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Rumour: Kid Icarus: Uprising to Miss 2011 in Europe

Posted by James Newton

Pit overshoots

It seems 3DS owners in Europe might have to keep waiting for Pit's long-awaited return: Kid Icarus: Uprising might not see release this year.

Nintendo Life reporter Marcel Van Duyn attended a Nintendo preview event today, where Kid Icarus: Uprising was marked down for a "Q1 2012" release, meaning it would miss the lucrative Christmas sales window.

While Nintendo Europe isn't averse to the idea of delaying finished games so they don't get lost in the Christmas rush — Kirby's Epic Yarn suffered a substantial delay — it would still be a huge disappointment if Project Sora's fancy flight-and-fighting game was released next year.

The official Nintendo Europe site only lists the game with a release date "to be determined".

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NintyMan said:

Oh, no, I hope this isn't true for their sake! The delay for Kirby's Epic Yarn caused it to have poor sales!



HipsterDashie said:

Sigh, just when you started to think maybe NoE was starting to sort out its shoddy release dates. They were doing well with Ocarina of Time and Black and White. This is disappointing, especially considering the fanfare that was made over this game at E3 2010. I was half expecting it to be out by now.



Ryno said:

Help enlighten me. Why is it so difficult to to release NOA games and NOE games at or pretty close to the same time?



cyrus_zuo said:

I could be wrong, but I think sales wise this game is likely to miss everywhere.

I found it really hard to play using the touchpad for aiming. It made me wish I was home playing Sin & Punishment 2. I keep hoping it will surprise me, but despite looking nice it isn't anywhere near my buy list.



LztheQuack said:

Nintendo's release schedule has been bizarre all around.

@Ryno: Well Europe has to translate into multiple languages rather than just English. I imagine it's harder with voice-acting involved



J-Forest-Esq said:

Well, the touch controls turn me off it a little bit, as I'm left-handed, but this is distressing news indeed for other fans.



Tate24 said:

Sort it out! If its delayed it wont get as many sales!
It sell like hot cakes over Christmas
I want so bad



Stine said:

Too bad. But I already have enough games to purchase in 2011, so it's okay for me personally. I'm more worried about how it will affect the sales.



Cipher said:

Makes sense, I think - too many high-profile titles launching for Nintendo systems so soon before Christmas. Launching this in the early part of next year ensures 2012 will start off well, alongside the likes of Luigi's Mansion 2 and (I'm assuming) Paper Mario and Animal Crossing.

@sgotsch Given that the Smash Bros. games probably won't land until either 2013 or 2014, I doubt a Kid Icarus delay would have a noticeable impact on those titles.



Dodger said:

I can't see how this game is going to sell well in the christmas season, so I guess I can understand. I would of expected this to be out in the fall. There's no other games. Seriously, what christmas shopper would buy a Pit game when Mario Kart is on the shelf? Seems a bit weird that it's coming out in the holiday season in the US, in my opinion.



Ryno said:

@Dodger Seriously, what christmas shopper would buy a Pit game when Mario Kart is on the shelf?

Give me a Pit game over another Mario Kart game any day! I just wish this Pit game was coming out for the Wii instead of the 3DS.



luminalace said:

Darn I really wanted this in 2011. As long as Mario Kart, Super Mario and Metal Gear Slid 3 make it though it will be a good Xmas!



erv said:

Because europeans don't buy themselves into the red, and therefore cannot buy a skyward sword and an uprising at the same time.

Marketing, I guess. But Kirby was an epic fail really.



Rapadash6 said:

Not that it matters. They'll be too busy playing Xenoblade anyway. grumble grumble



PALgamer said:

The language localizations are bull, since both Spanish and French are included in many American releases.



Dodger said:

@Ryno That's not what I'm saying. I'm excited for Kid Icarus, it just seems a bad time to release it to me. Every Nintendo system owner and their little brother buys the latest Mario Kart game or asks for it for a holiday. I think a lot of sales that could go to the new Kid Icarus game if they released it early 2012 or fall 2011 are going to go to games with Mario in the title.

I do hope this turns out well. It's a game I would like.

I think Fall would be best. Mario always sells better then everything else, it's just a fact. Put Kid Icarus in September/October, put a couple games in late November, a lot of games scattered throughout December, Super Mario has to be somewhere in there, I'm guessing after Christmas. If it was before the Holiday season, they probably could have a release date by now.

