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Nintendo Download: 7th July 2011 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

A double 3DS delight

Frustrated that Japan is getting all the 3DS Virtual Console games before Europe? The comeback starts here, with two games released on the portable's download retro service this week, as well as a pair of DSiWare games and even a WiiWare adventure too. Read on.

3DS Virtual Console

Fortified Zone (Jaleco, €3/£2.70) — A spot of run-and-gun action in this third-party 3DS Virtual Console release, the second after Double Dragon. We'll bring you a full review this week.

QIX (Nintendo, €3/£2.70) — The classic grid-dividing arcade game comes to 3DS. You've probably played QIX and its variants before, but if the idea of a spot of line-drawing has your knees knocking, check back later this week for our review.


ANIMA: Ark of Sinners (ANIMA Games Studios, 1000pts) — A side-scrolling adventure with more than a hint of Castlevania, this is one of the most promising looking titles to emerge on WiiWare in a long time. Our review this week will tell you if it's been worth the wait.


Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp (Digital Leisure, 800pts/€8) — Dirk the Daring goes forth once more in this animated tale of bravery and quick time events. Read through our Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp review, being careful to observe the button prompts.

Puzzle Fever (Korner Entertainment, 500pts/€5) — A puzzle game from the team behind the legendary Fireplacing, we'll soon see if this one can set DSiWare ablaze or if it'll just crash and burn.

Don't forget that 3D Classics: Excitebike will cease to be free on 7th July, so buy it before then if you're after it.

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Aviator said:

QIX looks interesting for some short pick up and play action. ANIMA also looks good for some side scrolling gameplay.



Chrno-x said:

Sorry guys that i'm writing it here, but at Japan Expo in France, Gamekyo has got the information(but it's not yet officially coming from NoE) that Pandora's Tower will be launch in Europe in 2012 like The Last Story, i think that's not only a rumour, because last time info about Last Story coming to Europe came from France too.



PALgamer said:

Great week. Fortified Zone and Ark of Sinners.
Now we only need to know the WW demo!



Oregano said:

Huh, aren't GB games usually £2.70?(or have I missed something obvious?)



Olaf-symbiote said:

Ho-hum. Another no deal for me until the guys at NOE get up and release those eshop prepaid cards...



Link79 said:

America better get a big update like this too. It's such a load of crap that Japan always gets huge updates and we get tiny morsels.
Nintendo of America must be run my monkeys.



Omega said:

Ark of Sinners is definitely my next WiiWare purchase. This game has everything to be awesome: It looks fantastic, reminds me of Castlevania and has a half-naked girl running around with barely-concealed breasts. --- Too bad that I've already spent my points for this month on other downloadable games. But next month there are no more excuses. Guaranteed.



Bass_X0 said:

Nintendo of America must be run my monkeys.

You just got Final Fantasy III. Three months after Europe but still, its a VC game.



Link79 said:

@ Bass_X0
Well yeah that was a nice surprise. It would still be better if everybody got the same games uploaded. That way it would be more balanced.



James said:

But if everyone around the world got the same games at the same time, and for the same price, the comments sections here would be utterly empty.

The truth is out: we control the release of download games around the world to fill out our comments pages.



FonistofCruxis said:

Ark of sinners looks good and I'll get that unless it gets bad reviews but why is there still no new wii vc games? What about Mega man 5 or Mega man x? I also wish they would hurry up and release ehop cards here.



Sneaker13 said:

I'll only get ANIMA: Ark of Sinners. Really look forward to that game. The 3DS VC games don't look that interesting and neither does the DSiWare.



Bass_X0 said:

OMG Get some bloody 3DSWare not just virtual console!!!!!!

...they have to actually make some first. It can't be produced in a few weeks, although some probably were back on the DSi but they got pretty crappy scores for being shovelware. You either have to wait until they produce some decent 3DSWare or you get shovelware that you wouldn't buy.



carson said:

no, im frustrated that EUROPE gets everything before NOA!

nintendo of america is just interested in making money.

those rats



ocarinaoftime said:

If nintendo expects to sell wii u they better start plzin fans who has wii... no vc is not helping... also 3ds is way to expencive ...lets hope u least get a vc game this week....



cheetahman91 said:

What happened to the Wii VC in Europe? You guys haven't got a game in nearly a month.

Also, why is Nintendo releasing Qix? Taito made that game.



Bass_X0 said:

Also, why is Nintendo releasing Qix? Taito made that game.

Not the GB version. Some obscure third party company handled the development and Nintendo published it. It used to happen often when it came to ports of arcade games; the original developer of the arcade game sometimes outsourced the home console / handheld port to another.



SunnySnivy said:


Nothing I want, again. I'm starting to think that 5$ I have left on my 3DS is going to sit there forever.



Henmii said:

Still no 3DS-Ware?!! What's going on?!! And what about the Megaman legends 3 prequel?



James said:

@Bahooney If games received simultaneous worldwide releases, the number of complaints on our pages would decrease dramatically, making us look far less popular. Therefore we exert pressure on Nintendo to delay games — or cancel them altogether, where possible — to make sure our comments look really healthy!



Fuzzy said:

Just had a quick look at Qix, and I remember it now. Haven't played it in ages. Might pick it up tomorrow.

Still hoping for Mega Man X. Oh well.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

anyone know what time the shop gets updated?

I go to sleep on Thursday and it is already there in the morning on Friday. So it is some time between 00:00 and 10:00 Friday morning NZST



dizzy_boy said:

@30. that`s a bit of reverse thinking. i would have thought that NoA would want to release games to make money.
but i do think that nintendo as a whole need to sort out their release schedules and try to get games released around the same time in all territories.
we all know the problems with the different ratings boards and where 3rds want to release games.
the stupid idea that nintendo has with withholding games for months on end is ridiculous, especially when games are clearly ready for sale.
3rds would be more willing to sell more games on the digi shops if nintendo didn`t mess them about so much.
anyway, back to the subject. no games for me this week unless that wiiware game is any good



Henmii said:

"Its not finished yet, even for a prototype version!"

From what I have heard It's more of a prequel then a prototype. And I believe it's already out for months in Japan! The only reason why it's still not released over here, is because Nintendo for some crazy reason still blocks 3DSware in the west!



Henmii said:

"Its not finished yet, even for a prototype version!"

From what I have heard It's more of a prequel then a prototype. And I believe it's already out for months in Japan! The only reason why it's still not released over here, is because Nintendo for some crazy reason still blocks 3DSware in the west!

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