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Retro Roads Never Looked Better Than 3D Pixel Racing

Posted by James Newton

Blocks are best

If we said "here's a cool-looking racing game from the creators of Enjoy Your Massage!" you'd probably close your browser and race to scrub your eyes clean of those three hideous words linked to one of WiiWare's worst-ever games. Don't do that, though — 3D Pixel Racing actually looks kind of cool.

Boasting a graphical style not dissimilar to breakout PS3 hit 3D Dot Game Heroes, the game supports up to four players in local split-screen racing, with 11 blocky cars to choose from, including one that reminds us of the classic Hornet from Daytona USA. Night time racing, pit stops and police chases are all included too, as the trailer below shows.

We've got high hopes for this one, so we'll see how it performs when it's released in North America this Thursday.

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yoyogamer said:

I didn't know that 3D dot heroes was a breakout hit...

Anyways, this looks cool.



Alpha2797 said:

I think this game will do really good. I sure hope it's released for 3DS. I'd rather buy a pre paid card, buy this, and a GB virtual console game too.



Jr-Joe said:

Dude I hope this is released for 3DS! It reminds me of top gear 1 & 2 for the SNES, I loved those games!



Shiryu said:

Strangely, I recognize the music loops from my music creation programs! Looks wicked fun, tough. =)



Rensch said:

It would be cool if you could build new cars or even tracks from those blocks. This looks really awesome!



Alpha2797 said:

You probably can't do that since the file limitations of wiiware games are very restricted but I don't think 3DSware will have that problem so if this is ever made for 3DSware then it's gonna have customization.



SigourneyBeaver said:

This can't come to Europe quick enough for me. In fact, I'd trade The Last Story, Pandora's Tower and Xenoblade just to play this game.



cyrus_zuo said:

@ sgotsch

Totally agree, it reminds me of Alien Syndrome (which had an annoying in the way HUD). Still I'm looking forward to this...I'm always afraid of buying rubbish, so I'll probably wait for the review, but I'm very hopeful.



Wheels2050 said:

@GuardianAcorn: I had the same thought and yes, yes they are.

Watching the trailer I was thinking that constructing the game world the way they have would have been an easy way of introducing a form of damage modelling, where cubes fall off when you bump into stuff. Unfortunately, it looks like they've missed that potential!



siavm said:

It looks good but this is a developer I don't trust. So a multiple reviews and a low price point would be the only ways to make me even consider this.



MarioMario said:

I love the idea of this game. I wish they incorporated a way for crashes to cause your car to fall to pieces across the track Tron style and then pull itself back together



Scribbler said:

@siavm As for the first sentence of this article: remember that the same people who made "Mighty Flip Champs", "A Boy and His Blob" and "Contra 4" also made the abysmal "Ping Pals" for Nintendo DS. Talentless studios aren't the only ones that can churn out clunkers.

@MarioMario If they're really going to use voxels, maybe that's how they'll handle vehicular damage. Maybe it could be incorporated into physics and gameplay. shrug Maybe.

@Ryon Too true. This is going to be a title to keep track of for that reason alone.



Popyman said:

You can't make your own cars? That's really lame, I would have been all over this. Still, I'm interested. I'm a sucker for that artstyle.



Vinsanity said:

That does look neat....too bad my Wii is currently sitting unplugged in our den. While my PS3 reigns supreme in my bedroom. Which is crazy, as I easily spent more time playing Wii in 2010 than the PS3, thanks to Kirby's Epic Yarn, Sonic Colors, No More Heroes 2, Epic Mickey and loads more games. I cannot believe Nintendo of America has done such a thorough job of killing their console in such short time. Really sucks to be releasing Wiiware games right about now.

I'd imagine more publishers would make like Aksys, gather up some promising Wiiware games, bundle them together on a disc, and release some budget-priced retail games right now. Like how Aksys is treating the Bit.Trip series. This software drought is ridiculous.



Vinsanity said:

@siavm: Yeah, listen to Scribbler. Bad games are the result of a lot of outside factors. Bad management, lack of experience, no passion towards a contract job (say, a publisher is looking for a 'gun for hire' studio to work on a minigame compilation), short timeframe, small budget, etc. A "bad studio" can easily put out a great game if these factors turn around. Give 'em a chance.



SMW said:

This game releases today? Lets hope its good because its releasing on my 25th Birthday!

Looks interesting, but I'll wait for the review.

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