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Xenoblade Artwork and Screenshots Show a Lot of Heart

Posted by James Newton

Affinity mode featured

Having found itself at the centre of a huge operation revolving around its localisation, Xenoblade Chronicles certainly has a lot to prove, but judging from this artwork it's got no fears in that department.

New screenshots from Nintendo show the game's party affinity system, showing how well members of your team like each other, directly affecting their effectiveness in battle. There's also plenty of shots of the battle system, with all the numbers, targets and all the other RPG delights you'd want to see in such a game.

There's also a stack of new concept and promotional art for the game, which we've embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

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Chris720 said:

Those screenshots look... simply outstanding! I may be stupid to say this, but it looks better than MH3.



timp29 said:

Affinity showing how much your party likes each other??
Just give me the damn game!



thanos316 said:

now imma have to definitely get the european version. and the only reason i would sell my wii is if im gonna invest into getting a computer for gaming.



outrun2sp said:

Honestly. If nintendo dont release this in the US. You can search on google and find a way to make it run. All you need is an SD card and to run a ahem update then you will be able to order it from and play the game.



Yadoking said:

Why would you sell your Wii's D=
Hopefully Operation Rainfall was right( and I'm sure they wouldn't lie) about this game being completed for NTSC.



daznsaz said:

it looks champion hopefully as immersive as it lets on can we have it on 3ds please



ffxiii09 said:

This generation the Wii is probably the best system for jrpgs. Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Tales of Graces, and Dragon Quest X.



Objection said:

i didn't know you could be the best system for rpg's while having none of those released as of now.
Unless several of those make it over, we have to face the facts: even the 360 gets more RPGs than the Wii, which is pretty sad.



MasterGraveheart said:

Operation Rainfall a while back reported that localization of Xenoblade was actually complete and Last Story was in development, but both were awaiting formal announcement.

While I am excited to hear the news, unfortunately, I must regard it with just as much of a grain of salt as's claims of EarthBound never seeing the light of day again. Both don't post an actual source, but just an "our source/insider" mentioning. In the interest of Internet fairness, I'll have to wait until I actually hear from Nintendo themselves.

Obviously, in this case, I'm hoping it's true.




ffxiii09 said:

You're right about that. But I know Japanese and own a Japanese Wii. So for me personally, the Wii has the best jrpgs this generation. Though PS3 is catchng up with a lot of promising titles on the horizon. Tales of Xillia, Versus XIII, NiNoKuni, etc. But the Wii U won't be releasing until after April 2012. That gives Nintendo plenty of time to release those titles in NA. Fingers crossed.



PSICOffee said:

I'm not even going to read this story. It's really smearing the game in our faces now, and as a forbidden fruit, I'll never know what it's truly like.



Widdowson91 said:

If Monolith Soft could achieve that level of graphical polish on the Wii, why couldn't others too? I've already got the game all pre-ordered and I'm so ready to play it.



armoredghor said:

Well, I will play this one way or another. Can't blame Nintendo. It's still basically business suicide to release these in America.



Bassman_Q said:

Wow before I was mainly interested in The Last Story coming to the U.S... but these screenshots look absolutely gorgeous! WTF are you doing, NoA!? Get your asses in gear to localize!!!



kdognumba1 said:

This game looks fantastic. The sense of scale is comparable to a MMO cranked up to max settings and the art and design is AAA.

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