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Tennis As a 3D Classics Release Was Way Out

Posted by Trevor Chan

Don't need Hawk-Eye to tell us it's no good

Tennis for the NES has already been released via the Wii Shop Channel as a Virtual Console game, but at one point, it was also in the process of being brought over to the 3DS as part of the 3D Classics range. The latest Iwata Asks centres on the Nintendo eShop and reveals why that re-release never came to fruition.

Takao Nakano, 3D Classics director spoke to Nintendo's CEO and president Satoru Iwata about Tennis' depth perception and how it didn't feel right when displayed on the 3DS's stereoscopic screen:

One game that didn't go well was Tennis for the Famicom. The tennis court originally in the background had perspective, so I thought we could simply shift it to 3D. But we had originally created that screen to have a three-dimensional effect in 2D, so in real 3D imaging, it wasn't very surprising. I thought, "That's totally normal!" (laughs)

Eventually, the workload proved too much as the low payoff ate up too much time and effort, resulting in the project being abandoned:

And a programming problem arose after changing the collision detection for the ball and racket from a plane to a 3D field. It took as much work as making a tennis game from scratch. If there would be the surprise of seeing it become 3D, we might want to make it, but we had to conclude that the resultant value would not be worth our hard work, so we scrapped it.


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ecco6t9 said:

It would be nice for Nintendo to forget about some of their older games.



Chris720 said:

Yet Urban Champion will be better... :/

A 3D Mario's Tennis would be cool, or maybe even a whole new Mario Tennis 3D.



grumblegrumble said:

This is the 10th game I bought for my original NES back in the day (87 I believe) for a very cheap $20 at Toys R Us. LOL! I remember getting frustrated at the looping cheap music and after awhile, I started to enjoy it. Now this game reminds me of the Summer of 87 and how frustrating me and my friends got at one another while playing Doubles.



EarthboundBenjy said:

It seems like Nintendo are going for their super early NES efforts for the 3D Classics range at the moment.
I wouldn't be surprised if Mach Rider was next.

What else...? Ice Climber, Wrecking Crew, Balloon Fight?



JGMR said:

Looks the same, but plays ten times better...

Konami's Tennis for the MSX...



JebbyDeringer said:

I enjoyed Super Tennis for SNES. Not sure where my brother got it from or why but it was actually quite enjoyable. During the NES years games like Megaman, Zelda II, Duck Tales & others were so much more interesting to me than Tennis.



Crunchy_in_milk said:

What's the definition of classic again? I don't think anybody thinks of tennis when they start thinking of NES classics. Oh well, at least Urban Champion isn't going to be remade in 3d. Oh wait...



Monkeh said:

Apparently EShop cards are already for sale. They're also called Nintendo Points, just make sure they have an EShop logo on the back!



mushroomer said:

Yeah whats up with that? Why don't they bring us Virtual Boy stuff instead of all this crap we can get for free from emulators? They should revive all those great VB games that nobody ever played because nobody had a vb. Just colorize them and make them higher resolution . all the 3D aspect is already done for nintendo.

Also, if they are rereleasing already made classics, why dont they combine them into a big combo pack. like 50 nes classics in 3d for 500 points.

now that i might go for



yoyo1212 said:

omg just give us super mario bros or zelda or mega man super mario world or something donkey kong will be better then tennis



Malkeor said:

Not only is Tennis a problem but the plan they had for 3D classics flopped.
It's very difficult to "redesign" these games, because that's what it feels like they are doing. Starting from scratch.

I really do hope we see more than a few games though...



Samholy said:

well i woulnt care if it was in 3d or not. i would still get it. tennis was one of those games that was fun to manoeuver.
even years after, the cart was easy to put back in for a couple of games.

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