By Christmas shopper, I mean that Mario Kart is always a safe buy for parents/grandparents who don't know anything about games and they know it. Hang around a game store for much time and you can tell that a lot of parents don't know much about games, they want to get a game for their kids, they go straight for Mario Kart Wii. The problem with releasing Kid Icarus at the holiday season is that there are plenty of other games for a kid to put on their wishlist other then that angel from Smash Bros with the weird voice and parents are probably going to ignore it.

Speaking of Smash Bros., that's probably a great way for them to advertise the game. "FROM THE CREATOR OF SUPER SMASH BROS."



Gavin_Rozee said:

@Rift I'm just not digging the art style and enemy designs. To me it looks like they've just used leftover Brawl setpieces and slapped Pit into it all.



Kimiko said:

Translate games into many languages for Europe? Nope, we play the same English game as the rest of the world outside Japan. Only the manual is translated into a few (3 or 4) different languages.

As for Kid Icarus, wasn't that supposed to be a (near-) launch game for the 3DS? What's it doing way over in December or later anyway? It should've been out by now.



Meta-Rift said:

@Gavin_Rozee: I can see why some people don't like the art direction, but it doesn't look very generic to me. I think it was a good idea for them to design the game to resemble Brawl's aesthetics. I do agree that some enemies are pretty generic, but most of them are faithful to the original games and certainly don't look bad.

If they plan on continuing the Kid Icarus franchise, I'd like to see them experiment with different art styles like they do in the Zelda games. They would definitely come up with something better, but I think this was the right way to go for a game that was meant to bring the series back.



potomas said:

Don't think this game will sell well anyway.Here in Britain hardly anyone knows Kid Icarus,and when i played it at a nintendo event it was quite frankly awful.



Sakisa said:

Eh, i'm a bit wary of this one anyway due to being left handed, any delay sucks though.



Bass_X0 said:

Here in Britain hardly anyone knows Kid Icarus,

Maybe few people will buy it on the strength of the Kid Icarus name, but I think many will buy it on the strength of it being a good game that has been very well hyped. Kid Icarus will be a new series to many people here but then how do other actual new series sell well when they do sell well?



Yosher said:

Can't say I really mind either since I wasn't even sure whether I'd be getting this one or not but it's still a shame. Oh well, it ain't the end of the world. As long as it does get a release here at all I'm happy.



lethib said:

I think Nintendo is right to delay this game. I had the opportunity to play to Kid Icarus during a 3DS presentation, and it was the only game that really impressed me. And the only game that made me think that 3D was useful, and amazing. This game is a potential system seller, and Nintendo knows it.
It will be released when it is finished.



potomas said:

The hype may sell this game,but people buying on the strength of it being a good game? well we will see.From what i played,and a few gaming sites stating this was the least convincing 3ds game at E3(apart from graphics)
this being a good game is far from certain.



Vinsanity said:

You're assuming the game will be good. I have a feeling it won't be, but most outlets will review it favorably regardless. Sorta like Square's 3rd Birthday for PSP. Something about Nintendo making a third person shooter....with touch screen-as-mouse look controls....for a handheld...and calling the resulting mess "Kid Icarus"; nothing here sounds like it'll yield a good game. With the exception of Vanquish, I don't think the Japanese have ever made a great third person shooter. Usually they're just awkward and monotonous. Add onto it the fact that it's on a handheld, with the atrocious touch screen aiming...this is going to disappoint.

You guys are getting Xenoblade and Last Story Europe. Enjoy those titles.



Henmii said:

"While Nintendo Europe isn't averse to the idea of delaying finished games so they don't get lost in the Christmas rush — Kirby's Epic Yarn suffered a substantial delay"

The point is: Mario games don't need to be released just before Christmas. They always sell! A game with a special art-style (Kirby's epic yarn), or the return of a long lost franchise (Kid Icarus uprising) could use a Christmas release! If Kid Icarus uprising is released Q1 2012, it will utterly fail. Sadly it looks like Nintendo doesn't want to make this franchise a succes!!

But on the other hand: 3DS has yet to become a great succes, and a Mario title will help more then a Kid Icarus title. But that doesn't change the fact that releasing Kid Icarus next year kills the game. Very sad!



Supremeist said:

If this story is true, sorry about that Europe.

I haven't planned on getting this, never played Kid Icarus, but the hype is big and it looks good.

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