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Nintendo Invests 16 Billion Yen in Kyoto R&D Building

Posted by Trevor Chan

Got to spend money to make money!

Japanese news publication Nikkan has recently reported on Nintendo's new Kyoto, Japan facility and the amount of investment the company has put into the project.

As translated by Andriasang, Nintendo is investing ¥16billion (approximately $204million or £127million) into the new building which will be situated at Kyoto's Minami Ward, occupying a 40,582 square meter lot ― previously a golfing range called Kyoto Minami Golf Garden.

With six floors above ground level and a basement, the highest point of the building will measure 41 meters. The meeting rooms will be situated on the first floor and a cafeteria will be located on the top floor. The facility is expected to house 1,500 employees.

The new Kyoto building will hopefully aid Nintendo's software and hardware development by housing all its employees under one roof. Rather than being split between the Kyoto Research Center R&D facility in the Higashiyama Ward, and the main office in the Minami Ward, development staff will be working in a single location which should strengthen the level of communication between employees.

Construction of the new building will commence in January next year with Nintendo aiming for its completion by the end of 2013.


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LordJumpMad said:

I knew it!
Nintendo are making a space ship.
don't ask how I know this, just take my word on it.



Skotski said:

The newest iteration of Super Mario Galaxy will actually take you into real space... experience space with realistic graphics!



NintyMan said:

Having all the employees under one roof for better communication? Will this allow them to make games faster?!



jerryo said:

no it will allow thm to make games smarter PLUS it is solid real estate investment for nintendo. better than money in the bank. looks good on papers



TheToader said:

I'm not an architect, but I always thought the cafeteria should be on the first floor, and meeting spaces on the top. For getting food and trash in and out, the first floor makes sense, for meetings, I'd think the views would be nicer on the top floor. MAYBE this is the outside the box thinking that Nintendo does and that's why their games are great! (I hope)



Henmii said:

"Nintendo Invests 16 Billion Yen in Kyoto R&D Building"

So there goes all the money they could have invested in giving you Americans the games that you wanted!



saix said:

How about converting the old building into a dedicated in-house localization facility. You could house a huge team of programmers for each region (USA, EU, JA) all under one roof and could share ideas. Just like the new building's purpose. And it would create new jobs, always good PR.



C-195 said:

Wouldn't they just steal SEGA's stuff if they wanted to do that?

Anyway,hopefully this means more games for us cough me cough



WaveGhoul said:

What a boring building, you'd think it would be decked out in crazy colors, with a Master Sword engraved in the front, with a giant Donkey Kong on top of the roof top with the princess held captive muhaha.



motang said:

Wow, I bet the next handhled and console will come out this building.

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