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Nintendo Download: 14th July 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Pixels and Netflix!

3DS gets its first "proper" downloadable application today in the very red form of Netflix. If you want something just a bit more interactive, there's plenty of new games to download too, as you'll read in the beautifully formatted list below.

3DS eShop

Netflix (free) — The streaming video app comes to 3DS, and is free for any Netflix members on an unlimited streaming plan. To the best of our knowledge the software will only stream 2D content, though there is the possibility of 3D content in future, but we'll be having a good poke around the software to bring you an in-depth summary.

3DS Virtual Console

Baseball (Game Boy, Nintendo, $2.99) — Mario steps up once again in this portable sports game. We'll divine its current value and assign it a score from 1 to 10 accordingly.

Game & Watch Gallery (Game Boy, Nintendo, $2.99) — Another week of two 3DS VC games, this compendium of four Game & Watch games — Manhole, Fire, Octopus and Oil Panic — includes two versions of each game. Our review next week will let you know if this is a worthwhile purchase.


3D Pixel Racing (Microforum, 500pts) — A promising-looking racer with a low price tag, this uses 3D pixels known as voxels to create its world. Check out the 3D Pixel Racing trailer and check back next week for our full review.

Wii Virtual Console

Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force (SNES, Jaleco, 800pts) - This came as a bit of a surprise to us as it wasn't mentioned in NoA's press release! Nevertheless it appears that it's up for grabs today after all. Be sure to check out our Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force review to decide if you are super enough to defend the Earth or not.


AfterZoom (Abylight, 500pts) — Turn your 3DS into a microscope to find tiny creatures, capture them and force them to battle. With elements of real-life chemistry and biology on board, this could even end up being educational and informative, a hypothesis we'll test rigorously in our upcoming review.

Just Sing! 80s Collection (dtp Young Entertainment, 500pts) — The first game ever to Rick Roll you, the inclusion of Rick Astley's infamous 80s classic is one of the few high points of this outing, as our Just Sing! 80s Collection review explains.

Extreme Hangman 2 (Gamelion Studios, 200pts) — A follow-up to the hugely successful Extreme Hangman, this features more puzzles, more categories and more animations. We'll carefully choose one letter after the other to put together a review next week.

Puzzle Fever (Korner Entertainment, 500pts) — A mediocre puzzler at best, this is essentially a trimmed down version of Korner's own Ubongo. Check our Puzzle Fever review for more.

That's your lot for today, North America. What are you picking up?

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User Comments (68)



longtimegamer said:

I hope someone comes up with impressions on this 3D Pixel Racing soon. I'm hoping it's good. Too bad it doesn't have online.



Bass_X0 said:

Nope. We only get Mario's Picross today for the 3DS VC which is much better than America's VC games. Still, everyone should download Game & Watch Gallery. Its quite a fun game. Baseball isn't worth getting though unless you're the kind of person who enjoyed Tennis.



Link79 said:

I guess the addition of Netflix today gives them an excuse not to add any Wii VC games.
I'm pretty sure we didn't get one last week so we should have gotten one today.
Not sure if the Gameboy games this week are worth getting excited about.



Link79 said:

I noticed the list of coming soon Wii VC games has been changed recently. MJ's Moonwalker is no longer on the list and I'm almost positive there were a few others.
Were the ratings confirmed to be false?



HipsterDashie said:

So we've all stopped complaining that Europe got Nintendo Video then?

I really need to get some credit on my 3DS to pick up some VC games.



Sneaker13 said:

Great update. Definately will get 3D Pixel Racing for WiiWare and Game & Watch Gallery if it's coming to Europe. I always wanted a Game & Watch Gallery game because it's not just the old games but als with Mario characters.



turtlelink said:

@digger, yea I loved Game & Watch Gallery 3. Might as well wait for that.
Good update though.

Oh and Just Sing 80s collection ftw!



Kyloctopus said:

4 Game and watch games at $3.00? And two of them aren't dsiware that are priced as $2.00.



OverlordMao said:

continues waiting for La Mulana
This is a great update!


continues waiting for La Mulana



PALgamer said:

This is no good, Netflix plus NoA is now equal to NoE in 3DSVC games
Americans will have less stuff to complain about :S



Birdman said:

I'll have to keep my eyes open on G&W Gallery, but I'd rather have Mario's Picross than that (or Baseball, for that matter). I should also look into a Netflix streaming subscription for my 3DS and Wii.



feanor23 said:

wooh! has anyone got it yet! i cant wait for the app to come out on the eshop channel!



Punny said:

Rick Rolling? That is soooooo 2007.

In all seriousness, Game & Watch Gallery is looking mighty fine. Its price looks good, too!



Rensch said:

Just 500 point for 3D Pixel Racing? I really hope it turns out well because it looks pretty sweet for such a price..



pikku said:

3D Pixel Racing looks interesting, but the I'll be disappointed if it doesn't have online, even if it is just 500 points. I'l wait for a review. (I only have 400 points atm anyway, lol :3)



bboy2970 said:

Great update! I'm so happy about Netflix. I'm definitely getting G&W Gallery (so glad i skipped Qix last week!). Also, After Zoom looks very interesting. I'm not really sure if i wanna take the risk though. Wish it was 1.99. For that price i would get it without question!



komicturtle said:

G&W Gallery was one of my first Gameboy games. I highly recommend it! Of course, the following 2 G&W games are better because it has neat extras.



retro_player_22 said:

There's nothing good for me now besides Kirby Wii and Skyward Sword, on VC's front the only game I hope to see coming is Lufia. After those I'll probably just gonna wait for the Wii U.



