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Nintendo UK's Metroid Hub is Open to Visitors

Posted by James Newton

Come in, take a seat

As if to prove that Nintendo hasn't forgotten about the 25th anniversary of Metroid that kicks off early next month, the company's UK wing has just launched an official hub to celebrate Samus's space adventures.

The Metroid Portal contains information on most of Miss Aran's adventures, with the only omission being Game Boy outing Metroid II: Return of Samus, most likely as it's not yet available on Virtual Console. It's surely only a matter of time, though.

Our own Metroid anniversary celebrations kick off in early August. Don't miss out.


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tovare said:

I need a Samus adventure on my 3DS ... or anything ... they could just put a Samus 3D model in nintendogs



zeeroid said:

The fact that the Prime Trilogy is being mentioned there makes me think that it's going to get another run. Maybe I should sell mine before then?



pixelman said:

I hope they rerelease Trilogy as a Nintendo Selects so the original collectors' edition will keep its worth.



komicturtle said:

That's good.

You people should celebrate Kirby's 20th anniversary next year. I was born two days before his first game came out

We'll turn 20 together!



bonesy91 said:

I really hope they bring out the Trilogy again, by the time I picked up A Wii, the Game was rare. Still even the $100 price tag isn't that bad (3 Games New would add up to $150 anyway)



Ryno said:

I would like to get my hands on the Metroid Prime Trilogy as well. I have only played 3.

I am glad to see that NOE is doing something so far in the way of Metroid's 25th.



Gamer83 said:

After the uproar over Other M I'm surprised the company is even bothering with Metroid at all, 25th anniversary or not. I wish they would release a compilation or something but whatever, eventhough many gamers consider Metroid to be one of the 'big 3' with Mario and Zelda, it doesn't seem like Nintendo has ever really treated it that way.



phoenix1818 said:

Good to see Nintendo hasn't forgotten about Metroid. I was beginning to think they had after a lack of any announcements at E3, but I'm still hoping they do something else as well.



Jamouse said:

why does everyone hate other m so much ( i haven't played but i will get it eventually)



Vinsanity said:

I completely forgot about Metroid's anniversary. I mean, it's a bad time for it. Other M came out last year, so it's an "off year" for the franchise.

I wonder what's next? Team Ninja's game was really cool, but clearly not what people (brought up exclusively on the first person Prime games, no doubt) wanted from a new Metroid game. I wonder what's coming next? Another third person one hopefully. I don't wanna see another First Person one just yet. Unless it's going to be a Wii U title, and Retro has a kick-ass "at least as good as Unreal 3" engine powering it.



Nickno said:

Haha I get the picture. Metroid Portal....Still Alive...wonder how many people did NOT get it.

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