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Nintendo Video Application Live in Europe Right Now

Posted by James Newton

It's waiting for you

Fed up of waiting for the Nintendo Video application, Europe? Then wait no longer — it's available now.

It should have its own little space on the 3DS eShop main screen, but if not it'll turn up if you simply search for "video".

It appears different countries will receive unique videos, so content available in your area may differ from that available elsewhere. In the UK at the moment you can download a 3D video of a card trick and an episode of Oscar's Oasis called "Oasis cup".

Let us know what you think to the service below!

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LztheQuack said:

How dare Europe get something before America! It defies all logic and rules!!



James said:

@MaxMillionG Or you could do that Lots of ways to find it, just surprised it's not on the home screen. Maybe tomorrow eh?



Terave said:

Oh, well I changed my country to UK, downloaded it and changed back to The Netherlands. It seems to work as well.



Odnetnin said:

I'm not too disappointed that America doesn't have it yet, considering the selection.



Weskerb said:

I get the standard black screen error message when I attempt to start it up, anyone else have the same problem?



FriedSquid said:

Well, hopefully all this waiting in America will bring something good... I mean, I don't want to have to finally get it, and then get crap shows I don't care about. But, at least we'll get Netflix.



Monsti said:

@Pandalicious: Especially, since I bet you that you guys will get way cooler stuff. Cause localizing with Nintendo often means "Well, Americans like cool let's give THEM cool stuff."

But I'm glad we got it. Just hope there will be content.



daznsaz said:

yes nice one was gonna follow steps but it was on menu anyway got a magic trick was a bit meh and oscars oasis which was good in 3d too kids wanted to know what buttons to press when they watched it im impressed



RyuZebian said:

Yeah, the same for us. Typical for the Netherlands to get the extra content, huh? :/



SteveW said:

I expected more that that, just videos you can download?... I downloaded the E3 game videos weeks ago on my 3DS, how is this any different?



luminalace said:

I can confirm that in Australia we have got it too with the same two videos that the UK has! Yay! Oscar's Oasis is not bad!



sgotsch said:

Here in Germany we've got the card trick (lame), Oscar (okay~~) and a short part of a dockumantary for concerts of a German Hiphop band (didnt watch it, just checked the video quality here, which is much better than the card trick video).



Weskerb said:

@10 you need 2,439 free blocks for it!

And there are no videos to download in Belgium anyway



rdvid said:

Yes, we got 3 vids' ; Oscars Oasis, Angelo Rules and a 3D Magic Video
None of them are really "worth watching" although Oscars Oasis is quite a good Ice Age ripoff



b_willers said:

The card trick is rubbish. Still waiting for the other to download, I think they are being a little unrealistic to expect a whole video to download via spot pass. It doesn't seem to want to download anything while playing a game which is a shame. There better be something good on the virtual console this week to make up for this disappointment.



DStroke said:

I like Oscar's Oasis very much, BUT I hate that you can't save the vids to watch them anytime you want. They will be erased on July 20th so I could never watch them again (if there will be any vids worth saving in the future). So there is the sad difference @SteveW



twiggy426 said:

Am British but on holiday in France. Got nothing. Guess that means there are no French videos yet.



DStroke said:

@rdvid Yes I know, but maybe in 2 months I want to show someone all 4 episodes and I only have the newest one, that's bad. Why isn't there an option for saving a vid if you like.
Yeah but let's see what's coming next...



Kifa said:

@honza_skypala - odd, I live in Poland and it works perfectly, content started downloading right away. Should work fine for everyone able to download the app... O.o



Bugpy said:

I was hoping that our previously downloaded trailers would update onto the video service...



DStroke said:

But we all have to consider. this service is FREE, so we have to accept what we get
Did they say anything about how often they bring something new?



cnm said:

I tried changing my region but i couldnt find no videos in other regions!
Did this happen to you??



guimarfon said:

I am in Brazil, but mine is from Portugal and I couldn't download anything either...



Issun said:

Got the videos ^^ OScar's, wasn't that good. Angelo : really like the 3D effect, surprising even with the drawn characters nearly popping out ^^
The Magic Trick : I was fooled by it gotta admit ^^



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

your region settings have to match the place where you are, or you can't download the movies. I live in NZ but had it set to Europe, and it didn't work. I changed the region to NZ and it did work.
It is anoying because I will have to alternate between regions depending if I want to look at videos or the eshop



alLabouTandroiD said:

Watched the 3 videos we got in Germany yesterday and i gotta say that to me the 3D effect looks better than in the E3 trailers.
Oscar's Oasis > short documentary on the live-stage of a Germany Hip Hop band > Magic trick. The former, despite feeling like a rip-off of Ice Age's Scrat isn't bad at all. It shows off the 3D quite well and while having characters that are a bit too generic for my taste it's somehwhat fun and i kinda like it. The latter doesn't transport enough atmosphere for me to actually be fascinated.

I'd like if the length of a video were shown on the title screen but it's not a big deal.

What would be nice is if Nintendo decided to bring the Kirby TV channel to the 3DS too. It wouldn't be in 3D but being able to watch the show away from the console would be great for me.

All in all i think it's not a bad start for the service. I'd say there is a bit too much pressure on this app. It has to make up for the recent lack of good retail and 3DS Ware games which isn't really fair.
To me it's more of a neat little extra i get for free with my gaming system. So i wouldn't expect the content to be on par with movies or it being a 24/7 top-notch TV station.

PS: It came as a pleasant surprise trhat Nintendo would launch something new so shortly after the eShop channel.



Monsti said:

Yeah, I really enjoyed Oscar as well. Mixture of Willy Coyote, Scrat and Rango. ^^ Seriously.
The card trick thing is superlame.



motang said:

Pretty cool, I downloaded the Netflix app, going to give it try soon. Wouldn't it cool if Spotify comes to the 3DS!

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