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Nintendo Download: 28th July 2011 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Go on, let's golf

After a long wait we finally have the first new game to buy in Nintendo's 3DS software (download) category, as well as plenty of other downloadable content too. Let's see what's coming to Europe this week.

3DS eShop

Let's Golf! 3D (Gameloft, €6 / £5.40) — This isn't the first tee-off for Gameloft's sporting series, as we've already had Let's Golf! on DSiWare, which was pretty good. We'll have to wait and see if this 3D effort can beat its DSiWare predecessor.

3DS Virtual Console

Baseball (Nintendo, Game Boy, €3 / £2.60) — A real blast from the past, this simplistic take on the sport doesn't really stand up today, as our Baseball review explains.


GO Series: Portable Shrine Wars (Gamebridge, 200pts) — The latest miniature marvel from the folks at Gamebridge, Portable Shrine Wars has you transporting a shrine (or “Mikoshi”) on your back, barging past other mikoshi carriers and flinging your team members at your opponents. We'll see if it's worth the points soon.

Successfully Learning German: Year 5 (Tivola, 500pts / €5 / £4.50) — Finish your German studies with the little vampire Freddy. Did someone say "about time"?

Artillery: Knights vs. Orcs (KRITZELKRATZ 3000, 500pts / €5 / £4.50) — Old foes knights and orcs stand apart, firing at each other with their enormous cannons. Could be good — we'll soon see.


Successfully Learning German: Year 5 (Tivola, 500pts) — It's time to graduate from Tivola's German course. Will this final game pass with distinction or barely muster the necessary grades? We're putting money on a 6/10 and extra classes over summer.

A mixed bag then, as usual. What catches your eye this week?

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TingLz said:

Hopefully America will get Mario's Picross this week. The wait is killing me!



PALgamer said:

Traurig Wii, dead during this last month. Kein VC oder WW, nicht einmal demos.
MotoHeroz, you can't come soon genug! (Tivola... I mean, Nintendo...)



Omega said:

It looks like there's absolutely nothing more to be published for WiiWare except for a series of stale learning games.

But what is with MotoHeroz, Snowpack Park, MDK2, Frobot, Liight, The Magic Obelisk, NightSky, Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, GhostSlayer, Pole's Big Adventure, ShadowPlay, La-Mulana ?

Wouldn't it be about time to publish them in Europe? I mean, come on Nintendo, that's enough stuff for three months without everyone complaining how bad WiiWare is.



tinman said:

Where is La Mulana?! They seem to be sitting on this one!

EDIT: MDK 2 sales in the U.S. "don't justify" a EU release (according to my e-mail correspondence with Interplay). Liight for WiiWare outside the U.S. was abandoned some time ago (again: poor sales in the U.S.) and I wouldn't wait for The Magic Obelisk either (no plans for EU release).



ToadFan said:

Hm looks like the price of Let's Golf 3D went down to 4.99 in Europe..
Wonder if it will drop the price in the Americas too.



JJOR64 said:

I really hope Let's Golf! 3D is solid. Looking for something to play on my 3DS that isn't a regular DS game.



Oregano said:

@ToadFan: Huh, £5.40 is $5.99.

Also I'm intrigued by Lets Golf 3D... mainly because the iphone version is over 300mb so it might tell us how big eShop games can be.



SKTTR said:

Where's Snowpack Park???
And MDK2 sales were that bad???

I hate it when the release of a European game depends on the sales of an American version and vice-versa! It's almost as if developers want us to blame other countries' gamers "Hey go buy these goddamn games or we won't get them BECAUSE OF YOU!" I should give up on trying to understand these stupid developer decisions and resort to piracy or else to be able to play the games I want to play that won't be released in my country.

Got no respect for all those no-balls developers. MDK2, Descent, Clayfighter and Stonekeep on WiiWare? Simple remakes! Low budget! What's the problem? I wanted them! Yeah, thanks for teasing, Interplay! I have more respect for shovelware developers since at least they release they're crap everywhere!

How can we import and play WiiWare and VC games on a PAL console? NL should cover that issue. I know a solution for Wii games (needed it for Excitebots, Trauma Team, Mario Super Sluggers and Arc Rise Fantasia and other games that are not available in EU) but now I need a solution for WiiWare and VC games too.



Yasume said:

@Omega: The developers of ShadowPlay, Eduardo the Samurai Toaster and The Magic Obelisk all confirmed that their games won't see a release in Europe so you can cross those off your wishlist.



Supremeist said:

I think I'll wait for other peoples thoughts on Let's Golf 3D and then decide if It's worth it or not. I hope it turns out good.



Difool said:

I watched the video this afternoon and lokeed pretty good!! I thought it was a cartridge game so I get surprised when I readed it´s a downloaded one. I´ll take it, NO DOUBT.




FonistofCruxis said:

Nothing on wii vc this week means that we've had a whole month with nothing released on wii vc at all which is ridiculous. America are still getting games on the service so why aren't we? What about MM5 and MMX? Also, surely there must be something else to release on wiiware other than these stale educational games. GO series: portable shrine wars looks pretty good though so I might get that.



Ristar42 said:

For EU Wii owners these last few updates are just awful. Even with the 3DS, where are the supposedly 'available at launch of the e-shop' other VC systems reported in March? Still waiting for the Game Gear...



Alpha2797 said:

Does anyone know what the 3dsware(if that is the proper name) file size limit is(if there is any)?



Gamer83 said:

Looks like it's going to be another stellar week of downloads on Nintendo's shop channels.



Scottie said:

Yet again no Wii VC downloadable games - will we ever see another one for the Wii in Europe? It must have been over two months since the last one. Please can we at least have Mega Man X and Mega Man 5 before the service dies?



Olaf-symbiote said:

Really seems like NOE doesn't want me to play anything: they haven't released the prepaid cards, so 3DS VC is off-limits for me, plus they won't even give me Wii VC games, which I could buy. Well, screw you, NOE! I'll play my FFVI then. What are you gonna do, remove it from my Wii, since you hate me so much...



Nightmare_Toad said:

This is so unbelieably bad. "Baseball"?!?! where is Game Gear, 6 Golden coins, Mega Man and Wacky sports?

Get in the game Nintendo, this is a joke!



madgear said:

Way to scare off any hardcore gamers you have left Nintendo. Do you honestly think people are going to go a year with nothing but the odd educational title?

People will end up buying a new console and I can't see them then buying a Wii U if they've then invested in a 360 or PS3.



Geonjaha said:

@33 That would mean making updates to something thats already been released, and although this is a feature of the eShop (under settings), I dont see this happening anytime soon. No game as far as I know has been updated since release.

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