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Super Mario Galaxy Director was Kept in the Dark About Wii U

Posted by James Newton

Koizumi left guessing

Nintendo unveiled Wii U at E3 in June without a single official first-party game to demonstrate it — attendees had to make do with tech demos like New Super Mario Bros. Mii and Zelda Wii U. If you were wondering why there wasn't a more concrete showing of upcoming games, it could be because Nintendo's legendary secrecy extended even to its own top employees.

Super Mario Galaxy producer Yoshiaki Koizumi revealed in an E3 interview with GameLife that he didn't get the full picture about the machine until Nintendo's E3 presentation.

As a developer at Nintendo, I had some information about the new system, but I didn’t really have all of the information prior to the announcement at our presentation. I only knew some of the things that were considered to be safe.

Koizumi knows about the console now though, and you know what that means — he and his team are working on a Super Mario game for the machine. We can't wait.


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andyutd97 said:

Well the Wii U is so disappointing Im sure they didnt tell him due to embarrassment.



Megumi said:

Great....not only is Nintendo is keeping secrets from the outside...but keeping them from themselves now?! xD



Lan said:

Awesomess. I want a SM64/Sunshine style game. With a hub world.



Capt_N said:

@andyutd97: lol EDIT: I'm laughing w/ you, not @ you.

That's kinda stupid keeping secrets from even your own top people. But I guess Nintendo top execs fear their men/women, even the ones @ the top, might down the line say farewell to Nintendo, or lose their jobs, & take their knowledge of how Nintendo's (proverbial) wheels spin, elsewhere.



Hardy83 said:

Sounds like the launch will be better then the 3DS launch. By which I mean worse.



warioswoods said:

Koizumi sitteth at the right hand of Miyamoto (Aonuma at the left hand). He's basically the heir to Mario just as Aonuma is to Zelda.

It's interesting that Miyamoto was so involved with conceiving of this hardware yet kept it from apprentice.



C-195 said:

Keeping secrets about a new console from one of your best employees? Not a smart move nintendo.



Traxx said:

There, you don't announce a new console like this with no true game development backing it up. RUUUUUUSSSHHHED!



NintyMan said:

Is there a "Disappointment" tag under the article? I find nothing disappointing about this.



Squiggle55 said:

this is just weird news. I don't know why they would do that.

@bahooney I'm not hatin' on the system, I think it will be awesome. But everytime I see the name I die a little inside.



Henmii said:

More and more I get the feeling that the showing of the Wii u was premature. Just because all the sites started buzzing about the controller and the device being showed at E3, they just had to show it at E3. I think the initial plan would have been to show it E3 2012!



komicturtle said:

Must be kept secret because not everything is final. I really want to see Kirby, F-Zero, Star Fox, Custom Robo and even reviving the Ice Climber games. How about Balloon Fight? I could see that game making oh-so terrific use of the new controller.

Revive the classics, Nintendo. Let Metroid, Mario and even Zelda take a short break and focus on those other properties that have essentiallly been left in the dark for awhile and they just don't deserve it



huenintenlife said:

I don't see it as a down fall cause to much of nintendo idea get's leaked out and you have people like sony biting of nintendo.. This was very important for nintendo about there controller, nintendo is a head again and playstation got to play catch up once again..



Waxedfloss76 said:

wii u rhymes with gamecube..everytime nintendo makes innovation everyone copies them. they r smart secrecy works. keeps competitors on toes



Lordy said:

Yeah, it'll be great if we get some quality third-party support. Don't get me wrong, the Wii had plenty of good stuff, but it left some to be desired. Also, I don't get what the big deal about motion controls is. I find games without them to be just as immersive, sometimes moreso.



dizzy_boy said:

looks like another nintendo console will get releasad without a mario game.
how on earth do nintendo expect their top employee`s to prepare for a consoles release if they`re so hush hush about these things.



Imperfect said:

Well look what happened to the other confrences....
Absoloutley everything that happened had already been leaked aside from the price point of the vita and ATAT. Even microsofts big reveal, Halo 4, was leaked hours before the show. In an age where it's nearly impossibile to hide leaks, Nintendo managed to hide quite a few things about the system.



