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3D Classics: Urban Champion Coming to Europe Next Week

Posted by James Newton

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The 3D Classics series will receive its third instalment next week when 3D Classics: Urban Champion launches in Europe.

The 3DS eShop was updated today with the release date and a new 3D trailer for the game, which still depicts two men fighting in front of a snack bar but with all new 3D graphics. It's quite something to behold, but we'll only see if it's a worthwhile purchase next week when it's released.

No word on a price yet, but expect it to settle around the £5.40/€6 mark.

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EarthboundBenjy said:

When I saw the trailer I thought "hang on, is this out?". Turns out nope.
I never played Urban Champion before. I'm well aware that it's a laod of rubbish, but I kind of just want to own every 3D Classic release, since there's going to be so few of them.



Cipher said:

Very intrigued by the video, but given the reputation held by the original, I'll wait to hear more, just in case it's not too good.



Link79 said:

Who's dumb idea was it to make a 3D version of a game nobody liked in the first place?



Sneaker13 said:

The trailer really impressed me, especially when they switched camera angles. Still waiting for a review though.



TKOWL said:

Out of all of the classic titles to make into 3D.... why this.



skywake said:

I'm sure I could think of a whole pile of games I'd rather see remade but still. It looks like they've done a really good job with it.



AUnkownFuture said:

I remember this game when i was a child. I never liked it. It was boring to me and im gonna let it pass when it comes out next week.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Really? After all the jokes on the internet you would think that Nintendo would have been smart enough not to make this game. I'm half tempted to buy this as a joke... too bad I can't buy it used.



Ryno said:

I never played this. I am going to look for the original on Ebay!

Update: Yikes, $110.00 complete!



SKTTR said:

Oh this is by Arika? I guess supporting them with buying Endless Ocean 2 is a much better idea.



Burn said:

I read somewhere that Fight Club was inspired by this game. True?



Geonjaha said:

Good to see that at least something is coming out. I probably wont get it, but as soon as they've released all of these 6 overpriced 3D-Classics the sooner they can focus on more good 3DSWare.



Colors said:

D: Gosh, this game looks terrible!
cough I'm rather interested and will probably pick this up cough



K964 said:

@Geonjaha That makes sense.
I have to ask since the trailer isn't in NA, hows the 3D effect compared to other 3D classics?



moomoo said:

Urban Champion was, is, and will always be a horrible game. Why they are choosing this over something like Mega Man, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Kid Icarus, or any other semi-decent to awesome game on the NES is beyond me.



moosa said:

There's some fun that can be had with Urban Champion. It's very simple but not entirely terrible for an NES game. Of course, once the media started going on about a game people weren't familiar with being terrible, it spread like wildfire and now everyone believes it without even having to play it. Granted it's not exactly the kind of game that grabs you and pulls you in so playing it likely won't help much anyways.

Oh and look, voxels.



Hokori said:

@28 cause we get Mario and zelda and possibly the rest for free on Sept 1st



cangelo said:

@29 I had the unfortunate opportunity of owning that horrid game. It's not a bunch of people basing it on what others said...many of us played/owned that horrible excuse for entertainment

@30 Kung fu would be much much more embraced by me



Teh-Ray said:

These comments are hilarious. It almost makes the whole thing worth it...almost.



ToxieDogg said:

The 3D effects look nice on it, but I'm unfortunate enough to hae played the original game back in the early 1990's and it was awful even then.

I'll hold out for 3D Twinbee I think.



Ren said:

Um, it's not just a rumor. I have played it and it was horrible even then. Same couple punch outs over and over and over....



RevolverLink said:

There has to be one high up executive at Nintendo that's absolutely fanatical about Urban Champion and he/she alone will keep slipping it into any and every program they possibly can until some poor souls accidentally start considering it a classic.



Expa0 said:

Heh, for some reason I was first thinking River City Ransom, but then I saw the pick and was like. Noooo!



littlebigplanet said:

They chose wisely with Excitebikes and Xevious, I love 'em both. But hoe did they even choose this? Did they go, "Hey, lets put every NES game and put it's name in a hat, and whichever one we pick, we'll sell..."
They had over 900 games to choose from... I'm sold on Twinbee. I just hope that the last few 3D Classics are actually classics... coughcough Metroid



Ruffy said:

Are you kidding nintendo!!!....... urban champion!!!!
Why did you start off great with Excitebike, then Xevious and now throw us this rubbish title....... With all the pre 3ds hype and hearing about Super Mario Bros and Castlevania played in 3d i for one was so excited to play these games in 3d.
I seriously hope they release the last 3 titles as decent ones......



MeloMan said:

Looks good... but Urban Champion definitely doesn't have timeless gameplay. This one will definitely be fore the adamant UC fan, collector, utter Nintendo fan, etc. but I do agree with a previous poster... you CAN do better than this, Nintendo. I'd even be fine with Donkey Kong done in 3D.



BenAV said:

Don't really want this but at the same time I don't want to be missing just one of the 3D Classics so not sure what to do...
Will probably end up holding out on it until the rest of the 3D Classics are out and then I might just buy it to complete the collection.
If it was around $2-3 then I'd get it for sure but $9 is a bit steep for something like this...

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