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Will You "Stop the Swarm!" When It Hits Your City?

Posted by Trevor Chan

The Mercenaries 3D event spreads like a virus

Blasting monsters in the face sure is fun, which is why the StreetPass Network has a Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D event lined up where gamers can get together and enjoy Capcom's third-person action game.

The independent group has set up a worldwide list of locations where 3DS owners can bring their consoles along and get involved in the event which bears the name "Stop the Swarm!" ― a reference to a part of the game's script. The events will take place across several countries, such as the United States of America, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Mexico.

Check the full list below for cities and their corresponding dates:

  • Almere (Netherlands) event on July 16
  • Altamonte Springs (Florida, U.S.) event on July 16
  • Arnhem (Netherlands) event on July 16
  • Brisbane (Australia) event on July 30
  • Dortmund (Germany) event on July 23
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates) event on July 14
  • Green Bay (Wisconsin, U.S.) event on July 23
  • Hollywood (California, U.S.) event on July 23
  • Indianapolis (Indiana, U.S.) event on July 23
  • Ontario (California, U.S.) event on July 16
  • Metairie (Louisiana, U.S.) event on July 23
  • Mexico City (Mexico) event on July 23
  • New York City (New York, U.S.) event on July 30
  • Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, U.S.) event on July 23
  • Princeton (New Jersey, U.S.) event on July 17
  • San Francisco (California, U.S.) event on July 31
  • Seattle (Washington, U.D.) event on July 15
  • Washington (District of Columbia, U.S.) event on July 23

If the Stop the Swarm! events are stopping by your area and you want to participate, get in touch with the StreetPass Network via email and let us know below in the comments section if you plan on attending.


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crazyj2312 said:

Wow there's an event in DC? There's rarely any events around here; glad to see some.



Capt_N said:

Wait, is it an independent group of people forming streetpass tournaments-type of thing, or is this an officially sponsored by Capcom event? I think both are pretty cool, but I think the former I mentioned is better, than the latter.

Edit: Yes, I read over, & see "independent". That's cool!



Sh00kst3r said:

Wow, you'd think that the Lone-Star state would actually have something fun to do. NOPE.avi
So all I can do with Duo mode is global. :/

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