Omarzuqo said:

Nintendo was so ashamed of the Wii U they didn't tell their employees about it.



Alpha2797 said:

Many people complain and are disappointed with the wii u but I think we should all give it a chance. After all, many people were skeptical about the 3D effects of the 3DS but the 3D effects are better than imagined. Note: for those who complain about the 3D on the 3DS, then stop complaining and keep playing. Your eyes are concentrated on near and far objects on screen at the same time so it hurts, but only for a day or two. It's only until you get used to it.



Supremeist said:

They are spies!
SMG would be awesome on the Wii U.
No one has any right to face against it already, because probably no one here has ever even had eye to eye contact with one yet anyways lol.



Gamer83 said:

What in the world is going on over at Nintendo these days? For every one good thing lately they do 3 or 4 stupid things.

Why should people be positive about bad news?



SigourneyBeaver said:

It would be funny if he's the office blabbermouth or something!

Iwata to Shigsy: "Whatever you do, don't tell Koizumi. You know what he's like after a couple of drinks!"



JimLad said:

Iwata: "Even I didn't know!" (He erased his own memory)
Can you blame them for being secretive? Pretty much every innovation they come up with is eventually copied in some way. After the phenomenal success of the Wii, I'm sure all eyes were on Nintendo at E3. Innovation is the only way up at this point since graphics have sort of peaked.



Blaze said:

@CaptN I see your point, however, i doubt he will be fired for some time at least! Well, now we know we have a Super Mario Game in developement for Wii U, so i guess that's a good thing anyway!



Sir_Deadly said:

Umm maybe they kept them in the dark because all the rumors that were goin around. Maybe that didnt want anything else getting out.



CerealKiller062 said:

I would be some what tikked off by this if I was a top Nintendo producer. I mean, am I not a top Nintendo producer?



MasterGraveheart said:

This was most likely a way to keep leaks from getting out by playing the system close to the vest. He shouldn't take it personally.



thanos316 said:

Hmm do yall really believe that this guy didn't really know much about the wii u. the director thats behind galaxy, yea ok. galaxy for the wii u is probably in its final stages, being polished up for launch next year. and the wii u has lots of potential, lets see if developers can get creative, now that they have the horsepower that they've been begging for.. more shooters i see, damn hope not..



SigourneyBeaver said:

If he really didn't know of the Wii U's major features until E3 could that mean either the next Mario game won't make much use of them or will be a long way off being released?



Leowns said:

@sigourneyBeaver well if u think about it if it get released in a long time it will make good use of Wii U features (wich i really hope) sence we are getting Mario Mii



Henmii said:

"If he really didn't know of the Wii U's major features until E3 could that mean either the next Mario game won't make much use of them or will be a long way off being released?"

I think the next 3D Mario game (not Mario 3DS, but a new console title) will be far of. However, New super Mario bros mii could be at launch. Who knows!



moosa said:

I really can't believe the people who are considering this bad news.



Teh-Ray said:

Man, I was really hoping that biased site after biased site, this place would be the one to come to for positive Nintendo reactions.

Oh well, at least I get a good laugh.

In all honesty, hearing that they finally got word and will probably produce a quality Mario title again has made me excited. Super Mario Galaxy 3, perhaps? Not sure where else to go after space...

( Though, honestly, I hope it's something new! )



SazMelthic said:

A cell shaded 3D Mario Title will be SM64's true sequel having remix composed music from Mario Party 3.



Vinsanity said:

Well, I'm glad Nintendo was soooo secretive. I mean, it's not like details weren't leaked, like, a month in advance (or more) so sites like IGN couldn't spill everything anyway.

Oh wait... ;p

Really, dumb. They would've been MUCH better suited letting their own game designers know about this thing, so they could show up to e3 with some god*amn games to show for this currently useless hunk of sh**, than try to "keep the secret" from everybody. Idiots.

After this whole "Operation Rainfall" thing, I don't know if I can talk about Nintendo without becoming completely furious at every boneheaded move they make. They're really f*cking crazy.



Dorkvader said:

@41. bro2dragons LOL that's about right with Nintendo. And i hope they release Super Mario Bros.Mii as a lunch tittle for the Wii U

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