Odnetnin said:

Now that Netflix works my Wi-Fi doesn't. Somewhere, my Internet provider is saying, "Trololololol."



Morpheel said:

No netflix here in Mexico... It's not like i wanted to download it, though.



cheetahman91 said:

No Wii VC this week. Come on NOA, you could've at least given us a mediocre Jaleco game so we could've gotten it out of the way. Fortunately Netflix and G&W Gallery makes up for this week.



Token_Girl said:

Man, I got ripped off in DSIware G&W. Oh well, I like to think my support of retro gaming brought us the 3DS VC (as every G&W Club Nintendo Survey I filled out requested one!



turtlelink said:

Would things have turned out differently if he wished for Yoshi's Island or Earthbound? D:



x10power said:

that a oops for a press release agent lol, maybe cheetahman91 should wish for Yoshi Island, EarthBound, Metal Warriors, Quest 64, etc.



emiru69 said:

I just tried Netflix on the 3DS but it got stock on the loading screen, I can't reset or go to the menu. Anyone with the same problem?



Sgt_Ludby said:

There's a free trial with Netflix, woo hoo! Except... I can't get it to work =/ whenever I enter the promo code on their website, it says that it is either incorrect or it has already been used. Has anyone else given the free trial a try? I tried to contact Netflix but the only contact option is through the telephone and I'm too lazy lol



Ren said:

Yeah. It gets stuck loading the first couple times, then it works pretty good. Overall it's a nice idea, but when I'd like to use it (on a moving train ride/ long bus) there wouldn't really be steady wifi, so without some kind of temporary full download it's kind of moot. at home I'll just use my TV, and if I'm out, I'm out, not watching portable movies.
I guess the same could be said of every other device, though. Neat toy, still, keeps me from ever needing an expensive smart phone to play with; if only they could upgrade the crappy camera to HD, or even give me low res 3D video shooting. THEN it'll be the ultimate portable toy for me. For now it's getting old, though, since the games aren't really there yet.
Honestly if they'd done the 3G thing this would really rival some of the other 'big name' devices but alas the 3D will have to be enough and it's one of only a few toys with it so far. Theres still a chance at that if they can get some more 3D stuff out for it. PUSH THE 3D, nintendo, that's why we bought it! where is it?




Game and Watch Gallery series is brilliant. I loved it back in the day. The "revised versions" of the games were brill in particular



SMW said:

What a massive list of releases! Nintendo really knows how to celebrate my 25th birthday!

Pixel Racing is only 5 bucks? I may pick it up then depending on the review.



FluttershyGuy said:

Super EDF was a nice surprise! I'd looked at this article earlier like I do at my earliest convenience and it was "NO WII VEE CEE FOR YOU". Think I'll get it and maybe Baseball. I think it's one of the earliest sports games starring Mario (was never sure if it was supposed to be him on NES Golf, or just a chubby, mustachioed golfer). And I have to wonder if it's evidence of what an afterthought the Wii has become, that NOA forgot to mention Super EDF in it's press release! As for Netflix, I'll stick to one dollar Redbox rentals and movie viewing on my 32 incher, thank you very much!



Gamer83 said:

Well I'll give NoA this, at least they're consistent. The Wii Virtual Console has been an absolute joke for a couple years now and the situation is no different on 3DS. Thanks for giving us stuff we don't need or want, NoA. This, along with not bringing a single game worth a damn over to Wii this year besides Zelda, really makes me excited to see what they have in store for Wii U. Can't wait to see what shovelware they have planned.



tanookisuit said:

The video quality on this big app on the little screen is fantastic, the menu is much like the ps3/360 setup with general categories or you can tap out what you're looking for. The audio and video are as clear as on the tv over a console/netflix able box, and it never dropped a beat.

I ran on a full battery Full Metal Jacket which is about 2 1/2 hours long and it only ate a 1/4 of the battery up, and not once did I get poor or outright signal loss(buffering.) Seemed fitting with Nintendo's lame policies on language, violence, boose, sex and the rest.

Sorry to hear some can't get it going first time, at all, or no pics in the menus. I have no idea why but I didn't have an issue and it buffered over my wireless N as fast as my PS3 does. It worked right off, no reboot, went into that movie.



Link79 said:

Wow I guess we got a VC game after all! Nintendo decided to be sneaky this time and surprise us.
I withdraw my previous complaint.



Syrup said:

Just downloaded Netflix. It's so awesome! I started watching Vol. 1 of Gurren Laggan. The quality isn't that good, not bad or perfect it's somewhere in the middle.



Crunchy_in_milk said:

Pleasant surprise for me that game& watch gallery came out this early. I only got to play G&W gallery 4 so I'm really looking forward to 2 & 3 coming out later on!



JimmyWhale said:

I would (as usual) complain about La Mulana, but now I'm interested in 3D Pixel Racing...



TKOWL said:

Wow, great week, with lots of releases! Just keep this up, Nintendo



Bassman_Q said:

Meh. I only have DSi points and of course all the okay-looking games are on other platforms. _

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