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Naka and Iizuka Drop Hints at Third NiGHTS Game

Posted by James Newton

Dare to dream

In a year seemingly packed full of anniversaries, yesterday marked 15 years since Sonic Team masterpiece NiGHTS into Dreams released on Sega Saturn, with only disappointing Wii follow-up NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams expanding the series' canon. In a recent interview with leading NiGHTS site NiGHTS into, former Sonic Team head Yuji Naka and current lead Takashi Iizuka discussed the series, dropping tiny hints the jester isn't finished yet.

When asked about the game's basis in Jungian dream theory, here's how the two developers responded:

Naka: In the NiGHTS world there is only five Ideya. There were various other concepts and elements that didn't make it into the final product.
Iizuka: But they are still saved for another project.

Of course this doesn't necessarily point towards NiGHTS 3 — though we hope it does — as some have noted similarities between NiGHTS and 3DS and Wii game Rodea the Sky Soldier, developer by Naka's Prope studio.

Even if a third NiGHTS outing doesn't happen, Iizuka did promise that NiGHTS will continue to make appearances in other Sonic Team and SEGA games, and SEGA's own Facebook account even asked whether players would like to see the original Saturn adventure come to modern platforms. Perhaps the future of NiGHTS is still bright.


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Kid_A said:

Ooooh, can you imagine NiGHTS on 3DS? Be still my beating heart.
I actually thought the Wii game was great, though obviously the platforming sections with the two kids were pretty mediocre for the most part.



daznsaz said:

i loved the saturn one the wii one was ok a 3ds one would be pretty good i reckon



TwilightV said:

The kids' section of stages in JOD should've had a WAY longer time limit. I could hardly do anything with them like that. Hope they do another game eventually (among certain other Sega franchises).



The_Fox said:

Can't be as terrible as the Nights game that hit the Wii several years back.



James said:

The Wii version just went in the wrong direction in my opinion, with too many mission types instead of building on what made the original great: score attack. Scrap the races, the "fly through the hoops!" challenge and just give me laps, Links and leaderboards. Oh and make it HD and have remixing music and bring back Claris and Elliot. Thanks.



Punny said:

Flying NiGHTS around with the Circle Pad would be a dream come true. Hopefully, if there is a new NiGHTS game, it won't have boring 3D platforming sections with the kids and inpossible bosses (I hated that chameleon magician).

Also, if Sega is thinking about installments of other treasued series, they should consider Shenmue 3 and Ristar 2.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

NO VOICE ACTING next time. The kids annoyed me in the Wii sequel.

Course, if you port the original to the 3DS THEN you can have my money Sega.



outrun2sp said:

If its anything like any sonic game since sonic adventure 2 sonic team are better off not bothering.



Glade said:

people took screens from NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams and put them in 3D. They were some of the most impressive pics I've seen so far



Kid_A said:

Ha! I just remembered that I reviewed this game a long time ago when I wrote for another site. I can't tell you how grateful I am that Nintendo Life keeps my cynicism and sarcasm in tact, because that review is absolutely insufferable



motang said:

I bought the one on the Wii and didn't like it. So I don't think I will bother with the 3rd one.



Henmii said:

I totally forgot about Rodea! When is that title coming? I think I should ad this title to the "games Nintendo has to bring to the west" list!



rjejr said:

I remember hating the Wii one. I think i actualy gave up at that magicain. I hate replaying levels to get to redo boss battles. There was a short Knights level on PS2 Eyetoy on the Sega Superstars disc. Short and to the point. A new version on WiiU with the Upad having a first person view would be cool.



Lotice-Paladin said:

No Alex Kidd or Streets of Rage Anniversary game?

Would be nice to play NiGHTs on XBLA or something.

Sonic Team are good at Non-Sonic games at least.

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