Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has given its opinion on Wii U in an interview with NowGamer, and the studio isn't sold on Nintendo's innovation this time around.

Game director Justin Richmond from Sony-owned Naughty Dog said the console looks interesting but is nothing that couldn't be done on Sony consoles:

To be honest with you, the idea of it is very, very cool. But there’s nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn’t. You know, it’s an interesting piece of technology, and I’m interested to see how people use it.

Of course, the combined cost of a PlayStation 3 and Vita is north of the $500 mark, with Wii U likely to land much lower. Richmond also seemed surprised that the Wii U touch screen is resistive, not capacitive:

I’m not completely sold yet. That the screen isn’t multi-touch, that’s a little weird. It seems there are some very strange holes in it, but to be fair, last time I was sceptical of the original Wii, and look at how that did. I’m sure that the games they make for Wii U will be amazing.

Do you think Sony will go down the Wii U route with its PS3 and Vita consoles, offering a second window into the game world?

[via nowgamer.com]