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Jupiter Creating Picross E for Nintendo 3DS eShop

Posted by James Newton

Okay, now this is exciting

Picross DS is still one of our favourite reasons to power up the DS these days, so the news that developer Jupiter is working on a sequel for the 3DS eShop is reason to rejoice indeed.

Titled Picross E, the game is heading to Japanese 3DS consoles on 27th July for just 500 Yen. While we can't imagine it making the most exciting use of the machine's 3D capabilities, it appears to be more Picross, which will do us just fine.

We haven't heard anything about a Western release yet, but we'll keep you posted.


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JoeDiddley said:

Day 1 purchase for me. Picross without having to carry around a cartridge is perfect.
I hope that like the GB Mario's Picross it doesn't show you an icon of each level's picture once completed. This hampered Picross DS' replayability for me.



JonWahlgren said:

I'll take all the Picross I can get. I dare not even think of the amount of time I've spent on the 3D version.

Just shoot it straight into my veins, Nintendo.



LztheQuack said:

Please release Mario's Picross in the States. There's no reason not too

Oh, and release this as well



Supremeist said:

I've never played Picross, but everyone seems to really enjoy it, so I think when this one comes around I'll give it a shot.



Henmii said:

I love Picross, so I guess it will be a worthwhile purchase for me when I get a 3DS!



6ch6ris6 said:

if we have e-shop cards here in germany when this will be released i will buy it day one.

picross is just awesome.

think i spend half my life playing picross 3D. and i still havent completed all the download content Oo



Fuzzy said:

I've played so much Picross over the last year. From the VC game, to the DS game, to the 3DS VC game, to my iPhone....just one more game...



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

picross is one of (if not) the only puzzle games that sucks me in and I cant stop playing. This better come out of japan



PSICOffee said:

Awesome, next to Kiby Star Stacker, my favorite puzzle type of game! Does this mean we might see the SNES one in the US?! I wish.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Release it in Europe and there's a 99,9999999999999999 % chance i'll buy it.

Although this one will have to prove that it couldn't just have been done on DSiWare as well. I just
can't . resist . Picross .

@Otaku: Good point.



Kyloctopus said:

Awesome, I have been playing picross on my ipad. Now Jupiter is making an official picross and Mario Picross should be coming soon

"Hello? I’ll take 8“



Samholy said:

picross DS is the title that got the most time of my DS AND 3DS. just cant get enough of it.
picross 3d stands proud very near too. the only downpoint ive found is that when im playing another game like GTA chinatown war, i must put picross away from my console. it cant... stay permanent on it...sadly.
picross E is a blessing for me, instant buy !



Late said:

So, did it come to Japan already? I just had to find this thread again as I wanted to know if I only imagined it. Now it would be good time to announce the release date for other countries.



Ultranintendofanboy said:

It was Already Realised in Japan yup there are already more than 14 games avaiable in e-shop in Japan too.
Shame on you Nintendo I want some games too ghaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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