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Three New Rewards Hit Club Nintendo in North America

Posted by James Newton

Giant AR card approaches

Club Nintendo coins burning a hole in the brick you use to store them? Want to set them free but don't fancy bashing your head in? You need a new reward, then.

You can now choose from a Metroid: Other M screensaver, a set of three posters charting the history of Donkey Kong or, best of all, a giant double-sided AR card for the 3DS.

The screensaver costs 10 coins, the giant AR card is 200 coins and the Donkey Kong posters will set you back 400 smackers.

What will you be getting? Anything, nothing? Let us know.

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TheBaconator said:

I want those posters, but I have nowhere to put them. I was only able to hand up 1 Mario poster, and the rest of them (Along with about 10 other posters) are under my bed, due to lack of wall space. Not to mention I'm trying to save up for Ball anyway.



turtlelink said:

They're all are pretty cool. Those Metroid screen savers are tempting and so are the DK posters.

I wonder why the DK posters 50 more coins than the other 2 sets.



Morpheel said:

Yay new freebies!

Wait, where's my SNES classic controller for the Wii?



ArmoredGoomba said:

Posters are nice...and I like the idea of the AR card (I don't have a 3DS though) I'll be saving my coins for anything metroid related in the future (what I really want is a metroid or samus figurine)



Raylax said:

We got a giant AR card free with the official Nintendo Magazine in the UK :3
And it had an Oshawatt AR marker on the reverse side.



FluttershyGuy said:

If you want a giant AR Card, give me a "Hell yeah"! I know where my remaining points are going!



Hyperstar96 said:

Metroid: Other M screensaver:
Google "Metroid: Other M screensaver." Done.

Donkey Kong posters:

Giant AR Card:
Just print out a big AR Card...



Mayhem said:

Now why couldn't these have come before the end of June when I had to spend some expiring coins?



Squiggle55 said:

I like the posters, it might be nice to frame all 3 "history" posters. But overall these new releases don't really jump out at me personally.



SuperLink said:


All I really want is for the SNES Classic Controller for the Wii to come to North America. Thats what I'm waiting for.



NintyMan said:

If not for the great Donkey Kong posters, that Giant AR card would be my next reward, but in my love for DK I got the posters and am now a hundred coins below getting the card. When I get a hundred coins, you can bet that I'll be getting this once it comes back into stock, because now they will more than likely run out of them. Still, these are the best rewards to come into the North American Club Nintendo in a long time!



Supremeist said:

I'll order my AR Card when it gets here Good thing, I've been saving my coins for something good.



TKOWL said:

I already spent all my Club Nintendo points last month, because their 3-year limit ran out. None of these rewards look that interesting, anyways.



Ron_DelVillano said:

I'm definitely grabbing a giant AR card.

Can't wait to play this in my front room while all of the neighbors walk past my window and wonder why I'm running around in circles.



LoopyLuigi said:

I don't get why everyone is going crazy over the giant AR card. Actually, I find all of the AR activities on the 3DS dull. Anyway I might get the posters since I have the mario and zelda sets, and the screensaver looks ok for just 10 coins. I'm also torn between the mario sensu and the reversible pouches. anyone get a sensu or pouch yet? Are they worth it?



Dynetheous said:

@loopyluigi the pouch is good, i use it everyday, nice material and very soft. i also wanted the sensu but never got one so i cant help you with that.
just ordered the big ar card :3



Odnetnin said:

Against my better judgement I ordered the AR Card. Between this, the Zelda posters, and the blue 3DS pouch, I'm almost out of coins. D:

The Metroid screensaver was tempting, but I already have and don't use the History of Mario one, so...

Also I already have a DK poster and am out of room for more.



AVahne said:

Nothing really cool except for the giant AR card, but I wonder why we don't get a set of Metroid posters? 25th Anniversary after all.
And how about some Fire Emblem posters? The 20th Anniversary for the series was last year.



Number_6 said:

I have both the Sensu fan and pouch. They are both OK.

The pouch (I think it may actually be like a Japanese bento box baggie), is of nice quality and I used it recently during a 2500 mile motorcycle trip to keep my charger, bud earphones and 3DS. The only downside is that it is pretty bulky, to the point that it can't really be used while carry the 3DS around in pants/jacket...unless you roll like an MC in 2003, uber-baggie style. While it is not cushioned, it is soft and thick enough to provide at least some limited protection against softer impacts.

The Sensu is quite nice. I got the Mario one for my daughter. In the end it is just a paper and wood fan, but the printing is nice, the wood has nice detailing and I think it actually uses gampi (the correct paper for Japanese fans). It uses back paper to cover the frame and has end guard sticks to add durability and improve appearance. A fabric storage pouch is included.

While I use the pouch more (mainly because I do a lot of motorcycle touring), I think the Sensu is a much nicer item. The pouch is functionional, the Sensu is more "art-like" for lack of a better term. So it somewhat comes down to the utilitarian vs. the aesthetic.

Next on my list is the messenger bag. Anyone that has one have any input on that item?



zeeroid said:

@Number_6 (29): I have the messenger bag! It's very good. Pretty standard fare for a bag of that sort, but it's well-made and absolutely functional. I actually use it quite often. 550 coins is on the high side, which I'd suppose is the only real downside.



CerealKiller062 said:

I think it would be funner to kill a GIANT monster statue than the small one produced by the actual "?" card! (Pardon my Grammer)
Just ordered one! I just hate that it has a crease down the middle of it. But I guess it will be easier to store like that.



SilverBaretta said:

I shall be getting that card. I think I may hang it up on my wall. It'll really tie the room together.



WiiAboutU said:

I would have much rather received the Wii points card award in NA, instead of the AR card award. IMO



Tails said:

I ordered the Metroid Screensaver, and the Giant AR Card. Screensaver is nice, But i cant wait to try out that AR Card. It will be on my channel as a show off prize



alLabouTandroiD said:

Would be cool if the Giant AR Card came to the European Club too. And it would be even cooler if it was a magic carpet.



hYdeks said:

I'ld like all but the screensaver. I seen the giant AR card before on Nintendo Week lol



LittleIrves said:

Man, I just went to the Nintendo UK Club Nintendo page... and sheesh, are those rewards so much better than America's. Points cards? Soundtracks? Full retail games?? (okay, it's Mario Tennis for GBA, but still.) And of course, the SNES controller. Yes, I'm gonna get me that giant AR card. But I can't believe how less interesting the rest of the USA rewards are than everywhere else...



eddypikachu said:

The donkey kong timeline poster wasnt well done, it repeats the first game twice and it didnt include donkey kong country 2 or 3! uh wait maybe it was because donkey kong wasnt playable in those games....nevermind! _



LoopyLuigi said:

I also have the messenger bag (that's the black one with the mario star on it, right?) and I agree with zeeroid's comments. It is well made but will wear out after a few years of regular use. Thanks for the input @number_6 I will probably get the sensu then because I tend to order the rewards for collectibles more than useful items.



Blink said:

910 points in two hours of one night.
Giant AR card, Zelda posters, Mario posters, and Mario screensaver the next day.
Now to save up for those coolio foolio cards...

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