@15, the two GBA Metroid's spring to mind, the GBA Castlavania games. Just to name a few. And not much is now about this one (no moving footage and more specs). But so far I'm not that impressed.



SuperLink said:

I love the whole Alien franchise, but I feel that they're ripping from Metroid a little too much here.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm down for almost anything WayForward puts out. The most recent exception being that new Centipede game. That one just doesn't do anything for me but this Aliens game looks fantastic. I can't wait!



TheGreenSpiny said:

@19: Sure the game design maybe. But Wayforward is know for pushing the DS tech too the max. I doubt they could have pulled of all their tricks for Shantae and Thor on the GBA. I also looks like they are using their Contra 4 engine for this game.

@20 SuperLink: Metroid ripped from Aliens, so why not the other way around? If this games plays like a 2D Metroid I'll definatly buy it. If it's more linear like Contra I may or may not.



Sneaker13 said:

@23, I'm not saying this game is going to be bad or something. I love Shantae on DSiWare. But compared to the earlier mentioned games and Wario Land 4, there is not a whole lot that distingished itself from the GBA titles. Same with this game. If this was DSiWare, I would be less critical. But this is a retail game and it has to be something really special for me to get excited about. So far, I'm not.



DrDaisy said:

It doesn't seem the same without Ripley, but I might give it a try.
The ESRB rating on the official website lists partial nudity. Now I'm curious.



Knux said:

Wayforward developing an Aliens game? This is going to be effing awesome!

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