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Metroid Database Translates Other M Artwork for Your Pleasure

Posted by James Newton

See Samus in a new light

Metroid: Other M certainly had some delicious artwork, most of which was only available in Japanese, but those hard-working folks at the Metroid Database have translated plenty of concept art into English.

From sketches of Zero Suit Samus to maps and boss concepts, the artwork is well worth a look over if you're into Samus's most recent adventure. Be warned though: the artwork and accompanying notes contain spoilers, so if you've not finished the game yet then you may want to wait until Adam authorises use of this artwork.


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Sakisa said:

Not gonna start anything on Other M (wasn't a fan, i'll leave it at that) but that's cool.



TKOWL said:

I really like the artwork, alot of the sketches are pretty humorous, like that one where Anthony is annoying Samus

I wish Samus would've been a little happier in the game, as shown by many of her sketches. Instead, she just acts emo throughout the whole game.



Kyloctopus said:

I loved this game. It shows what potential the Wii has graphics wise. (Even if it needs to be double layered)



Megumi said:

I dunno why Team N couldn't do this themselves, but whatever...why are there a bunch of random quotes in here anyways? xD
(the fish sketch, there's on on the bottom "Buy something will ya!") o_0



arrmixer said:

love the game hopefully nintendo and team ninja can continue the colaboration for the Wii U release... here's hoping... : )



Capt_N said:

Cool. & I have had Metroid Database bookmarked for years now. I love fan sites, & gaming news sites like this.



Capt_N said:

Off-topic: I hope next (the) Smash allows for players to use OM character design Samus, as an alt costume for the character. Matter of fact, I hope the next Smash will have that for all characters.



Nerdessence said:

It's sad there can be variety and interest in the male faces and bodies, but far, FAR less with females. C'mon, Japan. Not ALL girls have to be pretty.



Teh-Ray said:

That last sentence was the best part of this article.

By the way, anyone else wonder if the only humans they actually gave a crap about were Samus, Adam, and Anthony? Everyone else just seemed so ugly, plain, and not worked on at all.



motang said:

Very cool stuff! To this day I still like Other M a lot. I just need to finish up the post final boss gameplay.



Gamesake said:

Funny how almost nothing from the concept stage made it into the final game. They wanted to make a point about Maurice having a receding hairline, but he never takes his helmet off in the game. K.G. was supposed to have fashion sense? He never spoke to anyone. His personality (like himself) was M.I.A.

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